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Picking a career or study...SSSD organizing Workshop for Students

PHILIPSBURG – It can be a challenge at a young age to choose a career or study to pursue after completing secondary school because students are often undecided between many choices or have no idea what they would like to pursue.

The Student Support Services Division (SSSD) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Affairs realizes the challenge and is therefore organizing a free workshop entitled, “How to Choose a Career or Study.”

The workshop will be held on August 27, 2015 from 5:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. at the SSSD office.

Students in the last two years of secondary school and those who recently completed school are invited to the workshop. This workshop will address choosing a career path, overcoming being undecided about a study at a college/university, and getting started on exploring career options. In addition, students will be given practical steps that can be taken to explore career options.  

“By attending this workshop, students will explore what their interest may be and how their interests, along with other factors, could tie into choosing a study or career. Students will also receive information on exploring careers,” say SSSD officials.

Seating is limited, therefore, students are encouraged to contact SSSD to reserve a seat. The office is located in the Amigo Building which is across from the Police Station and next to the Windward Islands Bank (WIB) in Philipsburg.

Students are encouraged to be on time and to bring their own writing materials to the workshops. For more information and to register, please contact the Student Support Services Division at 543-1235.


Acting Minister of VROMI Gumbs invites residents of Middle Region to Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday night

PHILIPSBURG – Prime Minister/Acting Minister of the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI) Marcel Gumbs is inviting the residents of Middle Region to a town hall meeting on Wednesday, August 19 regarding sewage connections. 

Several notices have been placed in the Government Information Page already appealing to residents to attend this very important meeting.

The town hall meeting is about the sewage project in Middle Region where the various homes will be connected to the sewage system of the Government.  Residents have an opportunity to receive information and to also ask questions.

The town hall meeting will take place at the Sister Marie Lawrence School in Middle Region starting at 7.00pm.

The Middle Region Sewage project has as the objective to improve the living conditions of residents and at the same time remove several forms of pollutants that run in different parts of the district.


NV GEBE to carry out Emergency Repairs Tuesday night at Bush/Daisy Road

CUL DE SAC, (DCOMM) – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that NV GEBE will be carrying out emergency repairs on Tuesday night, August 18 in relation to a water leak.

The works will be carried out at the intersection of Bush Road/Daisy Road which is the motorized entrance to Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)/Cost U Less starting at 9.00pm Tuesday night to 5.00am in the morning hours of Wednesday.

Motorists are requested to be observant of traffic signs and other notices at the intersection where the works are taking place. Heavy equipment will also be in use. Motorists will still be able to access the KFC/Cost U Less area, but the entrance/exit will be small and keen attention must be paid when leaving or entering the area.

Ministry VROMI apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause.


“JCI LIVE” Soualiga to implement the JCI Active Citizen Framework to support the SDGs on the UN Agenda

SINT MAARTEN - Junior Chamber International JCI “LIVE” (Leaders Innovation Vibrant of Equality) Soualiga to implement the SDG’s in our direct communities in Sint Maarten in September, 2015.

In order for the sustainable development goals to be implemented in my community the members of JCI must utilize the JCI Active Citizen Frame –Work.

The active citizen framework is geared towards harnessing the necessary skills of members in the JCI organization, and providing them with the various tools to include: debating competition, speech competition and others.

These tools undoubtedly assist in developing the minds of the younger generation; who are indeed the future of the nation. As a result of these skills and tools the members are better equipped with the knowledge and competencies to identify the various needs of a community.

Thus allowing them to development various strategies to remedy the problems and to educate and empower the young citizens. By doing such members in a community alongside JCI members can work harmoniously to bring into being opportunities for a better society and birth the creation of positive changes which will be beneficial for all involved.


Official Police Report: Police seek Community Assistance in 45-Year Old Man Shooting

PHILIPSBURG - On Sunday the 16th August at approximately eight o’clock in the night the central dispatched received a call that a man had been shot in the area of Old Street in the Back Street. The victim a 45 year old male managed to run to the Police station where he collapsed.

Ambulance personnel were called and the victim was taken to the medical center and was treated for several gunshot wounds. The victim is still in a very critical state in the hospital.

At this time the investigation is ongoing and for now this is the only information available. If anybody has any information about this case, please contact us at 542-2222 and ask for the detective department. If you want to share your information anonymously, you can call our tip line on 9300. (Police Force Sint Maarten)  


OSPP Leader Priest: Practice makes perfect, my message to our students, tomorrows leaders

PHILIPSBURG – The One St. Maarten People’s Party (OSPP) Leader Lenny Priest released the following statement on Sunday in connection with the new school year. 

“The 2015-2016 school year is just about to begin with our students reporting to classes today. After one month of vacation our students are all revered up to acquire some more knowledge as the saying goes only the prepared will inherit the future.      

“Recently, I had a conversation with a teacher and he stated that on an annual basis many students are not promoted; in some cases they don’t pass their final exams and often times they drop out of school after having repeated the same class more than once. My question to him was, what are the causes of some these students not being successful?         

“Is it because some of the students are not motivated? Is it because the parents don’t care what happens as they show no interest at all in the education of their children? Does it have anything to do with our educational system? Finally, is it government to blame for the failure of our students?         

