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Results of the annual SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament for March 28. Next Game April 11

BELVEDERE - The day of soccer games of the SMSEF Interscholastic Soccer Tournament on Saturday at the Johan Cruijff Court started with some light shattered showers and cloud cover, but finished with blue skies and a bright sun. With only two full days of games left to determine this year’s finalists, the “heat is on” for the teams to give it their all.

Results of Saturday March 28, 2015:

Game 1: Category 7+U

Learning Unlimited Hotshots vs Sr. Regina: result 5 – 0 (at halftime 3 - 0)

Goal scorers L.U. Hotshots: Ajani Blake with 3 goals, Marnix Beishuizen and Marshall Leone with one goal each.

A solid performance by the players of L.U. Hotshots. Sr. Regina put up a good fight, however was unable to put one between the posts.

Game 2: Category 7+U

Leonald Connor vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 2 – 0 (forfeit)

Dr. Martin Luther King was not able to field a team in time. A friendly game was played with the players that were present.

Game 3: Category 7+U

Learning Unlimited Strikers vs Sr. Magda Rockstars: result 0 – 4 (at halftime 0 – 1)

Goal scorers Sr. Magda Rockstars: Yannick Mingo and Owen Christian both with 2 goals. They were assisted by Jeremiah Telemacque and Daniel Tjon-Tam-Pau.

The game was 0 – 0 until just before halftime. Taking the lead late in the first half gave Sr. Magda Rockstars the confidence to really go for it in the second half.

Game 4: Category Girls 13+U

Leonald Connor vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 3 – 2 (at halftime 1 - 1)

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Jahnilla Priest, Karoline Quispe de los Santos and Dorothy James each scored one goal.

Goal scorers Dr. Martin Luther King: Shaney Joachim and Kaleisha Davis each scored one goal.

Dr. Martin Luther King started strong and scored first with a goal from its youngest player Shaney Joachim a.k.a. Faith after an assist by its oldest player Kaleisha Davis. For a while it looked like the team would cause an upset, however Leonald Connor regrouped in time to tie the score before half time. In the second half Leonald Connor was able to dominate the game a little more, but the game could go both ways until the final whistle.

Game 5: Category Girls 13+U

Hillside Christian All Stars vs Sr. Regina: result 2 – 0 (forfeit)

Due to miscommunication Sr. Regina unnecessarily forfeited the game. The team reported the day before that they were not able to field a team. The opponent was informed accordingly, however on game day the Sr. Regina team showed up to play. The team ended up playing a friendly game instead.

Game 6: Category Girls 13+U

Hillside Christian Angels vs Sr. Magda: result 0 – 2 (forfeit)

For reasons on known, Hillside Christian Angels was not able to field a team. Sr. Magda played a friendly game instead with the players present.

Game 7: Category 9+U

Sr. Magda Athletics vs Sr. Regina Masters: result 7 – 1 (at halftime 5 - 1)

Top scorer Sr. Magda Athletics: Gianni Fer with 4 goals and 1 assist. Useful players were Salim Fleming with 3 assists and Amani Vanterpool with 2 assists.

Goal scorer Sr. Regina Masters: Ishrael Charles scored the lone goal.

With today’s victory Sr. Magda Athletics secured a place in the 9+Under final scheduled for May 23.

Game 8: Category 9+U

Learning Unlimited vs Sr. Magda Energetics:  result 1 – 1 (at halftime 0 - 0)

Goal scorer Learning Unlimited: Connor Schripps-Ewing scored the lone goal after an assist from Sharky Nowek.

Goal scorer Sr. Magda Energetics: Jorginho Singodikromo scored the lone goal after an assist from Safin Basir.

It was a real nail biter for the two teams since a lot depended on the outcome of this game for both teams. Both teams really needed a win to have the best changes of making it to the consolation finals. Now they were totally depended on the outcome of the other games. Luckily for them, Sr. Regina New Stars managed to win from Leonald Connor and Combine Silly Shooters won from Charles Leopold Bell that same day. Therefore, Learning Unlimited and Sr. Magda Energetics will face each other again in the 9+Under consolation final scheduled for May 23.

Game 9: Category 9+U

Charles Leopold Bell vs Combine Silly Shooters: result 0 – 9 (at halftime 0 - 4)

Top scorers Combine Silly Shooters: Matteo van Bekkum had 3 goals, Quincy Busby and Xabel Dias both had 2 goals and 1 assist. Harrison Hobgood was a very useful player with 3 assists.

