NAGICO distributes over 2,500 free reusable shopping bags island wide

NAGICO distributes over 2,500 free reusable shopping bags island wide

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SINT MAARTEN (GREAT BAY) - NAGICO Insurances has decided to help create awareness about being environmentally friendly by providing an opportunity for persons to reduce their usage of single-use plastic bags on our island. As a practical step, NAGICO Insurances will be distributing over 2,500 re-usable shopping bags in local supermarkets and shops and are these bags are FREE!

Global Ethics Day was instituted in 2014 to provide organizations around the world with the opportunity to host events focused on exploring the role of ethics in a globalized world. “This year, we will be celebrating Global Ethics Day under the theme ‘NAGICO is Green’,” NAGICO said in a statement. “All over the world, we are seeing the effects of what pollution is doing to our environment. The continued depletion of our ozone layer, increased frequency and severity of natural disasters like floods, hurricanes/ typhoons, wildfires and the intense heat / rising temperatures. We each have to do our part to try to preserve the earth.”

Plastic bags and plastic in general when not recycled, pollute the environment and our oceans. Several countries and neighboring islands have already taken the decision or started the process to ban the use of single use plastics. We at NAGICO support this initiative and believe in being proactive. We will be distributing over 2,500 bags island wide in October.

“We have selected a sturdy, functional and also fashionable style of bag and we hope to cause people to rethink the way they treat the environment and explore other ways in which they can help to preserve it.” said Lisa Brown, Marketing Manager. 

Stay tuned to NAGICO’s Facebook page NagicoInsurancesStMaarten for details on distribution date and locations.

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