Mc Donald's to focus on Eco friendly utensils

Mc Donald's to focus on Eco friendly utensils

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - Local McDonald's franchise announced that all their locations on island plan to be more Earth-friendly and use renewable, recyclable, or certified materials in all of its packaging, straws, cups, containers, and utensils.

The transition has already started to eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives for items used for guest packaging. The franchise world-wide is totally moving away from plastic and will work towards a plan for a market-wide change over the coming months.

On Monday, Mc Donald's Managing Director Michel Lepine added, "The island restaurants have been working over the past months with suppliers to implement this sustainable solution. According to the statement, McDonald’s plans to give customers wooden cutlery which includes spoons, stirrers, knives, and forks instead of plastic ones.

"People are used to getting straws at the window however workers are trained to only give a plastic straw if requested to. We are now moving towards a more friendly compostable straws made of wood pulp which does not stay on the earth for many years before it disappears," added Lepine.

The restaurant chain added that they are committed to working towards finding sustainable solutions across the board. This is in line with McDonald’s global vision of building a responsible business.

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