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Parliament reminds public to nominate persons for Annual President of Parliament Award 

PHILIPSBURG – Parliament invites the public to send in nominations for the Annual President of Parliament Award.  

The application documents are on the Parliament’s website.  Persons have until August 15, 2017 to submit their nominations. 

The website address is: and can be found under the documents section of the site.  Select the link and you will be able to download the application form. 

The purpose of the award is to honour young persons on Sint Maarten that are a great example to the youth and who have contributed positively to the community and the country. 

Nominations can be submitted by any citizen of Sint Maarten who believes that the individual that he/she is nominating meets the criteria. 

The eligibility criteria are:

-      the candidate must have the Dutch nationality and/or has been legally residing in Sint Maarten for 10-years or more consecutively, and has been registered in the Civil Registry for that period of time; must be between the ages of 15-24 years;

-      has made a worthwhile contribution to the development of the community and the country; these contributions/achievements must have taken place within the last three years;

-      contributions/achievements must have been made while the individual was acting as a private citizen, not as an appointed or elected government official;

-      and must have demonstrated capacity for leadership and ability to motivate. 

An award committee will be established each year consisting of three members of Parliament.  Members of the committee will review the nomination documents prior to the selection meeting and select three nominees. 

During the selection meeting, the President of Parliament selects the recipient of the award based on the recommendations of the award committee. 

The award will be presented yearly to the recipient during the reception ceremony at the Opening of the Parliamentary Year. 

Nominations for the Annual President of Parliament may be submitted to The Parliament of Sint Maarten, attention, Annual President of Parliament Award Committee, Wilhelminastraat 1, Philipsburg or via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dutch Minister Plasterk to visit Caribbean part of the Kingdom

SABA/ST. EUSTATIUS – Dutch Minister of Interior and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk, will visit the six islands of the Caribbean part of the Kingdom from Monday August 14th until Friday August 18th.

The Minister will talk with the representatives of the countries of Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten and the special municipalities of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba about the developments of the past few years and the cooperation within the Kingdom.

Minister Plasterk will visit various projects on the islands. The programme consists of the following:

Monday: Saba and St. Eustatius

  • Talks with the Executive Council and the Island Council
  • Visit Renovation Government Guesthouse St. Eustatius

Tuesday: St. Maarten

  • Talks with the Governor, Chairman of Parliament and attend a Council of Ministers meeting.
  • Presentation “Elderly Project” St. Maarten Development Foundation
  • Visit to the Coast Guard

Wednesday: Bonaire

  • Talks with the Executive Council and the Island Council
  • Visit nature project

Thursday: Aruba

  • Talks with the Prime Minister, Governor and Chairman of Parliament
  • Visit renovated building of the Joint Court (with FDA funding)

Friday: Curacao

  • Talks with the Prime Minister and the Governor
  • Visit coral project (Carmabi)
  • Visit to the Coast Guard

False alarm of a shooting leads to ill-treated man under influence

ST. PETERS - On Wednesday August 2nd at approximately 12.30 a.m. police were sent to Sint Peter’s road in the vicinity of Boasman Apartments where a shooting incident was reported.

On the scene, the investigating officers learnt that no shooting had taken place. The victim, who at the time was still on the scene, was severely under the influence of alcohol stated that he was not shot but he was ill treated by another man with an unknown object.

The victim stated he would seek medical attention and then file an official report. (Sint Maarten Police Force)



Sint Maarten and St. Kitts Authorities Commended on ‘Cuchi’ Capture

POND ISLAND – The Sint Maarten Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman commended law enforcement officials from Sint Maarten and St. Kitts & Nevis with respect to the recapture of fugitive K. Fortune aka ‘Cuchi’ on July 29 in St. Kitts

‘Cuchi’ escaped from prison officers during a scheduled medical appointment at a clinic early 2016.  He was on the run up until his capture last Saturday.

Minster Boasman disclosed on Wednesday at the Council of Ministers press briefing that ‘Cuchi’ is a suspect in many crimes since he has been on the run.  He added that representatives from the Public Prosecution Service are in St. Kitts discussing matters related to the suspect.

The minister pointed out that cooperation is very important in the region, especially with the islands of Anguilla, BES-Islands (Saba, St. Eustatius, Bonaire), St. Kitts and Antigua, and there is a need to further improve cooperation. 


Central Committee reconvenes about Integrity Chamber on Thursday

PHILIPSBURG – The Central Committee will meet in a session on August 3.

The Central Committee meeting which was adjourned on April 18, 2017 will be reconvened on Thursday, August 3, 2017 at 14.00 hrs in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg. The Minister of General Affairs will be present.

The agenda point is:

Decision by the Kingdom Council of Ministers to impose an Integrity Chamber via General Kingdom Measure.

