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St. Maarten Cable TV Internet Customers Experiences Service Interruption Due to Smitcoms/Telem Outage

MADAME ESTATE – St. Maarten Cable TV Internet customers (CableNet) were affected by the Smitcoms/Telem outage which occurred on September 1st, 2014.  Smitcoms is the bandwidth provider for St. Maarten Cable TV’s internet service, CableNet.  This outage also affected our telephone service at the Madame Estate office.

Managing Director, Beulah Jonis stated, “In order to appropriately address our CableNet complaints, we are currently in contact with Smitcoms/Telem since we noticed that the bandwidth is still being affected intermittently. We are also asking customers to bear with us as the outage has caused intermittent service disruption of our customer service phone lines affecting both incoming and outgoing calls. We will continue to work with Telecom and will keep our customers updated.”

Customers are encouraged to visit St. Maarten Cable TV’s website for additional information about CableNet at  and “Like Us” on the Facebook website at


Police locate three stolen vehicles

NAZARETH ESTATE - On Tuesday September 2nd at approximately 07.20 a.m. while searching the surrounding area where a female victim was found, police found three stolen vehicles hidden deep inside the thick bushes, which were partially stripped.

They were a brown Suzuki Vitara, a dark grey Hyundai I10 and a silver coloured Hyundai I20.

All three vehicles were confiscated for further investigation. (Contributed by the Police Force Sint Maarten)


Carnival 2015 registration opens

PHILIPSBURG - The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) on Monday opened registration for Carnival 2015. The foundation annually opens registration for Carnival on September 1.


The registration period, as customary, will be open until December 1 for all aspects of Carnival including pageants, booths, calypsonians, troupes and individual revelers.

Registration forms will be available at The Daily Herald on Bush Road and the Government Administration Building in Philipsburg.


Registration can also be done digitally via email by requesting a form for a specific aspect of Carnival. Emails should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The SCDF is slated to release the 2015 Carnival Schedule next week.


Carnival 2015 is scheduled to run from April 16 until May 4, 2015. 


St. Maarten Cable TV to Launch New HBO Signature and Cinemax Channels September 1

MADAME ESTATE - On September 1, 2014, St. Maarten Cable TV will be expanding its Premium channel packages with the launch of HBO Signature and Cinemax. HBO Signature will be broadcasted on channel 502 of the Platinum Plus Package and HBO Pak, and Cinemax will be broadcasted on channel 296 of the Basic Package.  

“This addition to our platform and our continued partnership with HBO are part of our commitment to consistently invest in and improve the service that we offer our customers”, stated Managing Director, Beulah Jonis. “Intermittent testing has already begun for the launch. During this testing phase, subscribers will be able to view them on the lineup.”

HBO Signature features the best original HBO programming that pushes limits and dares to be provocative, bringing subscribers award-winning original productions, series and movie specials, all with no commercial breaks.

Cinemax caters to more adult audiences, with access to blockbuster movies, independent productions and the biggest stars in the industry, with special features showcasing the latest in Hollywood news. Cinemax is the only channel in the basic segment to transmit the extraordinary productions of HBO.

Jonis concluded, “Our goal is to bring St. Maarten Cable TV customers the best and most current content. We are continually striving to enhance our Cable TV service to provide a broad array of channels to meet the various interests of our subscribers. The addition of HBO Signature and Cinemax to the channel line-up is a perfect example of how that is being accomplished.”

Customers are encouraged to visit St. Maarten Cable TV’s Facebook page and the new website for additional information and other pertinent facts. The website address is

For more information on the channels and programming of the HBO/MAX package, visit


Second Ambulance Post Opens in Simpson Bay

GREAT BAY - On August 28, 2014 the second Ambulance Post opened in Simpson Bay on the grounds of the Red Cross building. A second substation has been in the plans for quite some time. Seeing the growth in the Cole Bay, Maho, Simpson Bay area, and the volume of calls received during the first half of the year, which amounted to approximately 500 calls, it became a necessity to open a second Ambulance post. Having a second Ambulance post in this area will enhance the response time, whereby the Ambulance can reach quicker to emergency calls in this area.


St. Maarten Zoo Says Thank You to Volunteers

MADAME ESTATE - The St. Maarten Zoological and Botanical Green Foundation and its Board Members would like to thank the volunteers who assisted the St. Maarten Zoo Clean Up & Beautification Day which was held last Saturday, August 23, 2014.

