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SXMNBA Participates in 3x3 Basketball Weekend on Statia

SINT MAARTEN/SINT EUSTATIUS - The St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee for inviting us to participate in the 3x3 Basketball Weekend. The opportunity to come together and exchange ideas, as well as collaborate on ways to advance our sport, was invaluable.

The weekend consisted of a Coaching & Referee workshop on Friday February 3rd, U10, U14, U18 Clinics on Saturday, and finished Sunday with a U10, U14, U18 3x3 Tournament The insights and perspectives shared by all attendees will help inform our decisions and drive our efforts to improve the sport for all players, coaches, referee’s, fans and community. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to these important conversations, and discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the basketball community.

We would also like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee team and the Nederlandse Basketball Bond (NBB) in organizing the weekend event. Their attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and hospitality made the event a truly memorable experience.

Well, there Mr. Alex Ferdinand the president of the SXMNBA and Ernan Tatem the treasurer of the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee received their Spelregelbewijs (Game rule certificate).

Once again, we thank the St. Eustatius Basketball Committee for the invitation and look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

You can contact the St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) via +1(721)520-2151 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follower us on and

Next upcoming event is the 2nd District Business Basketball Tournament kicks off Sunday May 7th 2023 5pm at the L.B. Scott Sports Auditorium.

SXMNBA SEU Spelregelbewijs




Dutch Basketball Federation pays second visit to Saba

SABA (THE BOTTOM) - The Dutch Basketball Federation (NBB) last week visited Saba for the second year in a row. The goal of the visit was to establish more in-depth relationships and draw up a 4-year plan for the development of the sport.

The delegation met with stakeholders, such as schools, children’s organizations and local authorities. Another priority of the visit was to make a next step in the development of the quality of the trainers and coaches. There was a workshop about the rise of 3x3 basketball and the art of designing a basketball practice. Several clinics were also organized for kids 6-18 years old.

Multi Skillz

Coaches who attended the workshop were provided with an online database of over 350 drills, Multi Skillz, in which we kids are trained in basketball FUNdamentals with a game-based approach.

“Development of Basketball in general has a strong correlation with the quality of coaches.If they create a safe and high energy atmosphere on the court and provide the players with well balanced practices, the individual player will grow. But also, he or she will tell his or her friends something nice is happening, something you want to be part of,” said Jorrit Beerens, Head of Education of the NBB.

Coaches were also invited to obtain the Basketball Rulesbook Certificate. This certificate is an NBB obligation for all playing members of 14 years and older. Four coaches received their certicifate.

Amanda Clarke, a student, player and assistant coach was the first to obtain this certificate and can call herself the first basketball player who obtained this certification in the Dutch Caribbean. “You have to be committed to what you are doing. You should not to be afraid to be ambitious,” said Clarke.


Before coming to Saba, the NBB delegation visited Curaçao and Bonaire. The delegation will also go to St. Eustatius and St. Maarten. The goal is to find a common ground on the islands, and to give basketball a boost on all islands at the same time. Martin Ho Suie Sang, Manager Basketball Development of the NBB said, “It’s great to see the love for basketball on Saba and we see the potential of basketball being the driving force for the development of sport, but also for health, education and life skills.”

“We are working on developing a structure and creating consistency. The NBB has showed up for us on more than one occasion now and are working closely together with us to create the necessary structure for continued growth. The future of basketball on Saba is looking bright and we look forward to continuing this dynamic partnership,” said Lauren Risley, Policy Advisor Sports at the Public Entity Saba.

Promoting sports

Commissioner of Sport and Public Health Rolando Wilson said he was very content with the visit of the NBB and what the organization does for Saba and the basketball players and coaches. “Basketball coaches have been coming from the Netherlands to help train our youngsters in the techniques of the game and to hold clinics for our trainers. The coaches have also been assisting with the different clubs of the Saba Comprehensive School. It is very important that we continue in this direction and to keep promoting sports,” he said.

SGIS Basketball workshop group photoA workshop was held about the rise of 3x3 basketball and the art of designing a basketball practice.

 SGIS Basketball clinic kids

Children enthusiastically participated in the basketball clinic of the Dutch Basketball Federation.

 SGIS Basketball clinic group photo

 Children enthusiastically participated in the basketball clinic of the Dutch Basketball Federation.





Tourism Offices Dutch & French working together for stronger Impact

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The marketing teams of the Tourist Office of Saint-Martin and St. Maarten Tourist Bureau met on January 26 for what will be a monthly working session, to discuss various subjects relating to the promotion of the destination.

