Fewer attacks on emergency service workers as NL celebrates 2019

Fewer attacks on emergency service workers as NL celebrates 2019

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SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – The emergency services were called out 3,150 times during Monday night’s New Year celebrations, a rise of almost 50% on 2017. And although police, fire men and ambulance workers report a busier evening than in 2017, initial reports indicate they were less likely to have been the target of violence than in previous years.

In Limburg there were fewer incidents and arrests than last year, with just 19 people being picked up by police, website Nu.nl reported. Three men, aged 23, 24 and 25 were arrested in the village of Heel following a stabbing incident. 

There were no reports of attacks on emergency service workers. 


In the Rotterdam police district 55 people were arrested, several for throwing fireworks at the police. One police officer may have permanent hearing damage after being hit by a firework when he tried to put out a fire. Nu.nl said. 

Seven people, including three women aged 15, 32 and 59, were arrested following a shooting incident in Rotterdam in which two people were taken to hospital and one later died of his injuries. He is thought to be local rapper Feis, aged 32, who has worked with Ali B and Bouf.In nearby Vlaardingen, 15 families were evacuated from their homes following a fire on the roof of a block of flats. 


In Utrecht, the fire brigade was called out 370 times, almost double the 2017 total. Firemen were attacked by bystanders in Houten and IJsseltein as they attempted to put out fires. 


In the Dutch capital, police said there were slightly more incidents than in 2017 but fewer arrests – just 34. In seven cases, police reported being attacked by groups of youths. The fire brigade was called out to deal with just under 300 incidents, almost double the 2017 total. Some 25 cars were set on fire and there are no reports of any aggression directed at emergency service workers.


In Twente, fire engines were called out 107 times, mostly to deal with fires in rubbish containers, but there were major fires in Almelo and Niverdaal. In Enschede, two sheds burned down. 

The Hague 

Police officers were also attacked with fireworks in The Hague and 19 people were arrested after a group of youngsters were caught destroying security cameras. All have since been released. Police also arrested a 41-year-old German national in The Hague for firing a gas pistol into the air. 


In Leiden, four children and one adult were injured when fireworks exploded, breaking windows in two nearby homes. Police found ‘a couple of hundred kilos’ of illegal fireworks stored in a garage. A 36-year-old man was arrested in connection with the haul. 

Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe 

Thirty people were arrested in the three northern provinces and riot police were called out to restore order in the Drenthe village of Geesbrug, where a group of around 40 youths had gone on the rampage and blocked the road with concrete flower tubs.(DutchNews)

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