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Possible tropical development east of Lesser Antilles end of August early September

SINT MAARTEN (CARIBBEAN) – Crown Weather reported on Sunday that possible tropical activity could be two weeks away as the long-range weather models (e.g. GFS, EPS) are forecasting some development to take place.

“The latest long-range model guidance are now beginning to see this potential with last night's GFS model forecasting a full-fledged tropical cyclone in the eastern Tropical Atlantic at the very beginning of September and the European EPS model showing tropical development in the eastern Atlantic at the end of this month and the beginning of next month.

“While this hurricane season has been the complete opposite of last hurricane season, which is great news so far, I am NOT about to pull the plug on this season as I do think we will see a fairly busy September in terms of tropical cyclones with this possibly continuing into part of October,” Crown Weather reported on Sunday.

The two storm names next in line are Florence and Gordon.



Saturday Lighted Parade a success

PHILIPSBURG - The Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) wants to inform the entire community that the annual “Lighted Parade” organized by Rio Production and which was held on Saturday August 18 through the streets of Philipsburg was a success, police said on Sunday in a statement.

“The parade was well attended by revelers and by onlookers. During the parade there were no incidents which caused any disruption. The parade began on time and ended on time.

“KPSM is taking this opportunity to thank and congratulate the community for the conduct during this event and also extend words of congratulations to the organizers for a job well done.” (Sint Maarten Police Force)


Below-average hurricane season continues to be forecasts

SINT MAARTEN/CARIBBEAN – The Colorado State University Department of Atmospheric Science (DAS) on Thursday in its latest update for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season continues to forecast a below-normal amounts of hurricane activity for the last two weeks of the month of August.

This is the second DAS two-week forecast for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season. During the peak months of the season, DAS issues seasonal updates every two weeks.

DAS said in its forecast that: “None of the global models indicate significant tropical cyclone development in the next week. While vertical wind shear is predicted to be below-average in week one across most of the tropical Atlantic, vertical wind shear is predicted to strengthen across most of the basin in week two.”

DAS says the period between August 16-29 is when “…the hurricane season begins to really ramp up during this time. The primary threat formation area for major hurricanes in mid- to late August is in the tropical Atlantic east of the Lesser Antilles.”

Reference was made to Sub-tropical Storm Ernesto – fifth storm of the season – which is likely to dissipate in about 24-hours; the current area of low pressure east of the southern Lesser Antilles according to the National Hurricane Center is likely to dissipate by the time it reaches the eastern Caribbean due to strong wind shear.

There is some indication of tropical activity in the week of August 27, but indications from the long-term global models show a weak development if anything during that period.

The average hurricane season normally sees 12 named stormed, five (5) becoming hurricanes and one (1) becoming a major hurricane.



‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’A Showcase of St. Maarten’s Multi-denominational Talent

SINT MAARTEN (SUCKER GARDEN) - It was an evening of praise and worship with powerful performances from a multi-denominational, talented cast of actors and singers as Better Opportunity for Talent (BOFT)pulled off its first major production last Saturday night – the biblical love drama, ‘The Rise and Fall of King Solomon’.

The almost packed L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium was transformed into a theatre, with a set that can likely put BOFT in contention for an award. The set, which was designedby architectural scientist, Randolph ‘Scottie’ Scott, sported richly appointed furniture from Discount Furniture Store and red and gold décor done by Esther Davis-Roach and her team. It transported the audience back in time to a lavish palace setting of ancient Israel, decked out with live foliage from Julio's Garden on Marimba Road of a romantic garden.

Benjamin Bell and his band, ‘God’s Chosen’, set the stage for the drama, ending with an electrifying performance of Tamela Mann’s ‘Take Me to the King’ sung by Bell and Sharnella Romney-James. They were followed by the Christian Fellowship Church Total Restoration Dance Ministry, led by Catharina Carbon,with several magnificent pieces featuring dancers as young as six years old.

With an off-stage narration by Reverend Lloyd Brissett, the play opened with the children of the Cole Bay Methodist Church playing a young Solomon (Keggon Russell) asking God for guidance while being plagued by the sins of pride (Angel Hughes), greed (Zenia Cannegieter), and laziness (Sapphire Hassell). A very talented Shaquan Young masterfully dramatized Solomon’s conscience, while the powerful singing of Christina Roach made way for the grand entrance of Solomon as a grown man and king.

