Presentation CAOP on Employee participation in collaboration with CGOA

Presentation CAOP on Employee participation in collaboration with CGOA

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CURACAO - On Thursday, December 5, 2019, the Centrum Arbeidsverhoudingen Overheids Personeel (CAOP - Center for Labor Relations Government Personnel) organized a presentation on employee participation, in collaboration with the Centraal Georganiseerd Overleg in Ambtenarenzaken (CGOA). The dynamic and interactive presentation was facilitated by Marco Sikkel and Alphons de Lange, who both work at the CAOP and who are actively involved in the development of employee participation for many years, amongst others on Curaçao.

Representatives of government unions participating in the CGOA, members of the Social Economic Council Curaçao, and several civil servants from various ministries took part in the session.

The presentation concerned the first one of a planned series of presentations on the theme ‘Meaningful work’. Work is, amongst others, more meaningful when employees do exert influence on their working environment and the decision-making processes in their organizations. COAP connects science with policy and practice, enhances sharing of expertise between and within sectors, thereby seeking to contribute to a society in which people can work meaningfully.

Employee participation focusses on the involvement of employees in matters related to policy issues in their work environment. CAOP addressed various forms of employee participation, i.e. direct, indirect and external participation.

With regard to the target group, which concerns governmental bodies, CAOP explored options for in particular indirect employee participation, as a way towards meaningful work. In subsequent meetings this issue will be further explored and discussed.

The president of CGOA, mr. prof. dr. ing. Valdemar Marcha, concluded the session by appreciating the highly informative content, that generated an inspiring dialogue, and which can be seen as a valuable step towards enhancing effective employee participation.

The presentation is available on the website of the CGOA:

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