‘Size does matter’: Dutch police get longer batons

‘Size does matter’: Dutch police get longer batons

Photo: Depositphotos Photo: Depositphotos

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – The long arm of the law has just got longer. From Wednesday, 45,000 police in the Netherlands will be armed with a new weapon: an extendable baton 11cm longer than the old model.

Michael Huis, a police instructor, told the NOS Journaal programme that the new baton could really make a difference. ‘Size really does matter,’ he told the NOS. ‘In keeping off a group of rioters, an 11cm baton has proven to perform better.

It really makes a difference if colleagues need it in certain situations.’ The new weapons were chosen to replace existing police batons after trials showed that they gave a more powerful punch and had more of an impression as a deterrent.

Police also have guns and pepper spray at their disposal, but their reaction to the new weapon has been positive. ‘I think you can give people a shock from afar…and if people see it they will really think twice, ‘said Kahlil Bots, a community policeman, to the NOS. (DutchNews)

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