Despite the serious undertones of the play, the performances of Gracier Young Brown and Esther Narcisco Williams had the audience in stitches. Brown shone in her role of one of Solomon’s lovers who flaunted their affair before Pharaoh’s daughter, played by Davis-Roach. Browne's gold, figure-hugging costume, designed by Sheila Sorton, wowed the audience and transformed her into a seductress who had Solomon wrapped around her finger.

Narcisco, too, perfectly dramatized the harlot who wanted Solomon to divide a baby that belonged to another harlot, played by Ammique Bryan. Narcisco’s screams to “Kill him dead, dead, dead” while being bodily removed from the stage, had the audience rolling with laughter and will be indelibly etched in the memory of many.

Veteran actor Earl Duzong looked the role of king that night as he sat on his throne of gold while being pampered by his many concubines and wives played by Orris Jack, Berthille Laveist, Everett Richardson, Dennyse Duzon, Martha Lammar, Joyce Bell, and Esther Peterson. But there was no doubt that singer Karen Cadogan took royalty to a whole new level that night as she perfectly executed the role of the Queen of Sheba. Her delivery and grace sparkled as much as her costumes and crown, captivating the audience and King Solomon alike.

The surprised comic relief was provided by Reverend Tyrone Hunkins, who doubled as musician and thoroughly entertained the audience.

The play, which was directed by veteran actress, Lady Ann Meyers, was last presented in April by Class 2 of the Cole Bay Methodist Church. It was first staged some 10 years ago with the late cultural icon Mr. Camille Baly as King Solomon and ever since then there were calls for a repeat performance. Due to its successful staging at church, BOFT’sproducer, Mr. Milton ‘Bobby’ Ottley, decided to take the play to the big stage.

The award-winning Lady Meyers, who also designed some of the costumes made by Davis, researched the story of King Solomon and added her creative flavor to make the story stage-worthy. She said it was no easy feat taking the story from several books of the bible and compressing it into a factual retelling of one of the wisest kings who reigned before the birth of Christ. She nonetheless masterfully chronicled the story of Solomon from childhood through his adult life to the point when he began worshipping other gods, which caused him to fall out favor with his God.

Speaking after the production, Ottley said he felt satisfied that the audience received a good show and got the intended message that no man is perfect and that all have sinned.

“None of us is perfect. We all are going to fall like Solomon, but I believe in God and I believe in doing His work,” Ottley had stated in an earlier interview. For him, the production was all about showcasing the young talent of the island and he was very appreciative of those that helped to make the show a success. He took his hat off to Scott, Fleming Carpet of French Quarter, Discount Furniture, Omar Building Block, A & A Supplies, and O and Eric Constructionfor contributing to the creation of a magnificent set, as well as CK’s Consultancy for assistance in the area of public relations and the sound effect technician Jobert Gabriela who had no easy task that night. Lucinda Audin and Funtopia, too, lent support by painting the Golden Pagan Goddess (played by Mercedes Brown) that authenticated the era of the drama.

According to Ottley, his biggest support came from the companies that bought tickets for their employees to attend, such as Windward Islands Bank, NAGICO Insurances, and GEBE. “This truly tells me that the corporate community supports our local talent. I would love for others to follow in their footsteps,” stated Ottley. In the end, he felt that the night provided clean, wholesome entertainment for the entire family. He wants to especially thank the St. Maarten community for coming out to support the local talent.

CUTLINE: A section of the audience.

A section of the audience

CUTLINE: The Golden Pagan Goddess.

Funtopias statue prop


MP Egbert Jurendy Doran visits MPC. Encourages students of all schools on the Island to strive for excellence

SINT MAARTEN (REWARD) – National Alliance (NA) Member of Parliament (MP) Egbert Jurendy Doran, who is also Vice-chair of the Education Committee of Parliament, visited and spoke to pre-examination students at Milton Peters College (MPC) on Tuesday 14 August, 2018.

Doran, who is also a former student of MPC, was heartily welcomed back to his former school.

He spoke to the students about his journey ever since leaving the Milton Peters College up until his present job as a Member of Parliament. It was also a great honor for MP Doran and privilege to be able to meet some of the teachers that taught him during the time that he attended school there.