Special appreciation is extended to the WIB Volunteers and the members of the United St. Maarten Party Youth Wing and all the individuals who dedicated their Saturday morning to assist in this great cause.

We would also like to thank Meadowlands for their donation of the garbage bins, Chesterfield’s for providing drinks for all our volunteers and Mr. Mendez for the cleaning equipment used for this great cause.

The Clean Up of phase one was a great success, in which debris was removed and the animal’s natural habitats were thoroughly cleaned.  Without your level of professionalism and spirit of volunteerism we would have never achieved this.

Watch "Happy St Maarten Zoo Clean Up” on YouTube or to experience our happiness in Saving Our Zoo and we do hope you will join us in Phase two.

The Zoo Clean-up & Beautification Day was one of the activities leading up to the "Save our Zoo" Gala which will be held at Belair Community Centre on Saturday 13, 2014. The funds generated from this Gala will go towards maintaining the Zoo and its facilities.  Tickets can be purchased at Van Dorp (both locations), Bebe N Kids (both locations), St.Maarten Veterinary Clinic, Animal Hospital, Island Pet Shop and from Amy Arrindell (Vice President). She can be reached on cell +1721-5221449 or by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (Contributed by the St. Maarten Zoo)


DP to Follow All Election Guidelines Set Forth by Minister Richardson. Urges Supporters to Join at DP Election HQ at Bute Hotel

PHILIPSBURG - The Democratic Party of St. Maarten on Thursday, the eve of the 2014 Parliamentary Elections for St. Maarten, reiterated that t will be holding itself to the stipulations laid forth by the Minister of Justice regarding the conduct of political parties during elections.

“The Democratic Party, in keeping with its continued focus of adherence to the laws of the land and cooperation amongst all entities, has pledged that it, as a political party contesting the 2014 elections will adhere to the election guidelines as set forth by the Minister of Justice the Honorable Dennis Richardson,” stated Democratic Leader the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams. The Party also reiterated that all political parties contesting in Friday’s elections do the same.

The Democratic Party also is inviting all of its members to its election headquarters at the Bute Hotel; “We urge all supporters and members of the Democratic Party to join us throughout the day and in the evening as we watch the election results at our election headquarters at the Bute Hotel,” read the Democratic Party statement. The party also again urged all of the voters to come out in force and elect their representatives for the 2014-2018 Parliament. (Contributed by the DP Party)



PHILIPSBURG - Please be informed that the Bureau Ombudsman will be closed on Friday, August 29th 2014 at 3:00 p.m. in connection with the Parliamentary election.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


Contractors and builders advised to have plans in place to remove building materials in the event of a hurricane

PHILIPSBURG - Contractors and builders are requested to have a plan in place to prepare and secure their job sites in the event of a passing hurricane. 

The Caribbean has entered the most active months of the hurricane season, mid-August to mid-October with the peak around September 10th. Every effort should be made to be prepared in the event of a threat.

Contractors and home builders during severe weather are responsible for securing job sites for the protection of the public, property and surrounding areas.

Materials such as plywood, shingles, zinc, and other construction material could become flying missiles capable of impaling brick walls or anything in its way. 

Construction debris can cause severe damage to property and loss of life.  With building and construction activity still taking place on the island, every construction site supervisor and/or foreman is advised to have a plan in place with respect to what action they will be taking. 

A tropical storm system could form during any part of the hurricane season and not necessarily during the peak months.

As a general rule, all jobsites should be kept clean.  Arrange timely pick up of trash dumpsters, and only keep materials on the job site you actually will utilize at any given week especially during the hurricane season, and keep construction equipment secure.  Any planned supply deliveries should be postponed if there is a hurricane threat to the island.

When a tropical storm or hurricane watch is issued 48-hours before a system is forecasted to hit, remove all scaffolding, and remove, or safely secure, all building materials and equipment. 

Sub contractors should also be alerted to their responsibilities as well with respect to securing or removing their materials and equipment.

Stop job processes that will likely become damaged by the hurricane, such as window installations, house wrap, or landscaping.  Complete those tasks that will likely prevent damage, such as concrete work, closing in a house, or filling in foundation excavations. 

Follow through with a quick inspection of your job sites.  Do not wait until the last minute to inspect your job sites, as you may need that time to go home and secure your own family home.  Employees will need to also do the same.

Once the hurricane is over, return to the job site for damage inspection only when the all clear sign has been given by the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) headed by the Prime Minister of Sint Maarten

Keep in mind that damages from the hurricane on other parts of the island may impede efforts for immediate attention of job sites.

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