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CBS: GDP Caribbean Netherlands increased in 2015

SABA/ST. EUSTATIUS - On all three islands of the Caribbean Netherlands, gross domestic product (GDP) expanded in 2015. The highest growth rate was seen on Bonaire with 3.0 percent, rising to a total GDP value of 415 million US dollars.

On St Eustatius, the GDP value rose by 2.1 percent to 102 million US dollars, while on Saba GDP grew by 1.6 percent to a value of 47 million US dollars. The collective GDP of these three Dutch Caribbean islandstherefore stood at  564 million US dollars in 2015.

Aside from its value, the volume of GDP also increased. Changes in GDP volume refer to developments in the value of GPD, adjusted for price changes. On Bonaire, the GDP volume rose by 3.4 percent, on St Eustatius by 3.2 percent and on Saba by 1.2 percent. The price correction is based on price indices for household consumption.

GDP per capita highest on St Eustatius

The highest GDP per capita in 2015 was recorded on St Eustatius at 26,600 US dollars. GDP per capita on Saba and Bonaire amounted to 24,900 and 21,700 US dollars, respectively.

Since 2012 when measurement of GDP by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in the Caribbean Netherlands began, GDP per capita has grown fastest on Saba. The value of GDP per capita there rose by 16.4 percent: from 21,400 US dollars in 2012 to 24,900 US dollars in 2015.

On St Eustatius, the value of GDP per capita rose in 2015 relative to 2012 by 1.1 percent. On  Bonaire, the value of GDP per capita fell slightly, namely by 0.9 percent, from 21,900 US dollars in 2012 to 21,700 US dollars in 2015. (RCN Caribbean Netherlands)

RCN INSIDEThis year, the time series (2012-2015) of GDP per island will also be published on StatLine.





Plenary Session of Parliament about disaster management on Wednesday

PHILIPSBURG – The House of Parliament will sit in a plenary public session on October 4, 2017. The Prime Minister will be present for the session.    

The plenary public meeting which was scheduled to continue on October 2, 2017 will be reconvened on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 14.00 hrs in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg.

The agenda point is State of preparedness hurricane season, Disaster management hurricane Irma, Reconstruction following the devastation by hurricane Irma.

Members of the public are invited to the House of Parliament to attend parliamentary deliberations. 

The House of Parliament is located across from the Court House in Philipsburg.


Stories of Irma by St. Maarten children – request for submitting entries

PHILIPSBURG - To: St. Maarten children, their parents, teachers and schools

Hurricane Irma has left behind a deeply rooted impression for nearly all children. They had to deal with the power of nature, may have lost their roof or complete house, felt the fear of the adults around them and are dealing with the aftermath in many different ways.

As part of dealing with the effects of hurricane Irma and giving children a voice, they are invited to share their experiences, thoughts and feelings. This can be about the preparation before the hurricane, the Irma experience during the storm or the days and weeks after Irma. 

The story can also be about how children feel about the reconstruction of St. Maarten, their observations, their perception on the support, help and love they received from others.

With children/youth having left St. Maarten and others staying here getting back to school, all children are invited to share their “stories” regardless of where they are living now. 

The experience can be shared in the form of a poem, a story or a drawing.  It is left up to them in which format they like to present their work. The easiest way, as many children do not have access to computers or technology is by using paper, pen, crayons etc.

However, those who feel comfortable sending their work in a digital format and have access to technology, can also email Foresee (4C) Foundation. 

The story, poem or drawing can be submitted to their teacher/school manager or be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Foresee Foundation (organizers of the DigiKidz, DigiTeenz, DigiWorkz projects, CTEC conferences and the TV project) will find a resourceful and creative way to share childrens’ stories digitally and/or in print format and have an incentive for all who participated.

This initiative is open for all children/youth in primary and secondary education.

When submitting Irma’s story, children/youngsters are asked to write down:

  1. First name
  2. Last Name
  3. Age/ Grade
  4. School attending or previously attended before Irma
  5. Contact information (telephone/email address)

The deadline for submitting Irma stories is Monday, October 23rd, 2017.

Foresee looks forward to receiving many entries!


House searches executed leads to five arrests

PHILIPSBURG - On Friday September 29th during several house searches that were executed by officers from the from the different judicial departments presently assisting the Sint Maarten police force five persons were arrested as suspects in the looting case.

During these searches, a large amount of looted goods such was washing machines, fridges, furniture, food items and two brand new scooters were located and confiscated.

The large vehicle which was used to transport these items was also confiscated and taken to the Philipsburg Police Headquarters for further investigation.

All suspects were also taken to the police station where they remain in custody for questioning and further investigation. (Sint Maarten Police Force)

Cole Bay Pet.Plaz. 2


Business representatives file official complaints about looting

PHILIPSBURG - Business representatives from a large number of local businesses which have been looted in the aftermath of hurricane Irma are now filing official complaints with the detective department.

These official complaints are filed in order the have an official investigation done and have those involved stand responsible for their actions. At least 20 well-known establishments, such as Jewelry stores, furniture and electronic stores, air-conditioning and motorcycles stores have filed official complaints.

