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SINT MAARTEN (MULLET BAY) - Over the weekend 28 avid golfers split up in 7 teams and headed out to a moonlit Mullet Bay Golf Course to show off their skills. With a full moon expected for Wednesday October 20th it was clear that this “Hunter’s Moon” was in the minds of the participants of the tournament, citing the zest with which the teams battled in the dark.

Geared up with glowing golf balls and a pair of flashlights each team was trying to score as low as possible. After a fierce battle, lost balls and near hits the surprising winner of this year’s Moonlight Scramble was Team ‘Mayhem’ consisting of Chris Gibbons, James Park, Tim Ahlip and Jacob Streefkerk who ended the 10 holes stroke play event with a total score of 33 net.

Second prize was won by the “Graham Crackers” team of SMGA’s eminence grise Keith Graham accompanied by Mark Hanauer, Gitte Poulsen and Frank Jespersen with a total score of 35 net.

Third prize was taken by the “Play Team Homme“which comprised of Fred Boureau, Chim Cohen, Ludovic Brun and Laurent Mesguich with a total score of 35 net as well, but the team’s handicap was lower.

After the golf a prize giving ceremony was hosted and enjoyed by all at Lal’s. The next tournament organized by the SMGA will be the annual Christmas Scramble where one and all will start a pre-celebration of Christmas on the golf course in this exciting tournament.

For more information on this this tournament or membership please contact the Golf Shop at the Mullet Bay Golf Course or check out the SMGA Facebook site at


Rotary Sunset Donates Educational Supplies to Miss Lalie Youth Care & Rehabilitation Center

SINT MAARTEN (COLE BAY) – In recognition of Rotary’s Basic Education and Literacy Month, observed during the month of September, members of the Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunset presented educational supplies to the Miss Lalie Youth Care and Rehabilitation Center. In the presence of the club’s members, the items were presented to MLC representative, Ms. Delain, during the club’s general meeting at Carl N Sons conference room on September 27th, 2021.

One of Rotary’s key areas of focus is supporting education, thus the club reached out to the center requesting a list of items needed to support the educational process of the youth in their care. The donated items included school, art and craft supplies.

The Miss Lalie Center is a detention center, but it’s a humane detention center and the ultimate goal is to get any youth staying at the center back on the right path. Therefore, Rotary Sunset would like to support the center’s goal in creating a blueprint for change by promoting educational success for youth in the juvenile justice. Rotary Sunset has plans of providing educational and professional development sessions to the youth in the center through the club’s LEVEL UP program and execute a “Big Brother, Big Sister” initiative among the club members and the youths of the Miss Lalie Center.

“We are grateful to have been able to provide educational supplies the Miss Lalie Youth Care and Rehabilitation Center, especially in the first trimester of the new school year. We believe that every young person deserves quality education, including youth in the justice systems. Rotary Sunset is known for advocating the importance of education and literacy especially among our youngsters and we will continue to support the Miss Lalie Center in any way possible,” Service Projects Chair Jaida Nisbett stated during the presentation.

The Rotary Club of St. Martin Sunset meets every second and fourth Monday of the month at Carl N Sons Unique Inn and Conference Facilities in Colebay at 7:30pm. Due to Covid19, the club currently meets via Zoom. The club can be contacted via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via the official Facebook page at


Police seeking Information about St. Peters armed robbery

SINT MAARTEN (ST. PETERS) - The Special Unit Robbery (SUR) of the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM is investigating an early morning robbery that took place on Saturday around 2:00am in the vicinity of Raspberry Road in St. Peters. Police seeks the public’s assistance with gathering more insight/information about this case.

The robbery victim told police he was approached on Raspberry Road by two masked and dark clothed men on a scooter. He was threatened with a firearm and relieved of his belongings. Then, the robbers fled the scene into the darkness.

A similar armed robbery perpetrated by two men who were similarly dressed and riding a scooter occurred in Cole Bay a few weeks ago.

SUR is investigating both armed robberies. Anyone with information about one or both of these robberies such contact SUR via +1 721 542 2222 ext. 204 or 205, call the anonymous tip line 9300 or a message via the KPSM Facebook. (KPSM)


Fun Miles & Partners Kick-Off End-of-Year Prize-Fest

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The word is out: Fun Miles cardholders should brace themselves for a stunning number of prizes in the new end-of-year campaign: WordFun. Grand prizes include a full year operational lease of a brand-new Toyota Corolla Cross from Real Auto (including a full year of insurance from ENNIA and monthly fuel credits from Petro Plus), 2 tickets to Curaçao from JetAir and more.

The game is easy: shop at the Fun Partners, collect WordFun cards with letter tiles and form the required words on the free game board (available at participating partners). The grand prize drawing will take place on February 1st, 2022. 