The exchange with the students very heartening according Doran, as the students also showed interest in the in the workings of Parliament and the Council of Ministers. They also wanted to know the difference between the two entities.

Member of Parliament he students to ‘take their studies seriously’ and to continue ‘pushing hard in order to achieve their goals. This message was felt and well received by the students.

MP Doran is taking the opportunity during this press release to also wish the students of all schools on the island much success during this schoolyear, and to inspire to continue striving for excellence.

He is also encouraging the hardworking teachers to keep up the good works, and reminded them that their significant role actually makes all the difference, as it included working tirelessly towards guarantying that their students excel.

In closing, MP Doran wishes all students, teachers and school administrators, a safe and productive school year 2018/2019.


The 5th Annual Hot Summer Car Show at Motorworld this Saturday!

SINT MAARTEN (COLE BAY) - The Motorworld, Caribbean Auto and Audi 5th Annual Hot Summer Car Show is highly anticipated as the biggest automobile showcase, with the best sales in the Caribbean.  The Car Show will be held this Saturday, August 18 from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at Motorworld's state-of-the-art showroom on Welfare Road in Cole bay, St. Maarten. 

"With this being our 5th Annual Hot Summer Car Show, we have marked down the prices on several of our popular models with mind-blowing promotions from all your favorite brands from Motorworld, Caribbean Auto and Audi,” says Tariq Amjad, Managing Director of Motorworld Group of Companies. 

In an effort to meet diverse customers’ needs, the Hot Summer Car Show deals include blazing discounts on all new and used vehicles, which include the following: 

-The sleek and sophisticated driving experience in the 2018 Mazda 3 with $2000 off, the 2018 Mazda 6 with $4000 off, and the 2018 Mazda BT-50 with $3000 off.

- Major sales discounts on the ever popular, reliable and durable 2018 Hyundai models, including the Creta with $2000 off, the Sonata with $3500 off, Santa Fe with $4000 off, the Grand Santa Fe with $4000 off, and the Tucson with $2000 off. Plus 5 years warranty. 

- The multiple award-winning Hondas with the 2018 Honda CR-V available for $1800 off and the 2018 Honda Accord with $3000 off.

- The premium German engineering of the Volkwagens, with the 2018 VW JETTA available at a remarkable discount of $1800 off.

- The classic luxury and reliability of the Ford models with the 2018 models of the Ford Fusion available for $3500 off, the Ford Ranger with $2500 off, plus 3 years free service, as well as the 2018 Ford EcoSport with $2000 off. 

- In addition, those adventure seekers can explore the technology, capability, design and other features of the trail-rated 2018 Jeep Compass with a discount of $2,000.

These hot deals and discounts are available for a limited time only. They are being offered along with low interest rates on auto loans and affordable finance packages from the participating banks, which include: Windward Islands Bank, RBC Bank, and PSB Bank.

The first three monthly payments will be free from participating banks, with two monthly payments guaranteed. This allows customers to take advantage of the car promotions, with the peace of mind that the first 2-3 months of payments are already covered, courtesy of Motorworld and the participating banks. Zero down payment (100% financing) is also available from select banks. 

"We encourage everyone to bring along the necessary paperwork and take advantage of the finance packages that the banks will be making available at the Car Show. Several banks will be offering their best rates on this day only," says Amjad.  

Additionally, customers who purchase on Saturday will receive a free gift such as a 40” TV, 15” Laptop, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, or Samsung A8.

UTS Secure will be onsite to showcase their GPS Tracking and anti-theft system and will be providing free prizes and giveaways. Nagico Insurances will also be there to provide insurance quotations on the spot.  

“Over the past five years, we have worked hard to see our vision become a reality, which is thanks to the support of our valuable customers and staff," shares Rena Amjad, CEO, Motorworld Group of Companies.

"Our dedicated team is extremely excited about celebrating with our numerous long-standing customers. We take pride in being able to share our success by reducing the prices and offering amazing promotions for everyone to leave feeling satisfied. We invite the entire community to come out and share a toast to celebrate along with us!" 

