117 fines issued by police on one day for various traffic law infractions

117 fines issued by police on one day for various traffic law infractions

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Sint Maarten Police KPSM warns motorists once again that they must have their vehicles in technical working order and have their car registration documents in their vehicle when driving on public roads.

In a traffic check held earlier in the week, the group of officers issued a total of 117 fines to several drivers in one day.

Most of the vehicles fined did not meet the technical requirements or the drivers had their driver's licenses or other documents on them. Several drivers were also fined for driving without seat belts or scooter riders not wearing a helmet.

Specific attention was paid to riders without helmets and drivers not wearing a seatbelt since several drivers had been injured in the recent past due to the fact that they did not wear a helmet

Wear your seathbelt

As you know, driver safety is very important. When you're behind the wheel, your actions will affect you, others in the car, and anyone else who happens to be on the road near you. One way to promote safety is to always wear your seat belt when the car is in motion. If you don’t like wearing a seat belt or don’t find the task to be very important, our list of reasons to wear a seat belt may just change your mind.

A Seat Belt Can Save Lives

You are more than likely already familiar with the fact that wearing a seat belt can save your life, which is the most important reason to always have the safety belt buckled around you. However, there are plenty of other reasons to wear this protection, too. These various reasons can include:


As mentioned, seat belts promote safety. More specifically, seat belts can aid in the following:

Preventing you from hitting the windshield

Preventing you from being thrown from the vehicle

Preventing you from banging around the vehicle and hitting the steering wheel, door, etc.

That's right, wearing a seat belt is the law.

Helmet saves lives

Motorcyclists need to take extra precautions to protect their body. The most important place to start is by protecting the head, seeing that the head and brain is most vulnerable to injury in a motorcycle accident.

Riding a motorcycle gives riders a sense of freedom on the open road. However, there are serious dangers involved in riding without a helmet.

A motorcycle does not provide the structural protection that a car does to keep drivers safe in the event of an accident. Drivers and passengers wearing helmets increase their chance of survival significantly over non-helmet wearers.

It is important for motorcyclists to understand the risks of riding without a helmet. Riders who do not wear helmets are at risk of suffering a traumatic brain injury if they are in an accident. Without protection, the head is vulnerable to a traumatic impact in an accident even when traveling at low speeds.


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