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Soualiga Newsday Top Stories (2055)

Mosquito fogging moved forward to commence October 28. See schedule for Oct. 28 and 29

GREAT BAY – The Collective Preventive Services (CPS), a government agency under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, hereby informs that the mosquitofoggingthroughout the country will start on Tuesday, October 28 instead of November 1.

Residents must bear in mind thatfoggingis not a total solution to eliminate mosquitosFoggingactivity is kept to a minimum in order to prevent themosquito population from developing immunity to the chemicals that are deployed. 

Foggingis one intervention of several, and the main measure is for every household and business to take action by removing potentialmosquitobreeding spots in and around their premises on a daily basis.

Residents must bear in mind that rain events can disruptmosquitofoggingactivities, therefore the districtschedulewill be adjusted accordingly and this will be communicated to the community in a timely manner.

Homeowners during the time of thesprayingshould open all doors and windows. Dishes, bowls, pots and pans, fish tanks and bird cages should be covered. Stay away from open windows and doors during thespraying

Here is the schedule for October 28 and October 29.  For the remaining days in the week, check the Government Information Page (GIP) in both daily papers:

October 28th 5:00 a.m. – 7:00a.m.    Cupecoy, Maho, Blue Mall, Sapphire, Low Lands, Beacon Hill Airport Road;

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Simpson Bay, Pelican Keys, Simpson Yacht Club Bay, Simpson Bay Bridge, Welfare Road;


October 29th  5:00 a.m. -7:00 a.m.   The Border, Cole Bay Union Road, Cole Bay to the Cole bay Villas   Round about Cole Bay, Harold Jack;

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Welfare Road, Windsor, Road, Cole Bay, Cape Bay west of the Cemetery Cole Bay Lagoon, Orange Grove.


Call for information on the Aedes Aegyptimosquitobreeding sites and respective preventive measures at 542-2078 or 542-3003 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Police promotes “Stop, Drop and Go” project at secondary school

ST. PETERS/SOUTH REWARD - On Friday October 24th at 7.30 a.m. the Community Police Officer for the St. Peters and South Reward area Inspector Felix Richards and the Police Public Relations officer Inspector Ricardo Henson, visited the Sint Maarten Academy PSVE- secondary school in Ebenezer Estate to give a small presentation.

The presentation was order to continue promoting the “Stop, Drop and Go” project which is presently ongoing. This joint project, organized between the French and Dutch justice departments, encourages persons on both side of the island to voluntarily surrender their illegal fire-arm without fear of being prosecuted.

The project started officially on October 15th 2014 and will end on October 31st 2014. The project is designed to rid as much illegal fire-arms as possible from the streets and this is mainly due to the large amount and the increase in the amount of violent criminal activity involving fire-arms.

By bringing this message to all schools and mainly the secondary schools, we believe that this message will quickly be spread among the youth which is also the main target group, a police press release stated. The project so far has been quite successful because of the constant flow of illegal fire-arms being turned in at the Attorney Generals office located on the third floor of the Puerta Del Sol Plaza on Welfare road, Simpson Bay.    

During the presentation at the school the students listened attentively to the information which officer Richards shared with them regarding the dangers of guns and the consequence it may have when they are used against each other.

The students were also quite impressed with the very positive jingle promoting the “Stop, Drop and Go” project which was written, composed and sang by a local youngster by the name of Rumari Rogers. This jingle can be heard daily on several local radio stations which so far have been well accepted by radio listeners. 

The presentation ended with officer Richards handing out promotional and information flyers.  Promotional red white and blue rubber wristbands engraved with black letters “Stop, Drop & Go” were given to the students and teachers who attended the presentation. The intention is to visit all secondary schools to give this presentation and share all information with the students.  (Contributed Police Force Sint Maarten)


DEI presents SXM Academy PSVE with new Gym Materials and Equipment

EBENEZER - The new gym materials and equipment were unveiled during a short presentation at the school to its students, staff, representatives of the Division of Educational Innovation (DEI) and Usona.

