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Special Unit Robbery arrests a male suspect in several robberies

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Special Unit Robbery (SUR) made an arrest of a male suspect with the initials V.O.H early Wednesday morning November 13th, 2019. This suspect is being linked to an attempted armed robbery that took place at a casino and a couple of other businesses a few weeks ago.

On that same evening of the incidents at the casino, a high-speed chase took place, which ended on the Arch road nearby the Seven-day Adventist church. Police was unsuccessful that evening of apprehending the suspects but confiscated the car in which the suspects were driving.

The SUR is still investigating this case and asking anyone who has any more information, to please contact the Sint Maarten Police Force.

They can call the police station on +1 721- 542 22 22 ext. 204 or 205 or the anonymous tip line on 9300.

You can also visit the police website at or Facebook page and leave a message. (Sint Maarten Police Force)


COCI: Reminds Registrants to Update Information, Pay Annual Outstanding Fees & Utilize Customer Friendly Enhanced Services

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry (COCI) is reminding the business community, social organizations, federations, associations, foundations etc. to keep their information up to date in the business trade registry.

It is very important that COCI has the latest information of all entities operating in the country and that the business trade registry is current. Those with outstanding fees for 2019 and later, should utilize one of the services available to the business community to bring their registry status up to current.

Businesses in the Cole Bay, Cay Bay, Simpson Bay, Maho and Cupecoy areas can make use of ‘Get COCI Services’ which are available at the Simpson Bay Public Service Center (PSC) opposite the fish market.

The COCI pick up/drop off services being offered at the PSC Simpson Bay are limited to business name verification, first registrations, changes to registrations, declarations, excerpts, and file copies.

For more information with regard to these services (processing times and procedures), persons can contact the Chamber of Commerce & Industry at Tel.: +1(721)542-3595, call Toll free: +1(844)SXM-C0CI or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Public Service Center (Simpson Bay) at 721-545-3380.

Businesses are also reminded to make use of its COCI-2U service which entails the Chamber going to the business establishment after a request has been made for an excerpt and delivering aforementioned document, and at the same time picking up of annual fees due, among other Chamber to Business related matters.

The process entails the customer contacting COCI either by telephone, fax, email or via Facebook with their request. COCI will then proceed to prepare the document (s) requested and deliver them to the customer. Payment could be made by cash, check or credit card, and a receipt of payment will be provided to the customer on the spot by the COCI representative.

Businesses should ensure that the Chamber has current information about any changes to the shareholders lists, articles of incorporation, business address, telephone, fax, cell, website or email address, directorship, board members etc., the COCI business registry must have the most recent information related to the legal operating entity.

Businesses that offer a warranty for products sold are reminded that they are required to have a copy of the warranty deposited in their file at COCI.

Business owners who have for whatever reason discontinued business operations – closed down - should inform COCI, so the business can be registered as inactive or closed. This will allow the owner not having to go through the process of receiving tax assessments and then going through the process of having this rectified.

In the case of a business owner who has passed away, but the business is still registered as active, the Chamber request that the next of kin visit COCI in order to have the files updated to reflect this matter.

Businesses and organizations/foundations are all reminded to make sure that their letterheads and receipts have their COCI registration number printed on the aforementioned as it is required by law.


SMMC installs Micro-Grinder to process its medical waste

SINT MAARTEN (CAY HILL) – The St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) recently installed a Micro-Grinder, a medical waste processer, on its premises in order to safely treat its medical waste.

The Micro-Grinder, a SterilWave 250, can process up to 50 kg of medical waste per hour and turns medical waste into sterile (non-infectious) municipal waste. The medical waste treatment process entails first grinding the medical waste to small particles after which the small particles are further processed via Microwave treatment and heated up to 110 degrees Celsius at which point all waste becomes sterile.

The benefit of this technology is that the medical waste becomes sterile, dry and stable for easy further logistics. The medical waste is also greatly reduced in volume (by 80%) and weight (by 20%) and there are zero polluting emissions for the environment when operating the Micro-Grinder.

SMMC’s Head of Maintenance & Facilities, Michael Sargeant, lauded the arrival and installation of the Micro-Grinder and stated: “Here at SMMC, we constantly are looking for ways to increase efficiency in our operations. In the absence of a functioning incinerator at the landfill, SMMC had to make use of third parties for incineration of certain (non-bodily materials) medical waste.

Not only was this very costly, it is also not a logistically viable solution. SMMC still makes use of crematoria for the proper disposal of bodily materials.  However, with the installation of a Micro-Grinder at SMMC, we can safely and swiftly process the bulk of our medical waste, which are non-bodily materials, on site which reduces the risk of contamination and reduce its volume while doing so. A win-win-win situation in our view”.

