COVID-19 update Sint Eustatius

COVID-19 update Sint Eustatius

Sint Eustatius, aerial shot. Photo: Cees Timmers Sint Eustatius, aerial shot. Photo: Cees Timmers

SINT EUSTATIUS (ORANJESTAD) - Two weeks ago a Dutch journalist, based in Curacao (high risk country) visited St. Eustatius (Statia). There was an outbreak on Statia by the visiting journalist. At the moment, the journalist is still admitted in St. Maarten Medical Center.

As a result of the outbreak 42 persons were placed in quarantine. One person became infected and is now recovered.  All persons who were placed in quarantine were tested on their last day of quarantine.

As of Wednesday, August 18th fifteen persons in quarantine were tested. In addition, twenty-six people were tested on Thursday, August 19th. As a result, all tests are negative. Presently there is only one positive COVID-19 case on the Island. A contained case that was contracted on St. Maarten.

Meanwhile the situation on St. Maarten is not improving. St. Maarten will remain a very high risk country. All fully vaccinated persons entering from St. Maarten have to go in quarantine for five (5) days upon arrival.

Persons with a same day transfer from very high risk countries can still enter, if vaccinated with the monitoring protocol.

For medical referrals to St. Maarten there is close contact between QBMC, SMMC, ZVK and Public Health to assure the safety of the medical referrals.

The measures on the island will remain in place for all locations where the public gathers, which are at least: Bars, Restaurants, Shops, Supermarkets, Churches and Public Accessible Buildings.

It is strongly advised that:

  • Each premises has hand sanitizer at their entrance and assures that visitors make use of it.
  • The operator of the premises assures that social distancing is possible through adequate placing of tables, chairs and routing within the premises.
  • The staff of the premises has to wear a facemask.
  • The visitors of the premises have to wear a facemask as long as they are not seated.

Loud music as well as music played by bands or DJ’s is not permitted as during dancing keeping social distancing is not possible. Coming week, the Public Entity will invite event organizers to discuss protocols which make events, including events with bands and DJ’s possible.

The schools will open after the summer holidays as of next week. Facemasks are not required in schools. All schools are informed on the necessity to take hygiene measures and are also informed on the regulations of the monitoring protocol. Parents and children who fall under the monitoring protocol are not allowed to enter schools. (Statia GIS)

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