Sister Norma Angel meets Maria Liberia-Peters

Sister Norma Angel meets Maria Liberia-Peters

L to R: Sister Norma Angel and former-Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Maria Liberia-Peters. L to R: Sister Norma Angel and former-Prime Minister of the Netherlands Antilles Maria Liberia-Peters.

SINT MAARTEN/CURACAO - Sister Norma Angel PhD MM, member of the congregation of Maryknoll and who does interesting work in the world, was recently again in Curaçao.  

She is based in Washington DC, US from which she leaves for different countries such as, Kenya, Myanmar, Thailand where she gives training and consultations to organizations and groups that deal with cultural and organization challenges. 

She worked before she changed from location, in the Sudan and in Tanzania, where she did "grassroots" organization and development work. 

One of her projects, as part of her work to create a better world for children, was bringing a group of young people from Tanzania to Curaçao as part of a cultural exchange. 

This happened in the 1980s in the second period of Maria Liberia-Peters as the prime minister of the Netherlands Antilles and who met the Tanzanian young people.  

Sister Norma remained in contact with this group, now adults, two of which have died, and the others are now responsible parents and professionals. 

One of the girls became a teacher, continued to study and obtained her master’s degree in education. She is now an education inspector for the Serengeti region in Northeast Tanzania where one of the world's best-known amusement parks is. 

She still has a photo in her house of Maria Liberia-Peters who was the first woman of African descent that she had seen in the position of the leader of a country. 

Maria Liberia-Peters is still her role model showing that you can reach everything in life, regardless of how you started in life. 

For Sister Norma this indicates that their journey had good results since children are the future and in this complicated world, we have to show them that they have reasons for hope.  

Sister Norma Angel was born in Curaçao and has a PhD in 'Organization and Human Development’ with a specialization in cultural complexity. Her work includes training mainly of people in leadership positions, including but not exclusively in Catholic religious communities and in development organizations.  

Sister Norma Angel is also the adviser since the beginning in 2004 of the Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao.  

She met during her recent visit in Curaçao with Maria Liberia-Peters and told her about the impact she made on the group of young people and especially one of them and that she was the motivation for them to go to school and study to become professionals. 

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