A technician from the SterilWave Micro-Grinder’s manufacturer, Bertin Medical Waste, recently concluded a week long installation and validation of the equipment.  An intense training was also provided for SMMC’s technical team and operators.

The Sterilwave Micro-Grinder is an on-site medical waste processing solution which reduces the risk of contamination in comparison with incineration and landfills. Sterilwave has been registered and approved by health & environmental ministries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and America. The uniqueness of Sterilwave is linked to its innovative microwave technology and high level of treatment respecting both the environment and security processes.

MicroGrinder 1

The newly installed Micro-Grinder at SMMC.




President of Parliament Marlin: St. Martin's Day Message

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) – The President of Parliament Hon. William Marlin released his St. Martin’s Day Message:

Fellow St. Martiners,

Residents of our beloved island,

Sixty years ago, the founding fathers of St. Martin Day – Dr. Hubert Petit, Claude Wathey and Clem LaBega – conceived of this day as a celebration of the people, by the people and for the people. Alas, that whole idea has been hijacked. This is what Dr. Hubert Petit had to say about what happened:

“…gradually, they (the colonial authorities) took over the celebration of St. Martin Day and they changed everything. We St. Martin people believed we had a day belonging to us, but in reality, they took it back from us… the spirit that existed at that time does not exist anymore. At that time, it just had a small population and we all were St. Martin people; we knew each other and we celebrated happily.”

Dr. Petit was speaking on a televised interview with Elton Richardson of the St. Martin In Retrospect program many, many rains ago. But his words apply just as much today, or probably even more so.

It is very clear that originally, St. Martin Day was a people’s fete. Unity is what we are supposed to be celebrating, not the division of the island.

The true spirit of St. Martin Day should therefore not die after we have delivered all the sweet-sounding speeches on Nov. 11. This ritual needs to be rooted in the very dreams and aspirations of our people for a St. Martin that belongs to all of us.  

If we were able to see ourselves in this manner, no decision would be taken in Great Bay without consultation with Marigot and vice versa. Let me give a concrete example.

The controversial PPRN affects not only our brothers and sisters in Sandy Ground, Grand Case and Lamijo, but also several St. Martin people in Great Bay, Dutch Quarter and Simpson Bay who have family ties that stretch across the artificial borders.

The reverse is also true; whatever the fate of the Princess Juliana International Airport may be, it would affect all of us equally because it is the international gateway for the entire island, employing people from both sides of the island.

This island is ours because we built it with our blood, sweat and tears; it is ours because our forefathers and foremothers worked it from salt pond to salt pond; from valley to hill top; from sun up to sun down; a chant of freedom on their lips; salty sweat on their brows, dripping down their bodies with the sun as the promise of a better day for us their offspring.

We should therefore not allow anybody, no matter where they come from, to divide us and take over what is ours. St. Martin is ours by history and heritage; it is ours by dint of hard work and by divine destiny.

We stand on this Rock we call home and shall not be moved from it, so help us God!

Happy St. Martin Day!


St. Maarten Day Diamond Jubilee OneSXM Youth Concert

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Among the three St. Maarten’s Day celebration events taking place in November, including the Spiritual-Jollification (Sunday 10th), and a Concert for St. Maarten (Monday 11th), the OneSXM Youth concert is the first to be held at the Festival Village on Friday 8th, at 7:00 pm until 12:00 am.

The event is hosted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport (MECYS) and spear headed by the Department of Culture under Clara Reyes and her team. The execution of the project is done by La Rich, the founder of the Movement for Music Art Dance and Entertainment promotions.

The concept behind OneSxm Youth Concert is to unite the French and Dutch side while offering a platform for up and coming entertainers, designers, and bands - giving them a chance to come together in solidarity and promote local culture as they showcase their talents.

The concert had an open call for all interested persons, allowing them to sign up and send a sample of their music or attend information sessions.

The headliner for the event are ZTB and Skillful, two local Dutch side bands, and closing off the show will be Odd Brothers, a local French Side group. Other artists to be featured are Dynamic Diamonds dancers, Temia Denis poet, A Flexo rapper, Jason Brice rapper, and Yvng Trill rapper, Black Illusion dance group, Entry Paid Preview rapper, Yung Pheenom rapper, Young Sinatra aka Summer vocalist, Rudy's Performing Arts Dance & Expressions, Dance Charm Chinese Community, African Dancers, Breyenne Browne poet, Amir So Jokey comedian, Tyler Percival steel pan player, Dejahnique Webster vocalist, Sarah Thomasia vocalist, Jesslyn Langlais vocalist, Stefanas Waakzaam rapper/poet, Designers Exclusive Design & Printing, Leighloe,, M.A.D.E. Wear.

