LoL Production Calls for Resignation of SOG Board

LoL Production Calls for Resignation of SOG Board

POND ISLAND, Festival Village - Laugh out Loud (LoL) Production President Johamy Alcala on Monday morning sent out a statement reacting to another statement that was released by the SOG (Stichting Overheids Gebouwen) Management Board that is over the Festival Village.  The SOG released their statement on Sunday with respect to a LoL Production that was scheduled to take place on February 7th in the village.

“Laugh out Loud would like to respond to the character assassination by SOG, the board of the festival village. In November of 2014 the board representatives headed by Fabiana Arnell and the Strictly Business representative Julian Rollocks held a meeting with local promoters including Mr Andrew Dick explaining them that they will start a Weekend program for Vendors to utilize the booths and the village more often.

“The board was willing to work hand in hand with the promoters to do events at the Festival Center. Mr Rollocks weeks later pulled out of the project due to personal reasons and the board headed by Kurt Rohan continued the program. 

“The board then put out word that the Village will be starting the program for St. Maarten’s day and those willing to get a booth have to pay $150 a week. This comes with a guarantee that they promote events and advertise their booths which will be open every weekend. Laugh out loud productions sent several proposals with the idea that we do this hand in hand.  Booth holders to date complain about not getting any business every weekend. 

“Dance mania was proposed and a tentative date was set. Please note that the permit and agreement was signed by Johamy Alcala because she is the president of Laugh out Loud productions. LOL stands behind its team and for the impression to be given that we are not trustworthy is a blatant downgrade from a board of so called professionals who target a group of young individuals who have the interest at heart of young people.

“Extensions of deadlines were made on several occasions however SOG did not mention the fact that it did not want partial payment or make a payment plan, in fact on Friday February 6th a representative of LOL brought more than half of the payment to Fabiana Arnell and she turned them away and said "No we want it all". 

“We made a counter proposal to Mr Kurt Rohan personally and proposed for a representative of SOG to collect its facility payment at the gate as it has done so on several occasions with other organizations. 

“LOL found it strange that a government owned board is demanding cash payment and not check payments, several prominent businessmen came forward to assist us by giving us a check to pay for the village however the board refused and reiterated cash or no show. It is clear that SOG did not want the 47 dancers perform and we are calling for the resignation of the board as it has no intention to better the festival village for the people of St Maarten it was built for. The dictatorship has to stop, today is LOL tomorrow who will it be.

“In our first press release LOL clearly stated due to the lack of funds, we are not able to host the show at the village. We challenge the board to put out all emails with LOL. We stand behind this, we are moving away from this situation and looking forward to Dance Mania this Friday at 7:00pm and we put this situation to rest,” the statement issued on Monday morning by LoL Production explained. 

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