USP: Unity and Strength is what will move the country forward

USP: Unity and Strength is what will move the country forward

United St. Maarten Party addressing the crowd in St. Peters. United St. Maarten Party addressing the crowd in St. Peters.

SINT MAARTEN (ST. PETERS) - The United St. Maarten Party (US Party) held its second public meeting in St. Peters on Saturday night amongst a strong turnout of supporters. Each candidate (re)-introduced themselves to the people of St. Maarten, why they chose to run in this election, how they will help to move the country forward, and more importantly: why the US Party slate for the 2020 Parliamentary Elections.

All echoed the same tune of being grateful to Party Leader, Member of Parliament Frans G. Richardson, for granting them an opportunity to further serve the country and by extent its people.

MP Richardson reiterated that the party is a balance of experience, dedication, and hard-working people who have pledged to carry out the manifesto in bringing solutions that will benefit all. "Our people must come first, and we can no longer sit by and allow outside interference to dictate how we should run our beloved country," Richardson said. He further asserted: "I believe in giving people an opportunity; but when given opportunity, they must make us proud in their actions and decisions."

We must believe in ourselves and capabilities to be able to govern ourselves effectively. One of the candidates reminded the public that "we are voting for parliamentarians, people that will legislate laws for St. Maarten that will protect our heritage and future". Candidate #14, Mr. Arthur Leo Lambriex continued: "don't let your voice go unheard, we will legislate to benefit you -- not some, but all of you".

Adding to that, candidate #9 embraced the crowd as a re-incarnation of his father, Rupert Maynard, and stressed on the need to bring back pride and dignity to this great nation. "I walk proudly with this [St. Maarten--ed] flag on my back because this is the flag that has had my back, and I will not put it down for nobody!" Mr. Khalil Revan continued saying. He further added: "this is the nation that made many lives better, so why not us...we need to make St. Maarten the shining star of the Caribbean once again."

Paying homage to the area she grew up in, sole lady on the list and Candidate #5 spoke about how St. Peters was the typical village for raising a child. "No child could walk down the road speaking a certain way or dressed a certain way...but nowadays who checks on our children, who checks on our elderly".

This is the reason Mrs. Delphine Agnes Brooks-Mardenborough believes there is a need for more community councils -- to help liaison between government and people in setting the standard. Adding to previous candidates' experience in servitude was Candidate #2, Mr. Claudius A. Buncamper, who proudly boasts of being a "humble servant" with a 'proven track record' through service clubs, civil duties, and genuine love for country. "If you love mankind, you do it all the time, not just during election time," he was quoted as saying.

The leader wrapped up the evening by confirming the reason for not partaking in an alleged debate show that is aired on social media, citing the disrespect that show organizers ensue by degrading our governmental officials when addressing them with expletives. "We will not be associated with comedic banter and it is time to stop accepting this kind of behavior," the MP said.

He further stated, "it's about standing together...unity and strength is what will move the country forward". MP Richardson elucidated the unity already being carried out by the US Party in that the cabinet and staff of the TEATT and VSA ministries are co-shared between the National Alliance (NA). “We are a team player, it’s about all of us fixing this country together – we are often ‘the fixers’ – as there is so much to be done to get St. Maarten back on its feet,” concluded Richardson.

The next public meeting of the US Party is scheduled for this Saturday, 14 December in The Keys, Sucker Garden.

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