Two Hearts, One island, French side and Dutch side work regularly on the common objective of promoting Saint Martin Sint Maarten and target various markets and groups. This was the first monthly meeting of the year 2023, as the goal is to meet every month, in order for the teams of the two tourist offices to discuss with each other on the various actions that will take place this year.

On January 26, the meeting brought together the directors Aïda Weinum (Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin) and May Ling Chun (St Maarten Tourist Bureau); North American Market Managers Suzanne Scantlebery (OT) and Marla Chemont (STB); local market managers Nathalie Pinthière-Brooks (OT), Neilleda Désir (OT), and Claudia Vinga (STB), Cherinah Franken (STB) Head of Product Development, and market coordinator South America William Bell (STB); communication officer Sacha Bresse (OT); Executive Assistant Rosette Pantophlet (STB).

With the objective to share a common vision to increase the destination market share, the monthly meetings will provide opportunities for the marketing teams of the two offices to highlight the destination tourism’s high impact operations, the remaining challenges to be addressed and take stock of the actions carried out jointly.

The working session was also an opportunity to raise the problems encountered by two sides of the island, including the management of the photo and video content for digital platforms, essential for the promotion of the destination. The employees were able to discuss their practices to optimize updates and publications. The STB informed OT that last year for 2022 it had launched a call for content creators for videographers, photographers, influencers, and graphic designers in order to create content consisting of both side of the island (gastronomy, landscapes, etc.), and will be doing this once more for 2023.

Shared actions

In the meeting discussions concerning the annual calendar of marketing actions on the North American, Latin American, regional markets, European, niche markets as well as the local market also took place. The two offices of tourism regularly carry out common actions such as campaigns with tour operators such as Expedia, travel agent roadshows or participation in trade fairs. The organization of a Pop Up Store (date?) at the Destreland shopping center in Guadeloupe and at the commercial center the roundabout in Martinique will also be from representations of both Dutch and French side. The two offices of tourism have shown great cooperation on the marketing concept of pop-up shop for a promotion in this regional market, which exists of a lively stand, dancers, hoteliers from both sides, event promoters, the prefect formula for collaboration.

“Discussing at the start of the year is a real opportunity to continue to pool our financial and human efforts,” says the director of the Office of Tourism of Saint-Martin, Aïda Weinum. “We informed our counterparts that our 2023 promotional campaign would focus on the pillar event theme, by informing them of the 9 key special events on the French side on which we are to support to deploy our communication strategy".

“Quick starting the year with a vision that will involve, and includes our French side counterpart based on the actions that we are able to collaborate on, will grow the cooperation stronger and gives us the opportunity to execute on those actions with an impact” says May-Ling Chun Director of Tourism of Sint Maarten.

Information, consultation, collaboration: for the tourist offices of Saint- Martin and Sint Maarten, and the promotion of the destination remains a co-construction.


Fujin Crushes Inaugural Dash Around Saba; Rally Sets Sail for Anse Marcel in Sensational Start to Caribbean Multihull Challenge V.

SINT MAARTEN (SIMPSON BAY) - On a classic St. Maarten day under crystal-clear skies and with pumping easterly tradewinds, the Caribbean Multihull Challenge V Race and Rally began today in classic, memorable fashion. For the first time ever, the CMC was a two-part affair, with a dedicated fleet of racing catamarans and trimarans competing in a series of competitive contests while a separate rally of cruising multihulls set sail to Anse Marcel, on the island’s French side, on the first of three legs of a mellow cruise in company. The one common denominator? Everyone enjoyed a perfect day of champagne Caribbean sailing conditions.

One boat, however, rose above the rest. In the inaugural running of the Around Saba Dash, a 52-mile power reach from Simpson Bay, around the nearby Dutch island of Saba and back, Greg Slyngstad’s 53-foot Fujin pulled a serious horizon job on the CSA 1 fleet, besting the half-dozen rivals in its class in merciless fashion with a time of 3h, 21m, 35s. Fujin’s closest competitor, the Gunboat 60 Cui Bono, was almost an hour in arrears on elapsed time. And Fujin also was CSA 1 overall winner on corrected time, with Anthony McVeigh’s well-sailed 53-foot 2 2 Tango placing second by a mere minute and Aussie Guy Chester’s Crowther-designed trimaran Oceans Tribute rounding out the podium with a third.


On the eve of the Around Saba Dash, Fujin crewman Jonathan McKee said, “There’s going to be a course record to Saba because nobody has ever done it before. And we intend to set it!” After the race, when informed his boat had established a time and mark that may be difficult to beat, Fujin’s owner Greg Slyngstad laughed. “Well, maybe until a Mod 70 sails it,” he said, referring to the 70-foot one-design trimarans considered to be ocean thoroughbreds. It speaks to Fujin’s power and performance, as also demonstrated in previous CMC’s, that a Mod 70 would be mentioned in the same breath.