“In my opinion it is a combination of those factors and many others not mentioned above. Nevertheless, as a young nation we have to continue to motivate and encourage our young people to study hard as they will have to lead this country sometime in the near future.        

“It is a known fact that the beginning of every year the schools encounter problem with the scheduling of classes and in some cases they fall short of certain books. After a couple of weeks all that is sorted out and then the classes begin.     

“Students hear on a yearly basis from their parents and teachers the importance of education. They tend to take it for granted for most of them believe that it is the duties of parents and teachers to tell them how important education is for their future. Last week Thursday we buried one of our fallen soldiers, the late officer Gamaly Kwasi Benjamin. Once again we heard from the politicians, the business community and others that we must do more for our young people because they are going astray and I agree. Let’s start now.      

“The OSPP is proposing to organize motivational speeches at all our schools after the first month that school has resumed.  These motivational speeches are to be done by our community leaders, businesses and other professionals in our community.  Let our students hear from somebody else other than their parents, teachers and religious leaders the importance of education. Let them understand that to be good at anything in life you must practice, practice and practice. In school be attentive in classes, do your homework and the rest will fall in place. Going to school can never be boring; it is what you make out of it. As a good friend of mine always says when you ask him how he is doing, he is practicing. Practicing to be better at what he is doing at that moment and what he will be doing in the near future.      

“We want to wish all our students, teachers and the parents a very successful school year 2015-2016. “St. Maarten needs each and every one of you to be successful in your studies, says Lenny Priest, as education is the key to the future,” OSPP Leader Priest concluded in his press statement.


NA and DP request urgent meeting of Parliament about protocol signed between Holland and Sint Maarten

PHILIPSBURG - The following request was made on Friday by the opposition factions National Alliance (NA) and the Democratic Party (DP) to have an urgent meeting of Parliament regarding the protocol that was signed between Holland and Sint Maarten.

“Confirmation has been received that this point has been added to the agenda of the public meeting of Monday, August 17, 2015. The initial agenda point for Monday's meeting is the draft national ordinance for the establishment of an integrity chamber,” DP Leader MP Sarah Wescot-Williams said on Friday. 

The undersigned members of Parliament, W. V. Marlin (NA), S.A. Wescot-Williams (DP), G. Pantophlet (NA) and C. Emmanuel (NA) requested an urgent meeting of Parliament with the agenda point:

‘The protocol signed between the Dutch and St. Maarten governments and the apparent unilateral decision by the Dutch government a/o Dutch police agencies regarding the justice system on St. Maarten.’

“The undersigned members also request that this agenda point be added to the agenda of the Public meeting of August 17th, given the relevance of the topic for the agenda point of this public meeting and the urgency of the matter at hand,” DP MP Wescot-Williams revealed on behalf of the factions NA and DP in a notice to the media on Friday evening.

Parliament has added the agenda point (see other story about this) to a plenary session that will be held on Monday where the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice will be present.


NV GEBE to carry out Trench Work at Back Bay Pointe Blanche

POINT BLANCHE, (DCOMM) – Ministry of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Development and Infrastructure (Ministry VROMI), announces that NV GEBE will be carrying out trench work and utility installation starting from Monday, August 17 until September 4th.

The works will take place at Pelican Road and entails the installation of secondary fibre and street light extension.

Motorists and pedestrians are requested to be observant of traffic signs and other notices alerting them to the particular works that are taking place at Pelican Road.

Ministry VROMI apologizes for any inconveniences this may cause.


Jet Ski Operator gets stranded between Saba and Sint Maarten on Thursday. Rescued by Coast Guard

SIMPSON BAY – The Coast Guard of the Dutch Caribbean (KWCARIB) received Thursday a report about a Jet Ski that was in distress between Sint Maarten and Saba.

According to an official report from the Coast Guard, the Jet Ski driver left from Saba for Sint Maarten and at a certain point between the two islands the engine stopped functioning. 

The Coast Guard received a report from the Martinique Rescue and Coordination Centre and a response rescue operation was set into motion. The French Coast Guard, Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, St. Maarten Search and Rescue Foundation, and The Royal Navy, responded to the distress call with a multi-effort search for the Jet Ski and its operator.

The Jet Ski was eventually found by plane.  The life jacket worn by the Jet Ski driver made it difficult for him to be spotted because of its dark colour. 

The sea rescue operation units were directed to the location where the Jet Ski was spotted and the French Coast Guard was the first response vessel on the scene. They took the person on board after which he was transferred to the crew of the Royal Dutch Navy Super-RHIB.

The Jet Ski was towed to Simpson Bay to the Coast Guard Station. 

An ambulance was at the scene to attend to the Jet Ski driver who was in good condition.  


Closed Door Central Committee Meeting on Crime with Council of Ministers continues on Friday

PHILIPSBURG – TheCentral Committee of Parliament will continue its urgent closed door session with the entire Council of Ministers on August 14th. 

The Central Committee meeting met on August 10.  The meeting was adjourned and will now reconvene on Friday at 10.00am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelmina Straat #1 in Philipsburg.

The agenda point is a discussion on the comprehensive approach of Government to accomplish short term results with regards to the recent spate of crime on Sint Maarten.

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