Maho Comes to Life with SXM Festival Activities

Maho Comes to Life with SXM Festival Activities

Refuge - Photo Credit: Ded Agency, Ded Pixel and SXM Festival. Refuge - Photo Credit: Ded Agency, Ded Pixel and SXM Festival.

MAHO - As the second day of SXM Festival concluded, the party shifted from the first day’s main venue at Happy Bay into the earlier hours of the morning at various club venues on the Dutch side of the island.

These venues included Sky Beach, 3 Amigos, Tantra, Refuge and Dirty Sanchez. The beautifully decorated night clubs with their enhanced sound systems for the festival were ready at 10pm with festival lovers choosing to transfer from Happy Bay to the night events. There were also a generous number of local house music fans in attendance at the various night clubs.

In total there were over 3,500 people at the various club venues last night.

“We implemented RFID technology for the entrance bracelet that everyone is wearing so that we are able to accurately track where everyone is, where they are partying and how many people are partying at any given time.

“This allows us to also control the flow of people and also ensure that the right DJs are playing the right music at the right times,” said Julian Prince, director of the festival, and continued “We were very happy with the cooperation we received this year from the various Dutch side club owners and we would really like to thank them for working with us and making the first night of club events a huge success.”

Over 3000 tickets were sold internationally and the island is experiencing a huge buzz as a result of the increased number of tourists that are on the island at this time.

Alicia Webster from The Refuge commented “SXM Festival attracts tourists from all over the world, many of whom are experiencing St. Maarten/Saint Martin for the first time. So it’s a positive impact for us and many other businesses on the island.”


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