St. Dominic High School Achieves 100% Pass on Dutch TKL and HAVO Landsexamen

St. Dominic High School Achieves 100% Pass on Dutch TKL and HAVO Landsexamen

SINT MAARTEN (SOUTH REWARD) - Five St. Dominic High School students passed the Dutch landsexamen (national Exam) certificate. This is the first year St Dominic High School students were registered to take the Dutch landsexamen. One student sat the TKL level and four sat the HAVO level.

These exams are normally taken by students who have attended a school with Dutch as the language of instruction. The students, Eoin Conway (TKL), Salomi Richardson, Collin Shigemoto, Dimitri Vastenhout, and Jolène Verheij who sat HAVO were in the Form 5 examination class. Each of these students completed the Cambridge IGCSE Dutch as a Foreign Language syllabus and sat that examination at the end of Form 2.

From Form 3 until Form 5, the students continued their language development in order to qualify to take the first language Dutch landsexamen. The landsexamen tests the students on four different skills: listening, writing, oral presentation and literature.

Due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the students were only able to complete the listening, oral presentation, and literature portions. The reading comprehension and writing components were cancelled.

All the students performed very well, especially on their oral presentations and literature exams. Notably, Jolène Verheij had a perfect score of 10 on her presentation and 9.4 on her literature component. Salomi Richardson achieved a very high score, with 9.9 on her oral presentation.

Under the leadership of Ms. Mavis Lestrade, the Head of the Foreign Language Department, and her team of teachers, Mrs. Maartje de Groot and Mrs. Charissa Zaaalman, they have implemented innovations and worked diligently to improve the Dutch language skills of the students.

The St. Dominic High School would like to commend these students and their teachers for their outstanding achievements. We would like to thank Ms. Yvette Halley, Head of Division of Examinations on facilitating the registration of our students for these exams.

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