Posh Productions presents prizes to the winners of the 2019 pageants

Posh Productions presents prizes to the winners of the 2019 pageants

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SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Posh Productions Incorporated (POSH) in a press release over the weekend, stated that it has finally presented prizes to winners of the 2019 pageants. Unable to recover financial investments made to produce the pageants and the lack of sufficient sponsorship, POSH found itself in a very negative position with the delivery of prizes to the winners of the 2019 Carnival King and Queen pageants.

Despite efforts to raise funds through various initiatives, ultimately the non-profit foundation could not garner sufficient revenue to complete its obligations at an earlier time. Furthermore, with a large percentage of patrons who attended the shows in the the Festival Village entering using season passes, the foundation gained little success at the gate through door sales. This significantly contributed to its negative financial position and ultimately bankrupted the foundation.

“When POSH launched for Carnival 2016, we came out with great enthusiasm and were passionate to take pageantry to another level. I believe it is safe to say we did just that. However, as the years proceeded, the financial challenges that we faced became more difficult. There was an inability to secure funding and the needed support to maintain the five year concession contract the foundation was locked in to. Nevertheless, we remained committed and pushed through. Unfortunately, year after year not being able to recover from the year before eventually tanked POSH and left the foundation and participants in a very unpleasant situation,” said POSH President; Mrs. Cassandra Weekes-Jeffers.

Despite the negative experience, POSH management remained steadfast to their commitment made to winners. Though it has taken way longer than anyone anticipated, and for some was unbearable, POSH is happy that on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021, together with Motorworld, Mr. Genuine Quality (GQ) King; Mr. Learie Hall, Miss. Mature Carnival Queen; Anastatia Peters and Senior Carnival Queen D’Shnay Mathew York received checks in the amount value of $10,000.00 which is the maximum value of the vehicles they would have received back in 2019. The winners are free to purchase a vehicle from Motorworld or do what they wish with the funds. Ultimately, they have accepted this as their top and final prize from Posh Productions.

POSH will be meeting with the other level winners and Runner Ups within short, to discuss the course forward to their final prize as POSH pushes to close off this chapter.

“POSH has maintained contact with most of the participants of the pageants and once again takes this opportunity to express our sincere apologies for the unfair and unfortunate situation experienced. This was never our intention and to a large degree fell out of our control. We truly appreciate your patience with us and we are grateful for your kind cooperation,” said President Weekes-Jeffers.

POSH is also expressing much appreciation to the management and staff of Motorworld for working with us and making this all possible.

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