1.2 million Dutch hit by cyber crime, but most don’t report it

1.2 million Dutch hit by cyber crime, but most don’t report it

Photo: DutchNews Photo: DutchNews

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Some 1.2 million people in the Netherlands were affected by some sort of internet-related crime last year, the national statistics agency CBS said on Wednesday.

The CBS bases its claim on a survey of some 38,000 people over the age of 12. It found some 12% of the under-25s were the victims of cybercrime, compared to just 4% of the over-65s.

By far the biggest group – 4.6% of the total – said they had lost money via phishing or other scams. Some 1.8% they had been hacked, 1.4% were the victims of online stalking or bullying, 1% had to deal with identity fraud and 0.7% sex-related online crime.

The research also showed that the victims of cybercrime often don’t bother to report the incidents to the police. Around a quarter of people whose identity was stolen or who were the victims of a buying scam said they had reported the incident, but just 3% of hacking victims had done so.

Cybercrime victims said they did not report the incidents because they did not consider them serious enough or thought reporting would not do any good.


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