Charles Leopold Bell was well aware that a win was needed. The team, however, sadly had to miss its top scorer for this important game. Combine Silly Shooters played a solid game, with a good balance regarding its defense and offense. With today’s result Combine Silly Shooters secured their spot in the 9+Under final scheduled for May 23.

Game 10: Category 9+U

Sr. Regina New Stars vs Leonald Connor: result 4 – 3 (at halftime 2 - 2)

Goal scorers Sr. Regina New Stars: James Plas, Thomas Plas and Loet van Sleeuwen each scored a goal. The last goal in favor of Sr. Regina New Stars was an own goal by Leonald Connor.

Goal scorers Leonald Connor: Antony Gumbs scored 2 goals and Iverson Powell scored one goal after an assist by Dylon Seth.

Sr. Regina New Stars is a players selection of indeed ‘new stars’ that are developing their skills. The team, with the youngest age average in the 9+Under category, managed to win one game in pool play and lost two games already in the second round. All though this was not for the lack of trying, because the New Stars played every game with a lot of energy and passion. In their game versus Leonald Connor everything finally clicked. The team took the lead and even though their opponent Leonald Connor never gave up, they managed to secure a well-deserved win. Leonald Connor was still very much a contender until this game for a consolation final spot, however it needed a win to remain a contender. Sr. Regina New Stars victory spoiled their changes to great relief of Learning Unlimited and Sr. Magda Energetics, which now are secure regarding their spot in the consolation final.

Game 11: Category 11+U

Sr. Magda FC vs Dr. Martin Luther King: result 5 - 4 (at halftime 2 - 1)

Goal scorers Sr. Magda FC: Jaden Leonard with 3 goals, Jamir Cuvalay and Ceth Codrington with one goal each.

Goal scorers Dr. Martin Luther King: John Richardson, Malachi Serrant, Edelberth Sparen and Derik Neale each score one goal.

Sr. Magda FC took the early lead but was not able to hold on once the second half started. Dr. Martin Luther King managed to get on top with a score of 3 – 4. Sr. Magda FC had to give all it had to change the tide, but in the end it paid off. Both teams provided a great game for the spectators to watch.

Due to the Easter Break games will continue on Saturday, April 11, 2015.


Traffic Interruptions: Cycling Races Continue this Sunday

COLE BAY - On Sunday March 29th cycling race will be held by the “Dutch Riders Cycling Club Mo Trouble”. The race is scheduled to start at 09.00 a.m. in front of Mini Food Market on the Welfare road Cole towards the Causeway Bridge via Union road and then over the Simpson Bay bridge towards Cole Bay. The race will come up Cole Bay hill towards Philipsburg via Bush road and Long wall road, Little Bay road and back to Welfare road Cole Bay via Link One.

Once on Welfare road the race will head towards Philipsburg  again via Cole bay hill, A.J.C. Brouwers road, Bush road, Long wall road, Little Bay road, Link One and back to Welfare road Cole Bay. This will be done twice.

The last lap will take the race via Cole bay Hill, A.J.C. Brouwers road, Church hill round about and back to Cole via A.C.J. Brouwers road, Osborne Kruythoff round about, Union road, Causeway Bridge and finish on the Airport Boulevard in front Mini Food Market.

During this race traffic will be interrupted shortly at the intersections along the route of the race. All drivers should be very cautious while using these roads. (Police Force Sint Maarten)


Motorworld Donates to The Anchor Holds Gayle Live in Concert Event

COLEBAY- On Friday, Motorworld made a generous donation to The Anchor Holds-Judith Gayle and The Gayle Brothers Live inConcert event that will be held tonight at the Celebration Palace.

Marketing Officer Lorenzo Gomez welcomed the International Gospel Artiste (pictured in the far right) to the shores of St. Maarten. Also pictured are promoter Stephen Gayle (second right), promoter Torana Granston (far left) and Lorenzo Gomez (second from left). 



TORONTO, Canada/DAWN BEACH, Sint Maarten - For over 15 years, the steering committee for the STEP Caribbean Conference has been meeting to produce one of the world’s best attended and most talked about trust conferences.

What makes this off-shore financial services conference so unique is the ability of these steering committee members to work together for the good of the region and for the benefit of their individual jurisdictions – all at the same time.

