St. Maarten Academy PSVE Teacher Talent Showcase. A Smash Hit!

St. Maarten Academy PSVE Teacher Talent Showcase. A Smash Hit!

Culture wear segment. (Photo contributed) Culture wear segment. (Photo contributed)

ST. PETERS – On March 10, 2018, the St. Maarten Academy P.S.V.E. held a talent showcase. The showcase was an initiative started by the School Coach, Mrs. Beverly Benn in an effort to enhance collegiality while raising funds for the school.  The show which took place on Saturday evening was a tremendous success with a great turnout.

The school showcase was exceptional and included outstanding performances that were captivating from the beginning to the end. The audience were on the edge of their seats as they laughed at the comical styles of the masters of ceremony, Miss. Anderson and Mr. Antoine.

“Wasteful Son,” a modern take of the story Prodigal Son was written by Ms. Enid Gregory. Ms. Gregory wrote the first play for P.S.V.E in 2010, performed at the cultural center and has proven to be an exceptional playwright. “Wasteful Son” cast and directed by the teachers engaged the audience in the truths that take place today. The actors delivered their parts with ease and gave a riveting performance.

The P.S.V.E. Dynamics played songs that made the audience groove. Songs such as, “Pump Me Up,” “Rock Away” and “They Gonna Talk” had everyone moving and dancing to the rhythms of teacher band.  The modeling segments included Culture Wear, Belle Wob Segment sponsored by T-Closet and Plush Boutique, and the Head Piece segment with Head pieces done by Calsia Benjamin.

The St. Maarten Academy P.S.V.E. delivered what was promised an unforgettable, engaging experience through song, dance, drama, spoken word, poetry, modeling and comical personalities. The night was simply a “Hit”. 

CUTLINE: Belle wop segment.

Belle Wop Segment

Cast of Wasteful Son

CUTLINE: Cast of wasteful son.

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