Parents Complain Supermarkets selling Alcohol to minors

Parents Complain Supermarkets selling Alcohol to minors

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Over the last few of weeks, the Police Force of Sint Maarten received various complaints from parents about supermarkets selling alcohol to underage children.

Owners of these establishments are well aware that their licenses prohibit the selling of alcohol to minors. Furthermore, they are aware of the consequences of selling alcohol to minors as this is also stipulated in their license.  

These venues have to take into account that alcohol consumption by minors can be harmful to their health. Regular drinking of alcohol can lead to brain damage, disease, and alcohol dependence (alcoholism).

Responsible retailing practices are key to preventing illegal alcohol sales. But it takes more than just telling your staff not to sell to minors. Responsible retailers need specific policies, backed up by training and accountability.

Think for a moment, Selling Alcohol to minors is a criminal offense. (KPSM)

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