Unlike other initiatives in the region that attempt to bring together disparate and distinct countries, the STEP Caribbean Conference not only manages to put aside individual country and branch agendas, but also manages to attract international delegates and sponsors and most importantly speakers to the table each and every year.

The STEP Caribbean region, part of the larger STEP worldwide association is fast becoming one of the most influential and largest regions in the STEP world. For the first time ever, the former STEP worldwide chair, Helene Lewis was from the BVI, marking a turning point for the global association.

“Not only has STEP Worldwide recognized the importance of the region in the global trust sector, but this conference has become one of the “must attend” events of the year” commented Lewis. “Every year for the past fifteen years, we welcome the world to one of our member jurisdictions and every year, they come in droves to the conference.”

This year’s conference in Sint Maarten, hosted by Anguilla, promises to deliver more of the same. Conference chair, Carlyle Rogers is confident that delegates will come away from the conference fully equipped to deal with the on-going turbulence of the sector on a macro scale.

“Our delegates know that they are going to be connected with senior colleagues, speakers who are clearly thought leaders in their areas of expertise and a host of new business connections and opportunities,” commented Rogers.


Final booth holder meeting Thursday

PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation will host one last meeting for Carnival 2015 booth holders on Thursday night.

The meeting will be held at the Government Administration Building at 7:30pm. 

This meeting is important to relay information about several services that will be available to the booth holders within Carnival Village, Fire Inspections, and information from sponsors will be shared.

The SCDF is urging all Carnival 2015 booth holders to attend. (SCDF)


Sint Maarten Sickle Cell Foundation says Thank You

POND ISLAND - The Sint Maarten Sickle Cell Foundation would like to send out a heartfelt gratitude to the St. Maarten Lions Club for giving the foundation the opportunity to spread awareness about sickle cell disease, Vivienne Horsford, President Sint Maarten Sickle Cell Foundation said. 

“We would also like to thank our volunteers the SLS and the AUC for doing a fabulous job. It would not have been possible without you. We would like to thank the general public for coming out and supporting us and the 200 people that came out and got tested.

“Last but not least, we would like to send a personal thank you to Montage N.V, Coldwell Banker and UTS for their generous donations, and I as president would like to thank the members of the foundation,” Horsford concluded.

Sickle cell disease is an inherited disorder in which red blood cells (RBCs) are abnormally shaped. This abnormality can result in painful episodes, serious infections, chronic anemia, and damage to body organs.

These complications can, however, vary from person to person depending on the type of sickle cell disease each has. Some people are relatively healthy and others are hospitalized frequently.

But thanks to advancements in early diagnosis and treatment, most kids born with this disorder grow up to live relatively healthy and productive lives.


Ad Hoc Committee of Integrity to meet on Thursday

PHILIPSBURG – Parliament’s Ad Hoc Committee Integrity will meet in a House session on March 26.

The Ad Hoc Committee meeting is set for Thursday at 10.00am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelmina Straat #1 in Philipsburg.

The agenda point is related to a discussion on setting the perimeters for the Permanent Committee Integrity.

Members of the public are invited to the House of Parliament to attend parliamentary deliberations. 

The House of Parliament is located across from the Court House in Philipsburg.

The parliamentary session will be carried live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 120, via Pearl Radio FM 98.1, the audio via the Internet and via


The search begins tonight for TelCell’s best Bachata Dance Couples

POND ISLAND - Judges have started scouting St. Maarten’s hottest Latin dance spots in search of the island’s hottest bachata dance couples.

Starting at La Bamba in Simpson Bay, Tuesday night, judges will be naming the first winning couple after assessing all couples on the dance floor.

The judges move on to Rancho, also in Simpson Bay on Saturday, March 28th  to find the second winning couple and then to Son Latino on the A. Th. Illidge Road on Sunday March 29 to select the final winning couple.

Once all three winning couples have been named, the judges will ask guests at the three nightspots, along with members of the public to vote for their favourite bachata dance couple, by sending an SMS message to 7511 choosing Couple #1, Couple #2 or Couple #3 as the overall winner.

The couple with the most SMS votes will be officially announced as St. Maarten’s hottest bachata dance couple during the April 28th Latin night in which top Latin acts Grupo Niche, Miriam Cruz, Frank Reyes and La Nueva Escuela will be performing.

