Four Faces of Women Workshop empowered many women

Four Faces of Women Workshop empowered many women

Sister Devki and participating women of the Four Faces of women workshop. Sister Devki and participating women of the Four Faces of women workshop.

SINT MAARTEN (PHILIPSBURG) - The Four Faces of Women workshop was held at the Belair Community Center on March 9thas part of the calendar of events and activities of Womanity Fest 2019, Mercedes van der Waals Wyatt said in a press statement on Tuesday.  The empowerment workshop was facilitated by Sister Devki from the Brahma Kumaris. Elektralyets, Positive Foundation Posh Productions presidents respectively were all present.

Opening remarks were done by Elektralyets Foundation President Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt and Shelly Alphonso from the Positive Foundation.

“The Brahma Kumaris vision of equality for women is about restoring dignity and self-respect, and creating an atmosphere where women feel safe.

“The four Faces of women workshop handled the various phases that women go through during the passage of time, from Eternal face, the Traditional face, the Modern face and the face of the highest potential of Woman, the Shakti Face.

“The Eternal Facewhispers to us of our original self, the seed of who we are – authentic power, innocence, pure love, peace and joy.  The Traditional Faceconvinces us that safety and success come from defining ourselves through the eyes and beliefs of others.  The Modern Facefinds the courage to reject the imposition of others, seeking to return to the truth of who we are but often finds ourselves lost in the struggle.  The Power Face– the face of spiritual wisdom and power – is the key to return to our true self without the struggle and cost of the Modern Face.

“Offering a framework for understanding the four faces as actual “phases” on our personal journey, the workshop helped women see how we are conditioned by external factors from childhood to early adulthood, how we rebel against this and, in the end, how we can reclaim our lost identity.

“Women at the Belair Community Center had a chance to meet and greet, working in groups to discuss and feedback their findings with the whole group. They were various topics and elements which were then elaborated upon in the workshop as well.

“Created by women for women as an opportunity to experience courage that is alive, visible, active and steady, evoke the courage to see the best in every situation and every person and explore your own courage which stand in line with the International Women’s day theme 
# Balance for better.

“The group of women ranged from young teenage girls to mature adult women. It was very wonderful and something new for me to give the workshop to such a diverse group. After 35 years facilitating the workshop all over the world, it was nice to hear young girls give a different perspective and be engaged and actively participate in some hot topics, said Sister Devki of Brahma Kumaris.

“Many women felt empowered after the Four fases of women workshop and women were given a love bracelet and rounded the workshop off with warm hugs and uplifting words of encouragement. 

“Representatives of various women’s groups, teachers, mothers and daughters were amongst those present and each took an active role in the workshop.

“Brahma Kumaris has a branch here in St. Maarten where they offer stress free living, anger management, meditation and positive thinking classes all for free.

“Mercedes van der Waals-Wyatt thanked Sister Devki for facilitating the workshop and all the women that participated. The women were treated to snacks from Bress’s kitchen and drinks.”

For more information you can contact Brahma Kumaris Sister Devki: 524 2554 or visit them on Front Street in the Arcade next to the Music Man Building.

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