Benjamin Ortega running for Chamber of Commerce & Industry By-Election on Friday

Benjamin Ortega running for Chamber of Commerce & Industry By-Election on Friday

Benjamin Ortega Benjamin Ortega

PHILIPSBURG - On the 21st of April small business owners that are eligible to vote for Chamber of Commerce and Industry Election (COCI) are requested to come out and show their support by voting for one of the candidate seeking a seat on the Board of directors of COCI, Benjamin Ortega said in a press statement on Wednesday.

“According to the registered list of COCI there are thousands of names that qualify for this opportunity to choose who they feel should represent them as small business owner on the Board. Although this is the case, generally a very small amount of persons actually take this opportunity and vote.

“For the last regular elections only a little more the 200 persons casted their vote for the three candidates at that time.

“Why is this? From thousands eligible to a few hundred! Is there no need to have representation? Do you as a small business owner feel there is a disconnect with the entity?

“Many questions come to mind when thinking about this situation. Also during my various conversations with local entrepreneurs the answers vary.

“On the Friday the 21st of April from 8 AM until 12 PM sharp at the COCI Building in Philipsburg or at the Simpson Bay Service Center come and vote for a candidate that wants to represent you to the maximum.

“I want to represent you, the local company who is important to ensure that you can be represented when decisions are made on your behalf.

“Your contribution to the community as a small business owner contributes directly to the well-being of the country’s economic growth and development.

“My aim is to continue to lobby for connection the various non- and governmental agencies and services through adequate information gathering that will enhance your output as a business.

“In this day and age having access to valuable information is one of key factors of a business success. Knowing your market, the value of your product and proper guidance and financial planning will make you and your business successful.

“As a Hard Working, Motivated and Innovated Individual with aims towards new directions to ensure that economic growth is based on a stable, strong and variable small business representation.

“My name is Benjamin Ortega and I am seeking your support and vote for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elections.”

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