Bad Governance affects us all says Morales

Bad Governance affects us all says Morales

Loekie Morales Loekie Morales

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – Loekie Morales, candidate # 15 of the National Alliance (NA) is like many people in Sint Maarten concerned about the instability of Government and its negative effects on our economy and on social welfare, Morales said in a statement.

She says: ‘A huge task is resting on the shoulders of the incoming politicians to apply the Good Governance principles, starting with combating corruption, where it seemingly is nurtured in our system.  In some cases, corruption is integrated in our culture, because it is accepted as something normal.

“An example is the placements of favorite persons in positions, without an (honest or transparent) application and placement procedure, whereby qualified unfavored persons are being neglected. Over the years we have seen this drama and its negative effects on the administration repeatedly. The people set in positions are ‘thankful’ to their ‘providers’ and will vote again and again for them.

“Not having the right people with the necessary capacities in place, will result in an ineffective usage of your human resources and therefore to a not proper, ineffective functioning of our administration system. Corruption leads to poor institutions and at the end a situation of none-development of a country. A waste of time, good energy and of our national resources. This vicious circle will continue. Who is fooling who in this game?

“Bad governance and ship jumping are causing an unstable government. Our economy, political system, our social security and justice system will be negatively affected. At the end it has a huge negative impact on the development of our country.

“To remedy our ‘bad governance’ situation, we need to firstly know what the good governance principles are and next applying them. We don’t need to have a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or any other kind of religious believe system to apply the key principles of Good Governance.  Through the Netherlands, Sint Maarten has adopted the by United Nation’s commission of Human rights adopted Good Governance principles like: Transparency, Responsibility, Accountability, Participation, Responsiveness and Integrity.

“It will take the new leaders to abide on the Good Governance principles and to establish them based on the rule of law.

“Government alone will not succeed in combating corruption and applying the Good Governance principles. There must be an active participation of civil society organizations, the private sector and institutions. The people can also voice their grievances and highlight the priorities of actions for combatting corruption. They can stop ship jumping by not voting for those who have jumped ship and caused the government to become unstable or even to fall.

“The private sector, business leaders, should take initiatives to set up business enterprises which apply ethics and those core Good Governance principles. The workers, middle and senior management should get Good Governance and ethics courses in their business education.

“Good Governance institutions (for example the Ombudsman, Council of Advice, Electoral Council) have as task to set example in applying the Good Governance principles by using monitoring and evaluation tools, which are needed to guarantee the effectiveness of their policies.
The role and power of the media in our society is fundamental for establishing Good Governance by informing the people in an unbiased manner about their democratic rights and bring corruption into light.

“Everybody should be concern about the political instability in our country, which is causing so many downfalls for Sint Maarten. The ‘me and my belly and pockets mentality’ needs to change for the ‘I care for my community and country mentality’. It takes character and the right personality and mentality of our leaders, but also the citizen of our country to combat Bad Governance.

“Every one of us, every stakeholder (civil servants, private sector, NGO’s, civil society, the media, academia etc.) have a role to play to ensure that Good Governance prevails”, Morales stated.

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