There was initial confusion on the starting line, when both Fujin and Cui Bono mistakenly believed the 10-minute starting sequence was 5 minutes, and both took off before realizing their error and returning late for the actual start. (Cui Bono later lodged a protest that was dismissed.) Principal race officer Rein Korteknie also gave competitors the option to round Saba from either direction. “We went downwind, and left the island to starboard, with a couple of other boats,” said Slyngstad, who also said the top wind speed his crew experienced was about 22 knots, and Fujin’s boat speed topped off at around 25 knots.

Meanwhile, Korteknie sent the five boats that constituted the CSA 2 and CSA 3 classes on a 29-mile course upwind along the south shore of the island, then up St. Maarten’s eastern flank and around the island of Tintamarre before returning to the finish line in Simpson Bay. The winners of the respective divisions were another pair of veteran competitors, Arthur Banting in the Newick tri Tryst in CSA 2 and George Coutu’s Leopard 50, La Novia, in CSA 3.


In the Diam 24 class of one-design trimarans, the first of two races was abandoned under CMC rules when one of the competitors capsized early in the contest, and the boats then sailed the identical course as the CSA 2 and CSA 3 boats. In the staunch trades, the sailing and boat-handling of the trimarans, with their 3-person crews, was nothing less than spectacular. When the spray had settled, Pierre Altier’s Cry Baby was the clear winner.

Soon after the racing fleets were underway, the dozen cruising cats in the rally group, led by a contingent of a half-dozen of the slick Balance Catamarans built in South Africa, also gathered in Simpson Bay and set sail west towards Anse Marcel in stately company, with each boat crossing a makeshift departure line a minute apart. It was nothing less than a beautiful parade of sail which will take the participants to three separate destinations, with an overnight anchorage off the island of Anguilla on Saturday.

All in all, what was no less than a St. Maarten “Festival of Sail” enjoyed competition and camaraderie across the board, and CMC V, nicknamed “Five Years of Flight!” for this fifth anniversary edition, had spread its wings and taken off.


About the Caribbean Multihull Challenge:

The St Maarten Yacht Club will host the fifth annual Caribbean Multihull Challenge from February 3-5, 2023. The event is open to all multihull sailors on racing catamarans and trimarans as well as chartered cats and cruising multis.


Front & Back Street to be Closed to Vehicles on Monday afternoon for Royal Family Visit

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - In the coming days, Police will implement an overall plan regarding public order, general security and traffic, before, during and after the royal family visit.

In terms of traffic, there will be minimal road closures, with the exception of Front Street and Back street on Monday, February 6, between 3:00pm and 5:00pm. During the noted period, no vehicles will be allowed on those streets.      

Regarding public order, police and partners will take measures to ensure the overall safety of the delegation and the public.

As far as general safety is concerned, police have additional patrols in the streets of the different neighborhoods during the coming period and will handle the normal assistance and accidents.  

The public is asked to be patient in relation to traffic in the coming days in light of the multiple locations the royal family will be visiting.


WIB Staff and clients organized food drive

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Windward Islands Bank (WIB) staff and clients collectively contributed canned goods and non-perishable food items in support of the efforts of Nanny Nurssy Foundation.

During the Christmas Holidays, three boxes marked “Food Drive – Helping families” were placed at all three WIB branches (Simpson Bay, Bush road, and Philipsburg) for staff and clients to drop-off items.

Over 15 bags were filled with goods from items contributed to help less fortunate persons in our community. The WIB team also assisted Nanny Nurssy Foundation with the delivery of items as well.

Nanny Nurssy Foundation is no stranger to the community with her care for the homeless, less fortunate, seniors and young mothers.   WIB thanks those that contributed and the Nanny Nurssy team for partnering with WIB to help the needy in our community.                                                      

Your Partner in Progress.


Health Talk on the Rock, a new community outreach initiative

SABA (THE BOTTOM) - Health Talk on the Rock is the name of a new, unique health project by Community Development and Public Health Department Saba, combining health promotion and community outreach.

Community Outreach Coordinator Kemaul Lee and Public Heath Promoter Allan Carolina connect with members of the community once a month to talk about health, about how they feel and to hear their perspective on health-related topics.

“We will go where the people are: on the street, in their workplace, where they hang out. Have an open, spontaneous, unscripted and real interaction with people, wherever they are,” said Carolina. It can be in a formal or informal setting. For example, a street interview, an interview while having lunch at one of the local restaurants or interviews with health professionals.

