IT upgrades cost government €1 bn more than planned

IT upgrades cost government €1 bn more than planned

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Recent government IT projects have cost €1 billion more than predicted because of delays and problems implementing new technology, according to a survey by the Financieele Dagblad.

An assessment of 125 recent projects with a total estimated cost of €2.5 bn found that the actual amount spent on them was €3.5 billion. They included an updated IT system for the food standards agency NVWA and a project to digitise the court system.

The budget for digitising the immigration service IND’s procedures, originally estimated at €1.2 million, swelled to €29 million and had its deadline extended to the summer of 2015.

Similar problems blighted the security of the DigiD portal used to access a number of online services including, the tax service and the SVB.

An internal review found that up to €5 billion had been wasted while implementing the changes. (DutchNews)

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