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More arrests in looting investigations as police continue house searches

PHILIPSBURG - The Police Force of Sint Maarten with the assistance of the police forces from Aruba, Curacao, the Netherlands, the Royal Marechaussee, and the V.K.C. that are presently on the island along with the V.K.S. and the Customs Department, continue to make great progress in the arrest of persons, who have been identified as suspects in the mass looting of many businesses on the island, in the aftermath of hurricane Irma.

The amount of arrests in the looting investigations continues to grow rapidly and this is due to the amount of reliable information that continues to pour into the police department daily. House searches and raids were then executed of this information was received which resulted in the arrest of many suspects.

On Monday, September 25th, 4 suspects were arrested during three house searches that were executed at different locations on the Dutch Side of the island;

The first house search took place at a home in Ebenezer where the suspect identified with initials B.B.L.L. was arrested for looting. During the search of his home numerous electronic items were found and confiscated.

The second house search was done at a home on L.B. Scot road where the suspect identified with initials R.C.B.Ch. was arrested for several criminal offences such as theft and illegal gun and drugs possession.

During the search a brand new car, several high powered fire arms, a very large amount of ammunition and an amount of illegal drugs were found and confiscated. (See pic attached)

The third house search was done at a home a Sucker Garden road where two suspects, both identified with initials O.F. were arrested for looting. During the search of the house a considerable amount of name brand clothing, electronics and alcohol were found and confiscated.

All suspects were arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Headquarters where they remain in custody for questioning and further investigation.

The Police Department will continue this investigation and is asking the community who may have photographs or video footage of persons looting in the aftermath of hurricane Irma to share these photos or videos via personal message to the Police Face book Page.

The Police Department has received many messages with information connected to this investigation. These messages will all be reviewed and investigated. The police department encourages the community to continue sending messages which will definitely be instrumental in bringing those persons responsible, to justice.

Four other persons were arrested on Monday for the violation of the curfew and the possession of a small quantity of illegal drugs. (Sint Maarten Police Force)


Curfew has been adjusted from 9 PM to 6 AM

POND ISLAND - The Government of Sint Maarten together with the French Side authorities has decided to adjust the curfew from 9:00 PM till 6:00 AM as of today, Monday September 25th. The new curfew hours will be in effect until Monday October 2nd, 2017.

The joint decision was taken during a meeting on cross-border cooperation on Monday afternoon. In attendance was President of the Collectivite Daniel Gibbs, Prefet Anne Laubies, His Excellency Governor Eugene Holiday, Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman and Minister of Tourism Melissa Arrindell Doncher.

Residents are requested to respect the new curfew hours; the law enforcement authorities will conduct the necessary patrolling. Maintaining the curfew will aid in the clean-up of the island and enhances the public order and safety of businesses and residents.  


Library closed due to Hurricane damage

PHILIPSBURG - The Philipsburg Jubilee Library regrets to inform all members and other library users that due to circumstances beyond our control the library is closed until further notice.

The library building suffered severe damage from the recent hurricanes.

However, our team is working diligently towards re-opening.

Members are kindly asked to hold on to all checked out library materials until the library reopens. We will not charge late fees or fines for damaged or lost library materials during the first weeks after reopening.

Contacting the library is possible via the e-mail adress This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook page “Philipsburg Jubilee Library”.

We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause.


Police starts criminal investigations into looters based on reliable information

PHILIPSBURG - Based on reliable information, the Detective Department with assistance from the police forces of Aruba and Curacao, the Netherlands, Caribbean Netherlands, the Royal Marechausse, VKC, VKS, the Custom Department, Coast Guard and Dutch Marines presently on the island have started investigations against persons who have been involved in the looting of large amounts of merchandise in the aftermath of Hurricane “Irma”.