The idea of Health Talk on the Rock is to bring the perspective of the community and healthcare professionals together towards one common goal: a healthier lifestyle. “We want to do this by creating a platform for real and authentic conversation where the voice of the community can be heard,” said Lee.

Lee and Carolina will, on a monthly basis, release video interviews covering different health topics relating to physical, mental and social wellbeing. The promotional video for Health Talk on the Rock has been launched on the Facebook page of the Public Health Department.


Daycare movement program restarted

SABA (THE BOTTOM) - With the restart of the daycare movement program, toddlers and preschoolers are getting more exercise and more developed motor skills. This will help them in their transition into the primary and secondary school later on.

Sports Coordinator Joelyn Robinson and Health Promoter Allan Carolina of the Public Health and Sport Department have been going to the Laura Linzey Daycare Center once a week since mid-January to do fun exercises with the children. “The children enjoy the exercises. It is a lot of fun,” said Carolina.

The goal is to get more movement and exercise into the program to help the children develop their physical motor skills like balance, coordination, speed and stability. Robinson and Carolina will be doing the exercises with the children for three months and then transfer this task to the daycare employees so they can continue the program.

The daycare movement program is a creative way to exercise and to get movement into the daily program. “The idea is to start with the children as young as possible so they can easily transition into the primary and secondary school with more developed motor skills,” said Sports Coordinator Robinson.

“At the daycare, we encourage movement, play and enjoying the outdoors in our curriculum. In addition to our ongoing weekly dance and locomotion activities, the Early movement program fits right into our ethos,” said Daycare Manager Tessa Alexander.

The Early movement program was first initiated at the daycare last year. There is already a movement program at the Sacred Heart School and at the Saba Comprehensive School since last year that includes the so-called BLOC test to measure students’ motor skills. The movement program fits in the efforts, led by the Department of Public Health and Sport, to promote a healthy lifestyle and create a healthier community.

SGIS Daycare movement program Joelyn

Joelyn Robinson assists a child during the movement program at the Laura Linzey Daycare Center.




Protester interrupts lecture for the royals by singing ‘Oh Freedom’

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – A law lecture at the University of Aruba attended by the Dutch king, queen and princess Amalia was disrupted for a few moments on Tuesday as a demonstrator held up a flag and began singing the civil rights campaign song Oh Freedom.

Gisele Sint Jago, a master’s law student who is an activist for local party Pueblo Prome, was led out of the room while the Dutch royals looked on. The lecture was resumed shortly afterwards.

The king, queen and Amalia arrived on the Caribbean Island of Bonaire on Friday at the start of a 10-day visit which will take in all six of the former Dutch colonies. The islands’ slavery past is one of the visit’s key themes.

Sint Jago told broadcaster NOS later she had aimed to hand a statement to the king, calling on him to offer his excuses for the Dutch role in the slave trade. Pueblo Prome is also campaigning for restitution for the descendants of enslaved people and for slavery to be considered a crime against humanity, NOS said.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte formally apologized for the Dutch state’s role in slavery on December 19 after weeks of criticism. Campaigners wanted the apology to be made on Keti Koti on July 1, when 150 years since the actual end of slavery on the islands and in Suriname will be celebrated.

The king will be at the Keti Koti commemorations this year but nothing has been said about an apology.



Change in SKOSaba school board

SABA (THE BOTTOM) - Jonathan Johnson has resigned as President of the board of the Foundation Catholic Education Saba SKOSaba per January 31, 2023. He is succeeded by Yamila Bulos per February 1, 2023. The SKOSaba functions as the foundation responsible for the Sacred Heart Primary School.

During his last board meeting earlier this week, Johnson said that he has seen progress in the quality of education at both the Sacred Heart School (SHS) and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS). Incoming President Bulos thanked Johnson for taking up the responsibility when he was called upon. Johnson received a textile artwork created by Els Mommers as a thank you for his contributions to the school board.

Per February 1, 2023, the SKOSaba school board and the Saba Educational Foundation (SEF), the school board of the SCS, consists of Yamila Bulos, President SKOSaba; Trisha Gumbs-Yu, Secretary SKOSaba; Karen George-Hodge, Treasurer SKOSaba/SEF; Frankin Wilson, President SEF; Marva Donker-Hassell, Secretary SEF and Anton Hermans, Executive Director SKOSaba/SEF.

The boards of both schools in July last year announced a further intensification of their collaboration in the interest of education. Ultimately, this collaboration should result in one school board for the primary and secondary schools on Saba.

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