SINT MAARTEN (COMMENTARY – By Michael J. Ferrier) - Let’s get PFP in Parliament in 2020 for a new vision, a fresh approach, and a second chance for a new beginning with well-educated, properly mannered, bright young professionals! I am a DP to the core, but the DP is not running, so hear this: The PFP comes with no political baggage.

Being brand new on the scene, chances are they will need coalition partners.... My pick: UD and SMCP, so vote for them too!! I am going with PFP, UD and SMCP as partners, ‘cause I don’t like misappropriators of funds; I don’t like Bullies; I don’t like those that like to dig holes for others (even though they fall in themselves); I don’t like those that “turn” on and bring down their own, ESPECIALLY for no other reason than for self-grandeur and narcissism; I don’t like those that use lies to tear down people.........LOCAL people; I don’t like those that hop on a bus, any bus, to get a free ride to the promised land of high salaries, free cars, Government Credit Cards and other amenities and, I don’t like those on the various slates that postulated themselves even though they realize that when “Common Sense” was sharing, they were short-changed.

So, I am voting PFP, because we the voters must start doing things differently, if we do not want the same results of the past 8 years since the first SHIP-JUMPER took down Cabinet Sarah Wescot-Williams 1.

May the force and guidance of The Big ONE ☝? be with us on January 9, 2020........       

??St. MARTIN is MY home? ??

Michael J. Ferrier

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