LU students show creativity in annual Science Fair event

LU students show creativity in annual Science Fair event

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SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - Learning Unlimited Preparatory School held its annual Science Fair just before the Carnival break and its students once again impressed over 20 judges.

The Best overall project distinction went to Grade 10 students: Rohan Kalra, Nikita Ramchandani & Mohit Sadarangani. Their project focused on Water Purification.

The judges took time out of their busy days to review all of the projects displayed and commented that the projects showed great creativity and thought in the scientific research process.

The students displayed their work and presented their findings to multiple judges before the final results were announced.

Under the guidance of the school science department, led by Preeti Notani, students' efforts were met with many positive comments from the judges present who critiqued the projects.

Besides the Grade 10 result, the other final results were as follows:

Grade 6 Winners:

1st Prize - Paige Elliott & Kavina Mansukhani - Egg Power

2nd Prize - Kaiziah Paul & Frans Richardson - Eco Charger

3rd Prize - Anneke Lamerigts, Emma Lennox & Shirley Sadowski - Clean Energy

Grade 7 Winners:

1st Prize - Natalie Johnson & Gimora Calmero - Hydroponics

2nd Prize - Sara Bharwani & Mehr Chelani - Bug Away

3rd Prize - Aarti Ginachandani, Anna Lerondelle & Princess Ozkan - Plastic Plan

Grade 8 Winners:

1st Prize - Avinash Khemchandani, Aryan Notani & Siddhant Vaswani - Floating Gold

2nd Prize - Jamie Lynch & Juhi Soneji - Climate Change

3rd Prize - Anna Jian & Prerna Ramchandani - Blown Away

Grade 10 Winners:

1st Prize - Rohan Kalra, Nikita Ramchandani & Mohit Sadarangani - Water Purification

2nd Prize - Maximo Lanari, Sabrina Macauley & Ridhi Mahbubani - Polymers

3rd Prize - Sudi Ozkan, Dhruv Sagre & Mihir Mirchandani - Smart Cities

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