Prime Minister Jacobs Curaçao Flag Day Celebration Address

Prime Minister Jacobs Curaçao Flag Day Celebration Address

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) – On Sunday, July 11, 2021, the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten Hon. Silveria Jacobs issued the following statement in connection with Curacao Flag Day.

A flag, to a nation, is a powerful symbol; a symbol of who they are and what they strive to be. It is a symbol of identity, a symbol of heritage and a symbol of culture of a people. Generations have rallied and generations to come will rally around the flags of a nation and carry a piece of history with them wherever they roam. 

A special good evening to you, ladies, gentlemen, invited guests, all those who are following, the people of St. Maarten and a very special good evening to our brothers and sisters of Curaçao. To the organizers, I thank you for putting this event together because we need to continue to celebrate each other and we need to show solidarity with our sisters and our brothers within this Kingdom and the Caribbean region in good times but also in the challenging times. 

The reality is that St. Maarten and Curaçao along with all the other islands of the former Netherlands Antilles were once a part of one nation. As much as we try to identify ourselves singly, we cannot separate the ties that we have forged over many, many years; ties connected in history but more so in close family ties.

Today, we join the people of Curaçao in celebrating your Flag Day. I also take this time to congratulate the Honorable Prime Minister Gilmar Pisas and his Council of Ministers and the people of Curaçao on their Flag Day, but especially to you Curaçaolenians right here on St. Maarten. I encourage you to unite under your flag and let it be with a sense of pride and joy. Your flag is a true representation of who the Yu di Kòrsou is, and what you strive for; peace and happiness wherever you may be.

My message to you, people of Curaçao, similar to the message I shared a little while ago on St. Maarten’s flag day to my people, “Continue to represent your flag as it represents you - embody the values represented in your flag.” On your flag day, though a few days later, I encourage all Yu di Kòrsou to honor and reflect on the history and symbolism represented by your flag and continue to strive to live up to what it stands for.

St. Maarten also continues to strive to establish and maintain good working relationships with Curaçao and all our partners as we face the same bottlenecks and challenges especially within this Kingdom and in the world. Furthermore, working together mutually benefits all countries, whether it’s within the region or within the Kingdom itself. 

On behalf of the Government and the people of St. Maarten, we wish each of you a happy flag day. May God bless you as well as the people of St. Maarten as we go about united with the challenges we face.

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