Local and Regional Film Talent at 6th CIFFR from April 5-9

Local and Regional Film Talent at 6th CIFFR from April 5-9

SINT MAARTEN/CURACAO - Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam is happy to announce the first titles, mostly feature film debuts, for the 6th edition (5 – 9 April).

For the 5th consecutive year, CIFFR presents the Yellow Robin Award competition for feature films by talented, emerging filmmakers from the Caribbean basin and Latin America. Four of the nominated films for the 2017 edition are feature film debuts.

An international jury determines the winner of the Yellow Robin Award 2017. Already confirmed jury members are: Bero Beyer, Festival Director of International Film Festival Rotterdam, and the Curaçao filmmaker Felix de Rooy (a.o. Desiree, Ava and Gabriel).

The award consists of guaranteed screening of the film in the Bright Future program of International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 and at the next edition of Morelia International Film Festival in Mexico. In addition, there is a prize for the filmmaker of USD 10.000 composed of USD 2.500 in cash and USD 7.500 worth of talent development training programs.

In the first edition of the Caribbean Shorts competition, seven short films compete for the Award: screening of the winning film at the 6 film festivals (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago) CIFFR signed a cooperation agreement with in 2016. Object of this cooperation is to exchange knowledge and experience and encourage film talent. Each of the six film festivals submitted a short film by their local talented filmmaker.

From the 10 short films entered into the local competition by filmmakers from Curaçao, Aruba, and Suriname the nominee on behalf of CIFFR was selected: the short film E yobida di ayera (Yesterday’s Rain) from the Aruban filmmaker Armand Simon.

Nominees Yellow Robin Award 2017:

ANGÉLICA by Marisol Gómez Mouakad, Puerto Rico.

Angélica dreams of a major career as a fashion designer in New York, but hasn’t gotten much further than a boring sewing job. A visit to her motherland Puerto Rico, where her sick father awaits her in hospital, marks the start of a journey of personal discovery. World premiere.

Screening: FRI 7 APR 17:30 • SAT 8 APR 21:45 • SUN 9 APR 18:45

BAD LUCKY GOAT by Samir Oliveros, Colombia.

Growing up under the same roof doesn’t guarantee friendship. That definitely applies to these bickering siblings in this playful coming-of-age story. Can these Colombian youngsters rely on each other if they run into trouble together? A colorful, musical road trip with a dead goat as catalyst. Caribbean premiere.

Screening: THU 6 APR 18:15 • FRI 7 APR 15:30 • SUN 9 APR 21:15

EL HOMBRE QUE CUIDA (The Watchman) by Alejandro Andújar, Dom. Republic.

Major tensions hide beneath the otherwise placid surface of this sunny island drama. Taciturn Juan tries to forget a lost love while his daily rhythm as the watchman at one of the villas along the coast is disrupted by the arrival of the owner’s son. World premiere.

Screening: THU 6 APR 20:15 • SAT 8 APR 15:00 • SUN 9 APR 11:30

KEYLA by Viviana Gómez Echeverry, Colombia.

Just before her 18th birthday, Keyla’s father is lost at sea. What has happened to him? Colombian filmmaker Viviana Gómez Echeverry studies the tension between dream and reality on an ostensibly paradisiacal Caribbean island in this promising debut. Caribbean premiere.

Screening: FRI 7 APR 19:45 • SAT 8 APR 12:45 • SUN 9 APR 16:15

MELOCOTONES (Mr. Emmett & The Canned Peaches) by Héctor M. Valdez, Dom. Rep., 2017.

Retrofuturist fable set in a world full of robots, flying cars and canned peaches. Diego desperately tries to win back his girlfriend. He becomes the first human ever to test a time machine to undo his mistakes. Héctor Valdez’ film debut Al sur de la inocencia was nominated for the Yellow Robin Award  2014. World premiere.

Screening: FRI 7 APR 22:00 • SAT 8 APR 17:15 • SUN 9 APR 14:00

Nominees Caribbean Shorts Award 2017

CON SANA ALEGRÍA (With Healthy Enjoyment)• Claudia Muñiz Pérez (Cuba). For some time, Zayda has been taking care of her grandmother Juana, who suffers from dementia. On the eve of her birthday, she tries to change things a little and regain her previous life.

CHOCOLATE • Fernando Peña (Dominican Republic).  Love and fantasy join forces when Yan finds the solution of his problem, but not without consequences.

NIGHTMARE BEFORE WEDDING • Fabienne Orain-Chomaud (Guadeloupe). Lili has an appointment to get married at noon but she cannot remember in which church. She crosses Guadeloupe’s Grande-Terre on her grena (local name for a moped) crossing through cane fields and banana plantations. A creole adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.

SWEAT • Josiah Persad ( Trinidad & Tobago). Since having lost his parents in a car accident, Arshad finds it difficult to cope with his life. Despite the  support of his older sister Shriya and best friend Riad, he turns to other means to fill the void. One bad choice can lead to a next. Is it too late?

TI COQ • Nadia Charlery (Martinique). Josué has developed a special relationship with his rooster, strongly convinced that he could train it as a dreaded fighting rooster. A succession of unexpected events will invariably frustrate his plans.

VERDE (Green) • Alonso Ruizpalacios (Mexico). Security guard Ariel, in charge of transporting other people’s millions, has just discovered he’s about to be a first-time father. While deciding what to do about his paternity, he suddenly finds himself faced with the possibility of fleeing with the money.

E YOBIDA DI AYERA (Yesterday’s Rain) • Armand Simon (Aruba). Monica is in love with her friend. And now she has finally gathered enough courage to tell her. Today will be her coming out day.

The nominees are screened in two groups:

Caribbean Shorts I: Sweat •  Ti coq • Verde

FRI 7 APR 17:15 • SAT 8 APR 13:15

Caribbean Shorts II: Chocolate • Con sana alegría • Nightmare before Wedding • E yobida di ayera

FRI 7 APR 15:15 • SAT 8 APR 13:15

The full festival program will be launched on Thursday 30 March. Ticket sale starts on Saturday 1 April at 10:00. Tickets are available at the Central Box Office of The Cinemas and at the cash registers of cinema restaurant The Concesssion on the 1st floor.

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