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Arrindell’s PPA Calls on Eligible Voters to Come Out and Support the Party Slate on Monday

PPA Leader Gracita Arrindell PPA Leader Gracita Arrindell

PHILIPSBURG – Leader of the Progressive People’s Alliance (PPA) Gracita Arrindell on Sunday said, “At the start of this New Year, Monday January 8th will be one of the most important steps taken by the people of Sint Maarten in deciding what direction our beautiful island will head into short-mid and long term. 

“Never in our recent social- economic history have so many people from all walks of life, been subjected to such hardship, including losing their jobs in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. To date some of our citizens are still dislocated placed in the ‘Carnival village’.

This is a new year. A new year of hope.  A year of strong determination to do away with the old manner of conducting business in Sint Maarten.

“We can and must demand better from our elected and appointed representatives. We are positive that we shall and will overcome our challenges and become smarter, more resilient more appreciative of our strengths and the diversity of our People. We can never allow negative minds or idle representatives in Parliament to blunt our dreams and aspirations. Don’t let anyone who does not have your interest at heart squeeze u out of your dreams. Never under any circumstances!”

Arrindell says: “Endorsing the P.PA. slate of capable and committed candidates means having representatives in Parliament who will sign in to work and represent you to the best of their ability. Beyond the call of duty.

“Restoring trust will by no means be an easy task, after all our citizens have been trough.

We hope to earn back your trust and support with our actions, given the opportunity.  

Our people are hurting and it seems that no one cares. For almost two years, elected and appointed officials have mainly neglected to execute their responsibilities, with the result that when confronted with the aftermath of a devastating hurricane last year, it forced our nation into a chaotic situation.

“For example, it took too long, much too long for both Parliament and Government to act obo and in the interest of our people when reconstruction aid was offered by the Netherlands. The much taunted senior citizens roof repair program remains elusive.

The doors of our islands only tertiary educational institution, the University of St. Maarten threatened to close its doors, leaving our young people out in the cold, while millions of guilders was secured for the establishment of a law degree program, supported by government.”

Gracita continues: “P.P.A represented in Parliament will mean bringing forth legislation or supporting government plans on short term that will include but not limited to;

  • Securing funds from the reconstruction towards those who became unemployed after Hurricane Irma
  • Re-establishing an active Consumers protection agency
  • Clear and shorter building permit review  and approval process
  • Speed up of the promised and still not delivered senior citizens home repair program
  • Appointing a strong Minister Plenipotentiary in the Hague, with one of the main tasks to lobby for Sint Maarten, while maintaining an open dialogue with government and  encourage businesses beneficial to our island
  • Secure a  long term funding plan for the University of St. Maarten

“In short endorsing the P.P.A slate means setting a new optimistic and strong tone inside and outside the house of Parliament. Our strive is for our people to be back at work again soonest. Having a home again, families being able to put food on the table and send their kids off to school in a clean and safe environment. Facilitating business to open shop.  Providing better service to the general public, open and clear dialogue with our partners inside and outside of the Dutch Kingdom.”

Arrindell concludes: “Electing a new Parliament with Leadership that is able and cable of leading our island in good and hard times. Serving our Nation with vision and compassion. Making big and decisive decisions, while having a keen eye for details.  Strong, Stable and Secure. Not for the next elections, for the next generation and after. Thank u for your support and signature to endorse the P.P.A slate on Monday January 8, 2018 from 9 a.m- 4 pm. at the former census office on Pond island. We will uphold the chance you give us to serve our nation honorably”.

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