The OneSXM Youth concert is opened, free of charge, to the general public, and the organizers are inviting everyone to come out and support the youth in a fun evening of culture.

“It is a 100% local production, as it has been stressed only local music are to be used in all performances,” says La Rich “Having said that I think it will be a great show case of what our local young person has created.”

Drinks and food will be sold by booth holders, and there will also be persons selling special shirts for St. Martin day present. A fun corner where children can enjoy activities such as a bouncing castle and face painting will be available throughout the evening.


Postulation opens on November 8 for Chamber Board Elections

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce and Industry would like to inform the members of the business community of the upcoming postulation period for the COCI Elections for the Board of Directors of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

This period is from November 8th, 2019 until November 22nd, 2019.

Postulation forms can be picked up on November 8th, 2019 and must be submitted no later than November 22nd, 2019 at 12 noon.

One (1) seat is available for the Small Business Sector and two (2) seats are available for the Large Business Sector. 

The Election for the Small & Large Business sector seats shall be held on December 6th, 2019.


WIB Congratulates Security Supervisor who places 3rd in Pro World Championships

SINT MAARTEN/SPAIN – The Windward Islands Bank (WIB) congratulates its Security Supervisor Maudienne Profas on her third-place achievement in the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Elite Pro World Championship – Women’s Physique – that took place in Tarragona, Spain.

WIB in a brief statement on Tuesday described Profas as an amazing sports ambassador for Sint Maarten and that they are very of her with respect to what she was able to achieve at an international level.

IFBB, founded in 1946 in Canada, is the international recognized governing body for the sport of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

IFBB Elite Pro Women’s Physique

This IFBB division was introduced with the beginning of 2013 for women who want to prepare heavier, bodybuilding-style body but not extremely dried, lean and muscular, yet athletic and aesthetically pleasing.

Altogether, there are 3 rounds. In round 1 (semi-finals) competitors’ physiques and muscularity are assessed during quarter turns and four compulsory poses. In the final’s compulsory poses and the pose down are performed in round 2 and a 1 minute posing routine to music of competitor’s choice in round 3.

This sport is placed somewhere between Bodyfitness and former Women Bodybuilding which has been removed from the IFBB list of official sports in 2013.

Competitors are expected to present the overall athletic development of the musculature but also balanced and symmetrical development of all muscle groups as well their sport condition and quality, with visible separation between them.








Funmiles supports Bikers for Boobs 37 Square Miles Biker Rally

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Positive and Elektralyets Foundation hosted their Bikers for Boobs motorcycle rally on October 20th as part of their Breast Cancer Awareness calendar of events for the month of October with the Find it Feel it Fight it Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.

Funmiles was glad to support this event with sponsorship of 200 shirts, Funmiles hand towels and Pink Cardholders to Positive and Elektralyets Foundations. St. Maarten Area Manager of Funmiles, Cassandra Chun was happy to donate to this worthy cause.

This is the 9th annual Biker for Boobs rally hosted by the Caribbean Eagles St. Maarten Motor Bike Club in collaboration with the Positive and Elektralyets Foundations. President Jane Therond from the Caribbean Eagles St. Maarten motor bike club has been supporting the event from the onset.

“The dedication and effort that the Caribbean Eagles St. Maarten have been showing for this Breast Cancer Awareness movement has been synonymous with the slogan “Loud Pipes Saves Lives” said Caribbean Eagles President Jane Therond. Being breast aware is indeed important and we know that early detection can save lives she continued.

Mercedes “Elektra van der Waals-Wyatt also a Caribbean Eagle member, started the event before she could ride a Harley Davidson many years ago. “I love the sound the roaring engine makes and thought noise could wake up the people in my community to help break down the silence of Breast Cancer taboo in our island.

The Bikers for Boobs route took the bikers around the entire 37 square miles of St. Maarten, roaring through various districts and neighborhoods on the French and Dutch side of the island.

The Positive Foundation, President, Shelly Alphonso encouraged by the large turnout commented that the Bikers for Boobs Rally with riders wearing beautiful designed T-shirts sponsored by Funmiles featuring a breast cancer awareness message, is a unique and creative way to bring attention to Being Breast Aware. It is our hope that persons pay attention to the message and get checked early.

