Christian Fellowship Total Restoration Dance Ministry to Minister in ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’

Christian Fellowship Total Restoration Dance Ministry to Minister in ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’

Catherina Carbon and Christian Fellowship Total Restoration Dance Ministry. Catherina Carbon and Christian Fellowship Total Restoration Dance Ministry.

SINT MAARTEN (SUCKER GARDEN) - Ever since returning to the island with a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Catherina Carbon of Christian Fellowship Church continues to make waves across the island as dance leader of the dynamic Total Restoration Dance Ministry.

Together the dancers will join the Class 2 actors of the Cole Bay Methodist Church in ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’, which is being produced by Better Opportunity for Talent (BOFT) on Saturday, August 11, 2018, at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium.

The lithe dancer, who works by day as an internal auditor, says she hopes that by the end of the evening, patrons will leave encouraged.

“One of the things that we try to focus on as a dance ministry is that at the end of everything that God be pleased, and He be glorified. In doing so, we want people, after having seen us, to leave feeling encouraged and comforted. They should leave with greater hope. In case they may come with anything that is weighing them down, we want them to leave restored; hence our name, Total Restoration,” said Carbon.

Total Restoration will join a cast of more than two dozen for the August 11 production, which is being directed by veteran actress, Lady Ann Meyers, one of the founding members of the Cole Bay Theatre Company. Also to be featured that night are award-winning actor Earl Duzong, gospel singer Benjamin Bell and God’s Chosen, Esther Narcisco-Williams, Ammique Bryan, Methodist Chorale leader Esther Davis-Roach, singer Karen Cadogan, Betty Laveist, Dennyse Duzong, and Gracia Young-Browne.

Many who have witnessed the dancers of Total Restoration can attest to their creativity, dynamism, and all-round passion for ministering and changing lives through their awe-inspiring choreography. Carbon’s talent in dancing was honed since she was a child of six when she started dancing under the tutelage of Mrs. Jane Hendrickson. This saw Carbon gracing many stages during her years as a student at the Methodist Agogic Centre and later at St. Maarten Academy from where she graduated in 2006.

Despite her busy school-work life after high school, Carbon said she still held on to her passion for dance, and after leaving the island in 2009 to study at the University of South Florida in Tampa, she stayed a part of a dance ministry called Studio 28 and also danced at church.

“For me, the number one thing is representing the Kingdom – being present in our community, partnering with other churches and positive foundations. The girls that we have in our team are as young as six years old and the more they are around things that are positive and wholesome for their development, the better it is,” Carbon said.

‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’ will begin at 7:30pm and is billed to be a wholesome family event. Tickets for the show are on sale at SOS Radio, Family Bookstore, and Van Dorp Stores. Cast members also have tickets – adults cost $20, while children will pay only $5.

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