  1. On Thursday September 21st, a male suspect identified with initials S.C. was arrested at his home in Philipsburg for the possession of a large quantity of stolen items for which he could not provide the necessary documents. These items were found during a search of his home. The items included flat screen televisions, name brand ladies bags, watches and other jewelry. These items were all confiscated for further investigation. The suspect was taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where he remains in custody for further investigation.
  2. Three persons living in Sucker garden were arrested by police on Thursday September 21st at approximately 04.00 p.m. for the illegal possession of stolen items after they could produce ownership documents for the items that were found during a house search ordered by the Public Prosecutor. These items included a flat-screen television, name brand bags, stereo equipment, curtains, new electrical tools, a transport vehicle and an amount of cash. All items were confiscated for further investigation. All suspects in this case identified with initials B.M., T.L.M. and R.L.M. were arrested on the spot and taken to the Philipsburg Police Station where they remain in custody for further investigation. (See pics attached)
  3. On Thursday September 21st at approximately 04.00 p.m. four teenagers were arrested by police for the break-in and entering of a store on Back Street. During the arrest of these suspects a considerable amount of the stolen items were found in their possession. The stolen items consisted of roller-blades and bicycles among other items. These items were all confiscated as part of the further investigation. All four suspects were immediately arrested and taken to the Philipsburg Police Head Quarters where they are being held for questioning and further investigation.
  4. On Friday September 22nd at approximately 08.00 a.m. during a raid held on an apartment complex adjacent to a popular supermarket on Welfare road a total of 11 persons were arrested. Four of these persons were arrested for illegal fire arm possession and fencing and one for theft. During the raid a shotgun, several brand new outboard boat engines, outboard gasoline gas-tanks, DVD-players and other electrical equipment were found and confiscated for further investigation. All suspects were taken to the Philipsburg Police Head Quarters where they remain in custody for further investigation. The other seven persons were all in violation of the immigration laws and were all turned over to the immigration department for processing. (See pics of confiscated items attached)

The Police Department is asking the community to share valuable information with them which has lead to the arrest of several persons and the confiscation of many items.

The Police Department also encourages the community to continue sharing this type of information with them in order to arrest and hold the many involved in criminal activities responsible for their actions in the aftermath of hurricane Irma. 

Pictures or video-clips of persons looting or committing other criminal acts during this period should be shared by personal message on the police Facebook page or your Community Police Officer. (Sint Maarten Police Force)

Electronics patio de Andrew 2


NV GEBE Discussing Relief. Simpson Bay Branch to Open Next Week

PHILIPSBURG – At Thursday’s NV GEBEs press conference, the company disclosed that some preliminary discussions have taken place with respect to some form of relief or grace period for its customers.

Further lengthy discussions need to take place before any decision is taken.  The company has to look at current damages to its facilities as well as grid; lost customers due to damaged homes; as well as monthly operational costs and future investment needs, before any form of relief could be decided upon.

NV GEBE’s Management Team stated that its Simpson Bay Branch Office would open next week allowing customers to come in and make their monthly bill payments.  The customer service section will also be open for other services that the company provides.

Due to the damage at its Philipsburg Office, the company is looking for another location in order to provide services to customers.



Police continues to arrest curfew violators

PHILIPSBURG - As the situation begins to normalize on the island of Sint Maarten and curfews issued during the evening hours, persons continue to violate this law and venture out on the streets without a hurricane pass.

Between Wednesday September 20th and Thursday September 21st a total of 10 persons were arrested for the violation of the curfew. Three females in the group are also residing illegal on the island.

All persons were taken to the Philipsburg Headquarters were they will be processed and brought before the Prosecutor who will decide on how to further deal with these cases.

The policed department continues to warn the community, not to venture out on the public roads during the curfew. The department has been receiving reports of small snack bars at various locations on the island remain open for business to the public with their doors closed during the curfew.

Any business open to the public during this period is also in violation of the curfew. The owner/manager of this business caught open during this period will be held accountable for his/her actions.

Curfews should be respected and followed at all times. (Sint Maarten Police Force)


Dutch & French Authorities meet to synchronize curfew between both sides

POND ISLAND - On Friday, September 15, the French authorities, represented by the Prefet Madame Anne Laubies and President Daniel Gibbs met with the Governor, drs. Eugene Holiday, and the Council of Ministers of Sint Maarten to discuss the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The meeting continued with the Governor and a delegation of the Council of Ministers consisting of the Prime Minister, Mr. William Marlin, and Minister of Justice, Mr. Rafael Boasman, on Saturday afternoon, September 16.

