It’s raining honours: 2,912 people are given official royal recognition

It’s raining honours: 2,912 people are given official royal recognition

Photo: Dolph Cantrijn/Hollandse Hoogte Photo: Dolph Cantrijn/Hollandse Hoogte

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Darts player and world champion Michael van Gerwen is one of the 2,912 people given an award in the King’s birthday honours list this year. Van Gerwen, who is just 29, is also the youngest recipient on the list.

The annual honours list is always announced the day before the monarch’s birthday and focuses mainly on people who have made a major contribution to society, usually in the form of volunteering.

The oldest recipient in 2018 is a Mr Du Pon from Vlaardingen, who is 105 and has been an active volunteer since 1934, broadcaster NOS said.

Other famous faces on the list are television presenter Caroline Tensen who was recognised for her fund raising activities and work with the charity Orange Babies.

Rapper Angelo Diop, who is better known as ‘rotjoch’, was also made a knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau for his work with young hiphop artists.

In total, 2,287 people were nominated for an award and 375 applications were rejected. Some 64% of the recipients were male and the average age is 60.

Most people were made members of the Order of Oranje-Nassau – which has six levels. That honour was introduced in 1892 for foreigners and the ‘lower classes’. Just 18 people were given an honour in the more exclusive Order of the Dutch Lion.

The first Dutch honour was introduced by king Willem 1 in 1815. (DutchNews)

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