Extra: Word of the Week online

On top of the grand prizes that cardholders can win by completing the game board, they can grab amazing biweekly prizes by guessing the Word of the Week online. The more they swipe their Fun Miles card in stores, the more letters will appear online in their personalized Word of the Week game.

Examples of biweekly prizes are a BBQ from Kooyman, lots of Fun Miles from WIB, and vouchers from St. Maarten Building Supplies, KFC,and other great Fun Partners.

It all happens at

The online game, the game rules and a full list of prizes can be found at This campaign site also provides a WordFun dictionary with a list of words that can be used on the game board. 

Remember: only registered cardholders can win

To be eligible to win the amazing prizes, the cardholder has to be registered. Quite a few Fun Miles cardholders have never registered, but this can easily be fixed. Go to, click LOGIN/SIGN UP, click CREATE ACCOUNT NOW and follow the steps. This is completely free and will take no more than a few minutes.

funmiles logo mon1810

About Fun Miles

Fun Miles is the Caribbean's largest and most popular customer reward program. Cardholders are always enjoying special offers, fun promotions and prize campaigns. Those who do not want to miss out are highly recommended to follow Fun Miles on social media, visit and download the convenient free mobile app.


Statia introduces shelter for victims domestic violence and child abuse

SINT EUSTATIUS (ORANJESTAD) - The Public Entity St. Eustatius and the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) signed a 3–5-month contract with Pauline Andriessen to assist with the setup of a shelter for victims of domestic violence and child abuse in Statia.  

Government Commissioner Alida Francis signed the agreement with  

Pauline Andriessen on Wednesday 13th, 2021. She is the initiator and director of Het Samenhuis in Zuidlaren in The Netherlands, where more than 60 persons work with children, parents and caretakers. She has therefor many years of gained knowledge and experience in the areas of domestic violence and child abuse.  


Permits, policies, safety measures to secure the building and regulations for the work environment will be put in place before the shelter opens. The clients will be introduced to the daily routine, and will get an explanation on the treatment they will undergo to be able to deal with different situations. Both the victims and the perpetrators will get support from the shelter.  (Statia GIS)


Loekie Morales launches book at Curacao BNK Library

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The bilingual book ‘Wat wil je worden/Kiko bo ke bira’, has been published and launched last Friday at the Biblioteka Nashonal Korsou (BNK) in Willemstad, Beyond Kultura Events (BKE) Foundation said on Monday in a press statement.

“The book comprises of 15 short stories, written by 15 local authors. The stories are written on the theme of children choosing a profession that fits them.

“The story ‘Wat Shisha echt wil worden’, ‘What Shisha really wants to become’ of Loekie Morales was also selected. Wat ben je voor een persoon?

“Morales took a child who doesn’t know what she wants to become. She then applied some central questions to write this story. What kind of person are you? What are you good at? What makes you happy or does your heart beat faster? She then intertwined the historical perspective.

“The story depicts the changing of the perspective of women throughout the last 100 years. While Shisha’s great grandmother, a former slave, did not have any choice in what she wanted to become, Shisha has all the opportunities to determine her own destiny. She chooses a special profession. A particular kind of pilot, who flies doctors to disadvantaged developing countries to reach the sick people who can't reach the doctors. In the story Morales let SDG 3 (Health) and SDG 5 (Gender Equality) resound.

“‘This is the third consecutive year that my stories are selected as one of the best ones to be published in this prestigious BNK-yearbook, for the Children book week. It is an honor to have your stories read by so many children. Biba bo soño-Live your dream is the best expression that goes with this story,’ says Morales.

“Copies of the book will be distributed bij BNK to the primary schools in Curaçao. The year books are not for sale in book stores. Over the years, they are becoming collector’s items,” the BKE press statement concludes.

Loekie Morales on 4 Oct 2021

Author Loekie Morales


NV GEBE Busy Working on Cole Bay Electrical Fault. Areas Out of Power

SINT MAARTEN (COLE BAY) – NV GEBE said on Monday afternoon that they are continuing to work on resolving an electrical fault that caused several areas in the district of Cole Bay to lose power.

The NV GEBE statement reads as follows: “NV GEBE hereby informs the businesses and residents of Cole Bay that earlier today there was a disturbance on the high-tension distribution system resulting in several areas in Cole Bay being out of power.

“Our team has been working since high day to find the fault and has been diligently working on repairs to the damage cable. Power will be restored to the affected areas by 6.00pm.”

NV GEBE extends its sincerest apologies for the interruption.


Sister Norma Angel meets Maria Liberia-Peters

SINT MAARTEN/CURACAO - Sister Norma Angel PhD MM, member of the congregation of Maryknoll and who does interesting work in the world, was recently again in Curaçao.  