Members of the public are invited to the House of Parliament to attend parliamentary deliberations. 

The House of Parliament is located across from the Court House in Philipsburg.


Chinese Counsel General pays Courtesy Visit to PM Marlin

POND ISLAND - On Tuesday afternoon, August 1st, the Counsel General of the People’s Republic of China stationed in Curacao, paid a courtesy visit to Prime Minister William Marlin at the Office of the Prime Minister in the Government Administration Building.

Counsel General Zhang was accompanied by Sun Li who works at the consulate and Cengiz Cucuk, the President of the St. Maarten China People Friendship Association.


‘Some youngsters are waiting a year for court-ordered therapy’

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Some young offenders who are told they must undergo compulsory therapy as part of their sentence are having to wait up to a year for treatment, the Volkskrant said on Tuesday.

The waiting lists for some therapies, such as help with aggression, have become stretched because responsibility has now been handed over to local authorities, and they are not geared up to cope, the paper said.

The paper said it is not known how many youngsters are waiting for treatment but that the public prosecution department, child social services and youth psychiatrists are all aware of the problem.

A spokesman for the public prosecution department told the paper that it and child social services plans to discuss the problems with local councils after the summer break. (DutchNews)


Refugees, EU nationals and Indians boost Dutch population growth

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Migration continued to be the most important factor in Dutch population growth in the first half of 2017, the national statistics office CBS said on Monday.

Roughly 100,000 people became resident in the Netherlands in the six months ending 30 June, while 69,000 left the country, making for an increase of 31,000 in the population in the first half.

In addition, 82,000 children were born in the six month period while 78,000 people died, adding a further 4,000 to the total. Syrian refugees accounted for the bulk of the new arrivals, adding some 10,000 to the total.

Some 4,000 more Poles arrived in the Netherlands than left and the Indian population also grew by 1,500, the CBS said. The population of the Netherlands topped 17 million at the beginning of this year. (DutchNews)


Approach to dealing with contraband within JICN Prison

SABA/ST. EUSTRATIUS - In the media, these last few of days, attention has been paid to the finding of contraband in the form of a number of phones and drugs, according to a press release from Director Wibo de Vries of the Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands (JICN) that was distributed by the RCN Caribbean Netherlands.

“Trying to bring contraband into the institute has traditionally and despite many efforts, continued to be a sort of detainee’s search for trying to get items in to the prison. 

“Our work has a large number of security procedures for both the building, the detainees and the staff and these procedures are strictly followed. There is continuous attention to safety, security control and regular checks (also on staff), all in order to keep the institution as safe as possible.

“Despite our intensive efforts, a number of contrabands has recently entered. Still, contraband is thrown over the wall from places where one it is unseen.

“Often these are heavy packages with a number of phones and drugs and then the numbers go up. Measures have been taken in the past by placing a second net.

“Sabotage of a cell container revealed that detainees were still able to be in possession of packages, which has been solved. Access control was already sharper for visitors but also for employees. Each action taken is aimed to keep the environment as safe as possible for both the detainees and employees.

“Sometimes it’s visible but other times it’s not. We keep such information internally in order to conduct investigations and ensure security. We as institute will not seek for publicity about this,” the press release concludes. (RCN Caribbean Netherlands)


Air France-KLM strengthens its alliances through Delta, Virgin deals

SINT MAARTEN/THE NETHERLANDS – Air France-KLM has formed new joint ventures with Delta and Virgin Atlantic and is strengthening its ties to China Eastern in moves seen as a bid to cement its position as the European leg in a global network.

All are members of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Under terms of the deals, both Delta and China Eastern will buy 10% stakes in the Franco-Dutch combine for a total of €751mn in newly issued shares, the Financieele Dagblad said on Friday.

Air France-KLM is also taking a 31% stake in Virgin Atlantic for about €256m. The transactions are part of the long-awaited consolidation in the global aviation industry. In recent years, the fast-growing air carriers around the Persian golf have been building up significant stakes in airlines they work with.


‘There are a lot of cross-participations in the industry. It’s important that Air France-KLM takes part and secures its position as a leading player on the global stage,’ said KLM CEO Pieter Elbers.

Virgin Atlantic has a strong position in the lucrative trans-Atlantic market from London. ‘KLM has a relatively weak position in London. But through Virgin Atlantic, we can now offer flights from London to New York,’ Elbers said.

Buoyant second-quarter

Higher ticket prices combined with growth in passenger numbers helped push Air France-KLM’s second-quarter operating profit to €496m, this is €179m more than in in the year-earlier period.

The company booked turnover of €6.6bn in the period. KLM made the largest contribution to the earnings growth: its second-quarter turnover was 9.4% higher at €2.7bn. The Dutch flag carrier booked operating profit of €301m in the period, compared to only €61m for Air France. (DutchNews)

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