Through this unique and fun event, Funmiles was able to support the Breast cancer Awareness bike rally around the whole island. Participants of the bike rally included Caribbean Eagles, Riders on Two, Tribal Hogs and many independent bikers who also came out in great numbers to support the cause.

Funmiles Breast Cancer T-shirts will also be shared with visiting bikers from around the world during the annual BikeFest which is hosted annually by The Maarten Caribbean Eagles every November. The visiting bikers, as they travel back to their respective countries, will take with them the message of being Breast Aware.

The Positive and Elektralyets Foundations would like to thank Cassandra Chun of Funmiles for sponsoring Bikers for Boobs event, ILTT distributors of Fiji Water and Vitamalt for helping to keep the Bikers hydrated and to everyone that came out in support of the event as the foundations continue to advocate a call to action for breast cancer awareness with the slogan : “Find it Feel it and Fight it!”

biker for boobs press pic 1





17 complete Van Wiechen training in early childhood development

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) — Seventeen persons who completed the van Wiechen Training from October 28 to November 1 received their certification during a ceremony held at the Baby Wellness Clinic, Vineyard Building on Friday at 5 pm from Acting Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (VSA) and Minister of VROMI Christopher Wever 

The Van Wiechen study is intended to guide the development of healthy children between 0 to 4.5 years old and track mild to moderate abnormalities in their development. It also helps professionals to quickly identify severe pathological issues so the affected child can be speedily referred to the appropriate specialists at an early stage.

Once abnormalities are recognized, the professionals who administer care also register their finding in what is called the Van Wiechschema. Children with significant challenges are diagnosed and routinely monitored. 

During Friday's ceremony, Wever told the graduates he was very proud of their accomplishment. He commended the staff of the Collective Prevention Service, Section Youth Health Care, for organizing the 5-day training. "It remains of utmost importance that we systematically chart the child's development during consultations and guide the parents, especially during this tender age of a child's life," said Wever.

The facilitator of the training was Dr Selma van der Harst. According to Wever, Dr Van der Harst has made a personal commitment to the improvement of healthcare on St. Maarten. "She brings with her a wealth of experience that enhances our local professionals’ knowledge and technical skills to execute the Van Wiechen method in Youth Health Care.”

Youth Health Care Doctors and Nurses both on St. Maarten and in the BES Islands participated in the 5-day training. During his brief address to the graduates, Wever said he believes that early detection of developmental disorders can significantly increase the chance of finding solutions and of identifying the appropriate medical specialists needed to assist the vulnerable. He uttered sentiments from former US President John F. Kennedy, who once said, “Children are the world’s most valuable resources and its best hope for the future.”

Youth Health Care 1 INS1

Minister Christopher Wever





Eco-Resort receives endorsement from Tourism Minister Johnson

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) —The St. Maarten Hillside Plantation & Eco Resort was recently endorsed by Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport & Telecommunication (TEATT), the honourable Stuart Johnson, as "an innovative vehicle that lays the foundation for further diversification of St. Maarten's tourism industry and the promotion of eco-friendliness."

Johnson along representatives of the St. Maarten Tourist Bureau visited the Plantation and Eco Resort last week and was given a tour of the facility along with an outline of the developers’ plans. The Resort and holistic wellness facility is the brainchild of two specialists Agricultural Engineer and Aquaponics leader Joslyn Richardson and Dr Barb Tremlett, PhD, MBA specializing in holistic wellness, metaphysical and energy psychology.

The two specialists have combined agriculture, hiking and holistic wellness to create an Eco-Resort where visitors and residents can experience nature through hiking, yoga surrounded by nature, educational programs in food production, as well as you can sleep in one of the eco-lodges.

Johnson said he was very impressed with the creative talents of the creators of the Eco Resort. "Many Caribbean islands boast eco-tourism in many different forms, and it is something vacationers are asking for. What is interesting about this development is its unique way of creating something for everyone. Tourism in the Caribbean survived on the premise that our people were creative and did things that were unique and attracted visitors. This Eco-Resort concept is no different.”

While phase one of the development will focus on expanding the hiking trails in the hills and creating a juice bar that uses locally grown fruits and vegetables and a pavilion for relaxation and community events, phase two will deal more with holistic wellness through the establishment of a wellness centre.

The developers intend to build 15 eco-lodges, three one-bedroom units that can accommodate two people and twelve studios that can accommodate four people. There will be designated outdoor camping areas as well as a swimming pool created with local rock formation with waterfalls as well as a restaurant that uses plantation produce to prepare its dishes.

Johnson has hailed the project as “timely” saying that the Eco Resort through its efforts can contribute significantly to improving the health and wellness of our citizens.

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