She is based in Washington DC, US from which she leaves for different countries such as, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand where she gives training and consultations to organizations and groups that deal with cultural and organization challenges. 

She worked before she changed from location, in the Sudan and in Tanzania, where she did "grassroots" organization and development work. 

One of her projects, as part of her work to create a better world for children, was bringing a group of young people from Tanzania to Curaçao as part of a cultural exchange. 

This happened in the 1980s in the second period of Maria Liberia-Peters as the prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles and who met the Tanzanian young people.  

Sister Norma remained in contact with this group, now adults, two of which have died, and the others are now responsible parents and professionals. 

One of the girls became a teacher, continued to study and obtained her master’s degree in education. She is now an education inspector for the Serengeti region in Northeast Tanzania where one of the world's best-known amusement parks is. 

She still has a photo in her house of Maria Liberia-Peters who was the first woman of African descent that she had seen in the position of the leader of a country. 

Maria Liberia-Peters is still her role model showing that you can reach everything in life, regardless of how you started in life. 

For Sister Norma this indicates that their journey had good results since children are the future and in this complicated world, we have to show them that they have reasons for hope.  

Sister Norma Angel was born in Curaçao and has a PhD in 'Organization and Human Development’ with a specialization in cultural complexity. Her work includes training mainly of people in leadership positions, including but not exclusively in Catholic religious communities and in development organizations.  

Sister Norma Angel is also the adviser since the beginning in 2004 of the Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao.  

She met during her recent visit in Curaçao with Maria Liberia-Peters and told her about the impact she made on the group of young people and especially one of them and that she was the motivation for them to go to school and study to become professionals. 


Minister Ottley visits World Food Day event at Emilio Wilson Park

SINT MAARTEN (EMILIO WILSON PARK) – Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour Hon. Omar Ottley on Sunday visited a World Food Day (WFD) event at the Emilio Wilson Park. WFD was officially observed around the globe on Saturday, October 16.

The event was sponsored by the Edwardo Richardson Memorial Agriculture Foundation. It opened on Sunday at 9.00am and runs until 8.00pm.

Various vendors came out to showcase their products. Minister Ottley is encouraging members of the community to still take the opportunity to pass by the Emilio Wilson Park and show their support to the persons who have products on display before they close at 8.00pm.

Minister Ottley is extremely proud of the organizers and hope that the country can gravitate more into agriculture.


Central bank calls for housing market tax reforms to shrink gap with rental sector

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – The Dutch central bank has published four recommendations which it says will help the next government achieve a more balanced housing market in the Netherlands.

House prices continue to rise, and the shortage of affordable housing in particular is growing. While building more homes, with greater central government regulation is a given, there are other things which the next government should also consider, the central bank said.

The overheated Dutch housing market, the bank says, is characterised by poor accessibility, risky borrowing behaviour, supply shortages and large unwarranted discrepancies between owning a home and renting one in the non-subsidised rental sector.

Firstly, the bank recommends the next cabinet stop taking measures which make it easier for people to spend more money on a home, such as the special loans and the abolition of transfer tax for first-time buyers.

‘While they were well-meant, they are counterproductive,’ the bank says. ‘Increasing purchasing capacity mostly tends to drive up both prices and debts. This is not of much help to first-time buyers, who end up having bought the same home, but at a higher price and burdened with larger debts, with attendant higher risks.’


In line with this, the bank also suggests the government abolish a scheme allowing parents to give their children up to €100,000 tax free to buy a home. In particular, the gift widens the gap between the purchasing power of first-time buyers with and without wealthy parents, the bank says.

More controversially, the central bank also suggests a shakeup of the tax breaks and taxes paid by homeowners at the moment. While tenants pay wealth tax on their savings, buyers can build up equity almost tax-free and benefit from the tax break on mortgage interest payments, the bank points out.

‘Of two neighbouring households whose income and family composition are identical, the household in a home in the non-subsidised rental sector is financially much worse off than its neighbours who own their home,’ the bank said.

One way to reduce inequality, it suggests, is to gradually phase out the tax relief that favours home ownership – a politically sensitive move – and to make homeowners pay asset tax over the value of their homes.

The bank says its analysis shows that doing this can be done without hitting homeowners hard, as long as the change is gradual and other taxes are reduced.

Current measures

Mortgage tax relief is gradually being reduced but four parties currently in talks on forming a new government are divided on scrapping it altogether. D66, for example, backs ending mortgage tax relief but opposes the introduction of a tax on home ownership.

It argues that a tax on owning a home would hit pensioners who have paid off their mortgages and have modest incomes particularly hard, because the value of their home is on paper only.


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