Work on Smoke Alley hairpin bend on schedule

Work on Smoke Alley hairpin bend on schedule

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SINT EUSTATIUS (ORANJESTAD) - With the recent concrete pour, contractor Statia Road and Construction has now almost completed 75% of the renovation work on the hairpin bend of Smoke Alley. The work on the access road to and from the port of Statia started at the beginning of August this year.

The Smoke Alley project should be finalized at the end of 2020. Phasing is necessary to work sequentially on parts of the road, by means of a half lane closure. After completion, the road will meet safety standards for all types of vehicles and be less demanding to motor vehicles. Rainwater will be collected at Upper Town and diverted to a water infiltration zone instead of flowing down into the ocean, limiting erosion and damage to the coral.

The project is supervised by the Directorate of Economy, Nature and Infrastructure in collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat in the Netherlands. The project is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. (Statia GIS)

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