Mental Health Foundation presents “Within the Dark”

Mental Health Foundation presents “Within the Dark”

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) - The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) presents “Within The Dark”, an art, writing, and video competition created to raise mental health awareness, MHF announced in a press release over the weekend.

“Though people are opening up more about their mental health, some things still remain within the dark – tabooed due to the stigma that still surrounds it. But now is the time to talk about it, all of it. Unveil the truths and tell your story.

“This contest isn’t about winning; it’s about giving yourself a voice and helping others find theirs. You can share your experience or talk about mental health in general. Make sure to fact check before you submitting. Be creative and original – no plagiarism, however referencing is allowed.

“There should be no obscene language or images. The new deadline is May 18th. Email your submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,” according to MHF.

Writing: Create a poem, story, letter, song lyrics, or essay. The written material should be minimum 250 words and maximum 600 words sent in as a Word Document. 

Art: Create a drawing, painting, digital art, photo, etc. Art pieces should be sized 9” × 12” or smaller and formatted in JPEG or PNG with a signature. 

Video: The video can be a song, dance, spoken word, or simply information shown in a creative way. You can also decide to do this project as a group of maximum 5 people or as an individual. Video should be a maximum of 5 minutes long.

“Though participants can only send one submission per category/categories of choice, a maximum of 5 submissions can be sent in for the anthology. Persons can choose to remain anonymous or use their artist name. When submitting, clarify whether the work being sent is for the competition, anthology, or both.

“Your story can help someone and save a life, so share your story and remind someone that they’re not alone,” MHF concludes.

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