The event is being organized by Montage Events, in collaboration with mobile provider TelCell.

Grisha Heyliger-Marten of Montage N.V., is encouraging members of the public to turn out at each location to have fun, support the local dancers and help the judges select the best dance couple from each of the three locations being scouted.

“TelCell is making it possible for latin-music and bachata fans to also have a say by sending an SMS message to 7511 from each of the locations voting for their favourite couple,” said Grisha.

She said even those who cannot see the dancers in person tonight or on any of the other nights, can still see how they perform when a recording of their bachata dance routines are posted on TelCell and Montage facebook pages after the three finalists have been named. (TelCell)


Ladies Basketball Championship Top 14 Players Exhibition Game a Success

SUCKER GARDEN - The Ladies Basketball Championship came to a close on Sunday March 22nd as the LBC All First Team and LBC All Second Team which consisted of the top 14 players for the season played against each other for one last fun game. The LBC All Second Team really came out to play and neither team led by more than 5 points in the first half.

The LBC All Second Team played a very good third quarter and lead by 7 after the third quarter. The LBC All First Team really stepped up their defense in the fourth quarter that lead to easy scores and they came back and won the game 58-51.

The LBC All First Team was led by Claudia Fleming with 17 points, Daricia Arrindell with 10 points and Jamaiah Newton-Herbert with 9 points.

The LBC All Second Team was led by Diasha Ferdinand with 13 Points, Shandria Lake with 11 points and Wendy Jack with 10 points.

The Walichi Basketball Association would like to thank all the fans that came out on Sunday to enjoy the game but also all those who came out throughout the Ladies Basketball Championship season. (Walichi Basketball Association)


Mental Health Foundation gets kitchen equipment from Gems

CAY HILL - Cooking is a basic skill of survival and a skill to be proud of; building on those elements, Island Gems Charity Foundation presented the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) with kitchen utensils and small appliance to help further outfit its centre’s kitchen in Cay Hill.  

MHF, established in 2006, leads as the secondary mental healthcare provider on St. Maarten. It has seven care products: clinic care, crisis management, psychiatric home healthcare, Faraja Centre and guided living facility, admission ward and information and prevention. A team of administrators work diligently for the much-needed mental health concerns of the community. 

Several Island Gems members attended one of the centre’s open-house days and learnt about the centre’s need for kitchen items.

MHF officials outlined the needs of the kitchen staff and of the desire of some MHF clients to learn to cook.   Island Gems bought bread baskets, dishes, pots, pans and other items. Island Gems does not give cash so items or equipment requested by a group or foundation are purchased by the organization. If a service is required, the service is paid for directly to the service provider by Island Gems.  

The all-women foundation was elated to assist the healthcare foundation, especially with a project that will have long term effects on its clients when they are taught the skills and joys of cooking.  

Island Gems President Alita Singh, Vice President Karine Fleming, Treasurer Kerisha James, Board Member Jody Rosen and member Asha Steven recently visited MHF’s kitchen to see the operations. They were very impressed with the set up and commended the management and staff on their efforts to help those in the community who are differently abled. 

"All of us, whether abled or differently abled, need skills to be proud of. Cooking is a skill and talent we can use to bring our families and friends together. Togetherness is often the best therapy for a busy world,” said Island Gems President Alita Singh.  

Food is essential to Island Gems as it is from an annual grand buffet dinner that the foundation raises the money it uses throughout the year to aid foundations with projects on both sides of the island.   This year’s dinner is onSaturday, March 28, at Captain Oliver’s restaurant in Oyster Bay. The dinner’s theme is “Caribbean Creole” – a celebration of Island Gems strong St. Maarten ties.  

A silent auction at the dinner helps to raise additional funds for community projects. Highlights are the annual “Private Chef Dinner for Eight” from St. Maarten’s Iron Chef Dino Jagtiani of Temptation restaurant, and a personalized portrait by Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau artist Roland Richardson.          

A line-up of St. Maarten’s best entertainers and talents will keep the evening lively and fun. Performers include The York Generations on steelpans, Lomeno “DJ Fun Ten” Brison, Arias, Othmar’s Gems Dancers and Master of Ceremonies Leroy “King Beau Beau” Brooks.   

Very limited tickets are available for the gala dinner. Tickets cost US $125 each and are available from Island Gems members. (Island Gems)

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