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Is TO VAXX OR NOT TO VAXX still the question?

Michael Ferrier Michael Ferrier

SINT MAARTEN (COMMENTARY – By Michael Ferrier) - Obviously it is, if I listen to a memorial service for 2 wonderful people who recently passed and to a very well-known radio personality I recently met at an event on the island.

Wading into religion against Pastors and zealots is unwise, I realize. Point though is still - to vax or not to vax. Based on how Covid-19 is going, it is becoming a pandemic of the UNVACCINATED since they are the ones succumbing to the disease.

Moreover, they are the ones making variants possible. In that way their individual decision potentially AFFECTS ALL OF US - from going back to masking up, to within soon having the necessity to take booster shots of the same vaccines they desperately are trying to avoid.

Tell me (with substantiated proof) which vaccinated person on SXM has died because of the vaccination. Then tell me which vaccinated person on SXM has died of COVID19 and finally tell me what percentage of those that passed unfortunately, were un-vaccinated.

Ironically, those who have vaccinated have provided everyone with a little bit of normalcy for a little while. I guess we the vaxxed are our Brother’s Keeper. Depending on how many “smarter” anti-vaxxers are able to convince friends, family and flocks, this ‘return to normalcy’ may be short-lived. We cannot let that happen.

Michael J. Ferrier

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