Senior Carnival Queen 2019 will win 1-year scholarship to attend USM

Senior Carnival Queen 2019 will win 1-year scholarship to attend USM

Director of POSH Anna Richardson with the President of USM Dr.  Antonio Carmona Báez. Director of POSH Anna Richardson with the President of USM Dr. Antonio Carmona Báez.

SINT MAARTEN (POND ISLAND) - The University of St. Martin (USM) and Posh Productions Incorporated (POSH) held a meeting recently to discuss the monumental step of the USM granting a scholarship for an Associates Degree to the 2019 winner of the Miss. 

Senior Carnival Queen Pageant. This marks the 2nd year committing to awarding a two-semester scholarship to the winner of the Miss. Senior Carnival Queen pageant. For the remaining two semesters, POSH will assist the queen via sponsors/donations to cover, aiding the Queen to complete the full course program.

Founder and President of Posh Productions, Anna Richardson as a college graduate, values education to its highest regard.  This year POSH has added one more pillar to their platform.  “Culture” is now the fourth pillar of Posh Productions platform being; Culture, Education, Philanthropy & Beauty (in and out).  

It is the mission and vision of POSH to plague our society with young women,  women, and men that are steadfast in being successful overachievers. “Our vision is to foster goodwill ambassadors by encouraging individual growth, personal platforms, community and cultural involvement and awarding scholarships for educational and/or career advancement. The USM accepting and embracing this initiative is assisting POSH to achieve its Mission and Vision and to this, we are forever grateful,” Ms. Richardson said.

Marketing and Admissions Specialist, Mitsha Shobhan Giterson MSc.  states, we are excited for this opportunity to work with POSH as their goals are right in alignment to our goals here at USM. Our aim is to have an educated nation whereby, every household has a member of the family with an Associate’s degree or higher. This year is also special to USM as we will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary. 

As we continue to rebuild the image of the University and will be focusing on celebrating our alumni successes, we are proud to be a part of this area of pageantry, especially where Culture, Education, Philanthropy & Beauty is concerned. Nothing is more appealing than being educated while carrying these qualities. 

We are a beautiful nation and in this era, it is important for us as a standing country to stay ahead in the education sector as well. An educated nation is a healthier nation which leads to a stronger nation. We look forward to welcoming 2019 Senior Carnival Queen on a journey which will elevate and propel her career and open up opportunities in her life.

The President of USM Dr. Antonio Carmona Báez, went on to state, “This partnership breaks with the myth that model representation of women is synonymous with having no brains.  We hope to develop this combination of carnival tradition and academia in order to produce role models for our youth.” Posh Productions is appealing to young women with high aspirations to make their life story a great one. Applicable registrants must be 18 – 25 years. Registration to take part in this pageant is open and interested persons are asked to visit to register.

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