More complaints are expected to be filed other businesses. The investigation into the mass looting continues to expand as more suspects are being identified and arrested. Many looted items are being found and confiscated.

This investigation will continue to move forward with the assistance of the police forces of Aruba, Curacao, the Netherlands, V.K.C, V.K.S, the Royal Marechaussee and the Customs Department.

Vital information regarding looting continue to reach the police department which without any doubt demonstrates that the community of Sint Maarten will not accept this type of criminal act and the will do what is necessary to assist in solving this case.

A stern warning by the police department is going out to the community to be aware of what is going on since the massive looting after hurricane Irma and not to purchase any items from anyone who may approach you to buy probably looted goods.

The prices that these items are sold for are mostly less than the value of that item. If during this investigation you are caught with any new items for which you cannot provide proof of ownership, the possibility may be that this item will be confiscated. You may run the risk of becoming a suspect, be arrested as part of the investigation and have to go through the judicial process. (Sint Maarten Police Force)


POSTPONED - Plenary Session of Parliament on Monday morning with Prime Minister Marlin

PHILIPSBURG – The House of Parliament will sit in a plenary public session on October 2, 2017. UPDATE: This meeting has been postponed until Wednesday, October 4. The Prime Minister and Minister of General Affairs will be present for the session.    

The plenary public meeting reconvenes on Monday at 10.00 am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House at Wilhelminastraat #1 in Philipsburg.

The agenda point is State of preparedness hurricane season, Disaster management hurricane Irma, Reconstruction following the devastation by hurricane Irma.

Members of the public are invited to the House of Parliament to attend parliamentary deliberations.  

The House of Parliament is located across from the Court House in Philipsburg.



PHILIPSBURG - After the passing of hurricane Irma all day care centers suffered damage, some more extensive than the other ones and were left without power and potable water.

Day centers must be able to operate in a safe and healthy manner. An inspection team consisting of inspectors from the Ministry VSA, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of VROMI have conducted inspections on health, safety, infrastructural and educational aspects. Hazards related to these aspects shouldn’t be present.

Based on these inspections the following day care centers have been permitted to resume services:

  1. Alexander's Early Stimulation & Development Center - Betty's Estate # 8
  2. Busy Body - Fr. PA Barbanson # 8 – Simpson Bay
  3. Brighter Child - Zagersgut lane # 4 - Cul de Sac
  4. Care Bears - Tiger Rd # 10 – Cay Hill
  5. Children's World - Hibiscus road # 1 – Saunders
  6. Ebenezer Learning Center - Ebenezer road # 92 - Ebenezer 
  7. Little Explorers - Wesley street # 7 - Cole bay
  8. Lucia's Baby Center Foundation - Defiance road # 6 – Defiance
  9. Rainbow Bright - L. B.  Scott road # 168 - South Reward
  10. Tiny Tots - Maho tree drive - Orange grove
  11. Lucia's Learning Center - Defiance road # 3 - Defiance. 

 As soon as other day care centers are able to resume services this will be announced.


Statia thanks RCN volunteers

ST. EUSTATIUS - The St. Eustatius Disaster Committee and the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department on Friday thanked the second group of volunteers from Bonaire that arrived in Statia almost a week ago to help with the clean-up of the island following the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The acting Island Governor, Mr. Julian Woodley, indicated that extra hands were needed and so these 7 volunteers (employees of RCN) heeded to that call. The volunteers were also active in the hurricane shelter helping perform several tasks including the sorting of clothing and the distribution of hurricane packages of dry goods and water.

The civil servants represent various departments of the RCN. For most it was their very first time visiting Statia.  “We are very happy to have been able to serve the community of Statia at a time like this”, said Saida Ugueto.  

On Sunday, the group returns to Bonaire. (RCN Caribbean Netherlands)


General Registration for Children attending Day Care & Early Stimulation Centers. Civil Registry Open as of Monday


POND ISLAND - As of Monday October 2nd, The Civil Registry Department will be open daily from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Government Administration Building 

The following services will be rendered:

Registration Forms / Apostille

Pick up of Identification Cards / Drivers Licenses / Passports

Registration / De-registration in PIVA

Birth Certificates / Death Certificates / Marriage Certificates

Registration of Births / Deaths / Marriages & Acknowledgements

Naturalization control will be by appointment only 


General Registration for Children attending Day Care & Early Stimulation Centers

PHILIPSBURG - There will be a general registration for children attending Day Care and Early Stimulation Centers this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00am until 1:00pm at the Rupert Maynard Community Center on the St. Peters road and the office of Inspectorate of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport at the Brooks Towers.

This is for the purpose of assessing the need for Day Care services in the various districts.

A subsequent announcement will follow regarding the Centers that have received official approval to re-open.

This notice comes from the office of the Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport.


Man arrested at his home in possession of stolen items

SAUNDERS - A man identified with initials R.M. was arrested by police on Tuesday September 26th in the possession of stolen electronic items based on reliable information that was shared with the police department.

The arrest took place on Carnation road in Saunders and during a search of his house several electronic appliances such flat screen television sets, laptop computers, refrigerators and stereo equipment were found and confiscated.

The suspect remains in custody for questioning and further investigation. (Sint Maarten Police Force) 

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