The curfew between Sint Maarten and Saint Martin, which was the source of misunderstandings was synchronized.  Authorities agreed that effective Sunday, September 17, 2017, non-emergency pass holders are prohibited from being on the streets between 7:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. until further notice. Emergency pass holders are defined as follows:

  • - Persons holding valid disaster team passes from Sint Maarten;
  • - Persons holding valid passes with permission to circulate from Saint Martin.

Though checkpoints will be at all borders, this does not prohibit the free movement between each side of the island, but it will enhance the protection of the citizens on the island. Further evaluation of the adjusted curfew hours, will take place during a meeting to be continued on Wednesday, September 20. 

Protocols on the communication procedures before and after a disaster between each side of the islands were also established, which includes a backup system in the event all means of telecommunication fall out.

Both parties were satisfied with the outcome of the meetings and will continue to meet on a regular basis to ensure the rebuilding and overall redevelopment of the island Sint Maarten / Saint Martin will be as quick as possible. 


Spirit Airlines to bring Sint Maarten residents home on Friday

PHILIPSBURG – Notice to all Sint Maarten residents: The management of Spirit Airlines, has planned a flight to Sint Maarten that will bring residents of Sint Maarten who are stranded and would like to return home from the United States of America.

Residents with a Dutch passport or a valid Resident and / or Work Permit will be allowed to return to Sint Maarten.

The Spirit Airlines flight will depart Fort Lauderdale on Friday, September 22 at 9 am and will arrive in Sint Maarten at 12 noon. Travelers need to report at the airport for 6 am. Reservations are based on first come first serve basis.

Furthermore, all US Passport and Green Card holders will be allowed to return to the US on this flight, which departs at 2 pm.

Interested persons should take note that Spirit Airlines will provide a phone number tomorrow September 21st to which persons can call. An incorrect number was previously issued, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


Seven (7) Hurricane Shelters Open as of Monday 5.00 PM

GREAT BAY, (DCOMM) – Hurricane Maria is forecast to become a major system when it passes approximately 90 miles south of Sint Maarten on Tuesday.

The country is currently under a Tropical Storm Watch at the issuing of this bulletin/press release. 

Residents should complete hurricane preparations by the end of the day on Monday, September 18, and this should include a plan of action with respect to where a person would stay prior to the passing of the hurricane if they feel unsafe in their home.

Use the opportunity now to make arrangements with family or friends as this is part of an individual’s responsibility. 

At the same time, review your Hurricane Supply Kit which should contain your identity documents (e.g. Passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, SZV Card), non-perishable food, water, medication, flashlight, battery operated radio, and insurance documents. These should be placed in a ready-to-go bag when staying with family or friends.

For those whose home structure is not good, seven (7) shelters will be open as of 5.00 PM Monday afternoon.

Be responsible, be prepared!

Seven (7) Hurricane Shelters: The list of hurricane shelters is:

St. Maarten Academy School Gym (St. Peters);

Dutch Quarter Community Center (Dutch Quarter);

Belvedere Primary School (Belvedere);

National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA, Cay Hill);

Leonard Connor School (Cay Bay);

MAC School, (St. John’s Estate);

Little League Ball Park, (Pond Island);


Port St. Maarten Ceases Cargo Operations as of 6.00 PM on Monday

PORT ST. MAARTEN – Port St. Maarten will cease cargo operations as of 6.00 PM on Monday, September 18.

Personnel at the port have activated their hurricane preparations plans in order to protect the facility, cargo and buildings due to the approach of Hurricane Maria.

After Hurricane Maria has passed to the south of the country, an assessment will be carried out by port officials with respect to the sea state.  

Once sea conditions subside, regular operations at the cargo quays will continue in connection with the import of relief supplies.

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