Good example of safe asbestos removal at Fundashon Mariadal

Good example of safe asbestos removal at Fundashon Mariadal

BONAIRE (Caribbean Netherlands) - In recent weeks a specialized company has removed asbestos from various roofs of buildings of Fundashon Mariadal on Bonaire. The Labour Inspection, in its supervisory role, ensured that the asbestos was removed safely and that was exactly what happened here.

Safe refers here mainly to possible health damage faced by workers when they are exposed to asbestos fibers. Asbestos is a natural product, but can be very dangerous. Prolonged inhalation of asbestos can cause various diseases, including lung cancer, pulmonary and peritoneal cancer, pneumoconiosis and several other asbestos related diseases. These diseases occur mainly to people who often have or had to do with asbestos because of their profession.

With the removal of asbestos, it is important to think well in advance about the way in which the asbestos is to be removed. Furthermore, it is important to think in advance what measures should be taken to protect workers. It must be clear in advance how the waste will be removed and stored. How that should be done exactly and how it has to be administrated is defined in standards. The work on the roofs of the buildings of Fundashon Mariadal was executed according to these standards from start to finish by a professional asbestos removal company and that is worth a compliment from the Labour Inspection.

How to act as a company

Before the removal of asbestos starts, first a plan of action must be submitted to the Labour Inspection. Only after approval by the Labour Inspection the removal of the asbestos can start. Without a plan, the Labour Inspection will stop the removal of the asbestos immediately. This sounds strict and that's what it is. However, using the method described, the health of the employees can also be safeguarded in the long term. (RCN Caribbean Netherlands)

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