Man gunned down in Rotterdam had flown home from Morocco days earlier

Man gunned down in Rotterdam had flown home from Morocco days earlier

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SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Police have identified a 25-year-old man who was shot dead in the street in Rotterdam late on Sunday evening. The shooting happened in Bergselaan, in the city’s northern district, at about 10pm.

Witnesses said they heard rapid gunfire for around half a minute, suggesting the killers used automatic weapons. Brahim Bourzik, editor of the Moslimkrant newspaper, said he had been told by sources that the victim had travelled back to Rotterdam from Morocco on a repatriation flight a few days earlier.

The man’s identity has not been officially disclosed but he is believed to live locally. A woman entered the police cordon in her socks soon after the incident crying out: ‘my brother, my brother.’

The killers are thought to have fled the scene in an Audi sports car. A similar vehicle was set on fire under the Spaansbrug bridge shortly afterwards. Vincent Karremans, leader of the Liberal party (VVD) group on Rotterdam city council, said the shooting took place close to his home.

‘It was half a minute of shots and loud bangs. The noise was rapid and extremely loud. ‘I ran to the scene but there was a woman already trying to resuscitate him. When a policeman arrived on a motorbike to help, it was clear that it was too late.’

Karremans said the shooting was likely to be drugs-related. ‘I’ve seen so much crap since I’ve been on the council. All because of drugs, or at least that’s how it looks, although it’s only speculation.’


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