The 5th Annual Hot Summer Car Show is a day not to be missed in St. Maarten/ St. Martin. It has grown into a highly-anticipated Summer outing for the entire community. The family is invited to attend this fun day, with a program organized to be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

There will be free food and drinks all day, a kiddie area onsite for the children to enjoy, and entertainment will be provided by King Rumer, Kenyo and DJ King Kembe, along with a selection of DJs to keep the lively atmosphere for a laid back and enjoyable 5th Anniversary celebration and shopping experience.

In addition, live broadcasts from Laser 101, and SOS Radio will be taking place to keep customers informed and engaged from near and afar. 

Motorworld, Caribbean Auto and Audi's wide range of vehicles, products and services are listed among the top-class dealerships throughout the Caribbean, and the world. During the 5th Annual Hot Summer Car Show, everything will be available, accessible and ready to serve each customer's unique needs on this Saturday! 



20-year old Virgile identified as driver in fatal car accident on Monday night

SINT MAARTEN (SAUNDERS) - On Monday August 13th at approximately 11.00 p.m. a serious traffic accident took place on the L.B. Scot road in the vicinity of Emilio Wilson Estate involving the driver of a private vehicle with license plate P-7470, an official police report said on Tuesday.

“Due to high speed the driver who was later identified as 20-year-old Jean Rony Virgile lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the guardrail of a small bridge at that location with as consequence that he suffered massive trauma to his body and head of which he died shortly after.

“Several patrols that were directed to the scene diverted traffic from the L.B. Scot road into and from the Reward, Sint Peters and Betty Estate areas in order for the Police Traffic department, Fire department and Paramedics to conduct the investigation and provide the necessary assistance.

“The Fire Department had to make use of the “Jaws of Life” in order to have the body of the victim removed from the wreck. Dr. Mercuur who arrived on the scene pronounced the death of the victim.

“The investigation into what exactly the cause of this fatal accident was is still ongoing,” the official police report concludes. (Police Force of Sint Maarten)

Aan m.p.o L.B SCOT 13082018

20-year-old Jean Rony Virgile


BPW Back to School Message

ST. MARTIN (MARIGOT) - Business and Professional women Concordia St. Martin (BPW) is wishing all Pupils and Teachers of Sint Maarten a Successful 2018-2019 School year, BPW Danielle Chance-Glasgow (VP PR) said in a statement on Monday.

” Education liberates the intellect, unlocks the imagination and is fundamental for self-respect. It is the key to prosperity and opens a world of opportunities, making it possible for each of us to contribute to a progressive, healthy society. Learning benefits every human being and should be available to all.”

“BPW promotes and supports equal education for both girls and boys according to the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) set out by the UN (United Nations) to be achieved by 2030.

“Goal 4: Ensures inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning. Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to improve people’s lives and sustainable development. Major progress has been made towards increasing access to education at all levels and increasing enrolment rates in schools particularly for Women and Girls.

“Follow us on Facebook: BPW Concordia St. Martin / Email us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..”



Be The Change volunteers beautify marketplace stalls

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The wooden marketplace stalls located behind the Courthouse received a much-needed facelift from a group of approximately 80 volunteers over the course of six days. 

The project, initiated by the St. Maarten Tourism Board and Be The Change Foundation in collaboration with ArtCraftCafé St. Maarten, was a concerted effort to beautify the vendor stalls with bold, bright, tropical colors donated by Kooyman. 

“By beautifying the stalls in such a bold way, we hope that others in the community will feel inspired to also make the necessary changes to show visitors that we are serious about the rebuilding process and to give residents a sense of hope for the future,” said President of the Foundation, Melanie Choisy. 

The project was divided into two phases of three days each. On August 1, 2, and 4 the six stalls were sanded, cleaned and primed with a white base coat. Phase two took place in the following week on August 10, 11 and 12 during which time the colors were applied. 

The project could not have happened without the assistance of about 80 volunteers, amongst which included members of the St. Maarten Youth Brigade for two days. 

Choisy also stated, “So many people would drive or walk by with words of encouragement and support. We even had people offer to buy all the volunteers beverages. It’s always great to feel appreciated.” 

The Foundation aims to continue with small beautification projects throughout the rest of the year. To stay up to date, be sure to like their Facebook page: They are also looking to collaborate with other organizations and can be reached via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


MEXICO CITY: ON THE RISE - Floating Green Urban Parks

SINT MAARTEN/COMMENTARY - Hello MEXICO CITY. MEXICO CITY at this point in your vast and multi-faceted history you should not be involved with copying urban echoes; on the contrary MEXICO CITY is a leader and must continue to lift and carry its mantel.

From the time of Tenochtitlan to the present, with all of its nuances and cultural extremes, and safety, water, natural, and precautionary dynamics, MEXICO CITY is the mother board waiting to project its holographic myriad of urban innovative fan fair. 

MEXICO CITY, you are by fare one of the most interesting cities that I have had the pleasure of exploring through the many online YouTube videos and insightful articles and images.

Looking at the vast seemingly endless horizon of your city makes me lose my breath just thinking about the almost twenty-two million lives who are embodied within the silhouetted outline of your many urban blocks.

The life of the urban community takes to the street each day embracing the visitor, the migrant and the worker. Pinnacles like tall standing trees are the multiple rises that have become the staple of just about every known urbanized city. 

MEXICO CITY even though you are high in the cleft of the mountains set on a lake bed, you are surrounded by swift and pending dangers all around. The wind sound moves through the leaves as the power of the volcanic rumbling makes its reverberating sounds.

The cloud bursts signify activity; the myriad of communities without the pleasure of consistent to no running water makes us want to shower you with blessings upon blessings of rain fall.

The western Mexico’s earth's tremors linger in the hearts and minds of the nation like a never to be forgotten melody. 

MEXICO CITY how will you escape these flames of pending demise as your city sink because of its urban carrying capacity. Cities are becoming copies of other popular urban cities.

Cities are not making a mark of their own. Examples like the high line has now spread across the world as a go to for urban green alternative parks. Airports have become inflated repetitions of cultural arenas of social and passenger experiences.

So, we can look at the framing of a future that gives its praise to only two ways of making density - the ever-diversified high-rise programing and the new additive mall approach.

From since the invention of the high-rise in Chicago to the painting by Piet Mondrian called Broadway Boogie-Woogie and the book by Rem Koolhaas called "delirious New York" that critiques the high-rise phenomenon, "Manhattan a laboratory for the invention and testing of a metropolitan lifestyle -- "the culture of congestion" -- and its architecture"; contending to the rise of the social culture in urban areas has not only become a style but it has become a must.

Cities seem to not be considered a city unless they have a series of multi leveled high-rise buildings scattered within its urban canvas. 

MEXICO CITY is now perched to go the way of the urban world, but it now also has an opportunity to open a new chapter in urban experiences based on its acute conditions. Following the recipe book for urban development does not mean that the only way to become urbanized is to import the acupuncturists of merit from across the world.

We can also innovate and begin to improvise alternative options based on acute nature of your context and taking note of the technologies that we have at our disposal today.   

Floating Green Urban Parks like Clouds of hope can be a representative option for a new urban expression for MEXICO CITY.

A series of cloud like floating green urban parks that are adjoined to each other via cables and bridges; that incorporate program and logistics and facilitate in providing for the caring capacity partly for the city's food production, recreational, commercial and residential needs as well as looking at water retention and purification and distribution scenarios.

This is a scenario that would also provide for precautionary measures in the face of the pending earthquake threats and any unforeseen volcanic evacuation strategy.  

Vision gives rise to hope and direction, Jakarta is facing its urban sinking fears with a bold multi decade plan, Malaysia has introduced us to the concept of the Forest City, and the Danish architectural company BIG has introduced the DryLine in Manhattan, New York as an alternative natural tidal rise protective measure.

The vibrancy of the MEXICAN CITY’s artists, planners, vast cultural heritage should also be visible in the urban expression of its natural urban community. It is time for the cultural richness and transformation process to take center stage.

Dubai said let’s build a city of iconic expressions and experiences like oasisies rising out of the dessert heat; Venice Italy is known as one of the most memorable romantic cities.

New York’s time square is world re-known apart from its central park and many high-rise towers, the Eiffel tower of Paris is also a demarcation that has galvanized our collective interest which forms part of what making Paris the world’s number one tourist city destination.

Are these cities correct in their journey? Are they setting the right example? We as a people have come to know them like a comfortable coat that we pull on. So too, MEXICO CITY has an opportunity to paint a new floating silhouette of green urban parks within the heart of the next generations. 

By ir. Damien Richardson

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