The Academy PSVE gym was built in 2009 via the Education and Youth Program funded by Usona. As the school was in need of new equipment, DEI was able to purchase gym materials and equipment via Dutch development funds.  

The school received new sports balls, netball equipment, floor mats, tennis racquets, table tennis equipment, hockey equipment, indoor soccer equipment, trampoline and spring board. The students and staff were very appreciative for the new equipment and the school now has the opportunity to enhance its physical education program and expose its students to more various types of sports. 


Council of Ministers meets both Dutch Presidents of the First and Second Chambers

GREAT BAY – The President of the Dutch First Chamber, Mrs. Ankie Broekers-Knol and the President of the Dutch Second Chamber, Ms. Anouchka van Miltenburg, paid a courtesy visit to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday.

The courtesy visit was the first visit of both Presidents to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom. In the meeting they were accompanied by Secretary General of the First Chamber Mr. Geert Jan Hamilton, Secretary General of the Second Chamber Mrs. Jacqueline Biesheuvel-Vermeijden, former St. Maarten resident Acting Secretary General of the Second Chamber Mr. Tim de Lange who is also ‘Griffier vaste Tweede Kamercommissie koninkrijks relaties’, Ms. Marloes Konings who is the Communication Officer and First Chamber staff member Mr. Floris Wolf.

On behalf of the delegation, Mrs. Ankie Broekers-Knol expressed her compassion seeing the consequences of Hurricane Gonzalo, and stated that they “commiserate with this unfortunate situation”. Ms. Anouchka van Miltenburg was impressed by the manner the people cleaned up the island. Nevertheless, both chairladies were very pleased for the opportunity to visit the island in person in order to experience the island for themselves.

They further inquired about the economy, health and education in the country. In closing, the Council made an appeal to the delegation to ensure that St. Maarten is given the opportunity to develop and to make its own decisions thereto.


Mosquito fogging to start November 1

GREAT BAY – The Collective Preventive Services (CPS), a government agency under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, hereby announces that as part of its regular vector control program, mosquito fogging throughout the country will commence on Saturday, November 01 in Cupecoy, Low Lands, Maho Reef, Beacon Hill Airport Road, Simpson Bay, Pelican Keys, Simpson Bay Yacht Club and Welfare Road.

Residents are advised to continue to take measures at home and at their business to mitigate mosquito breeding such as the Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labour Hon. Cornelius de Weever, ‘Get Checked” campaign, is in line with the responsibility of residents, and business owners, to check around their homes, and businesses in order to reduce breeding sites of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, and making them mosquito-free zones.

Minister De Weever is also calling on residents to encourage and ensure that their neighbor (s) clean their yard in order to be more effective in eliminating breeding sites.

Residents must bear in mind that fogging is not a total solution to eliminate mosquitosFogging activity is kept to a minimum in order to prevent the mosquito population from developing immunity to the chemicals that are deployed. 

Foggingis one intervention of several, and the main measure is for every household and business to take action by removing potentialmosquitobreeding spots in and around their premises on a daily basis.

Residents must bear in mind that rain events can disruptmosquito foggingactivities, therefore the district schedule will be adjusted accordingly and this will be communicated to the community in a timely manner.

The complete vector control fogging schedulewill be published in the Government Information Page (GIP) in both daily newspapers. 

The schedule shows the date, time and neighborhood where the mosquito foggingwill be carried out.

Homeowners during the time of the spraying should open all doors and windows. Dishes, bowls, pots and pans, fish tanks and bird cages should be covered. Stay away from open windows and doors during thespraying

Call for information on the Aedes Aegypti mosquito breeding sites and respective preventive measures at 542-2078 or 542-3003 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Young people are our future. St. Maarten signs agreement with Dutch ‘Stichting Horizon’ for the Miss Lalie Center

PHILIPSBURG - A delegation of professionals who care for the St. Maarten youth population participated in a meeting at the conference room of the Philipsburg Police Station on Wednesday, October 22.

During this meeting a historic agreement was signed by the Honourable Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson and one of the directors of the Dutch ‘Stichting Horizon Jeugdzorg en Onderwijs’, Krijnie Schotel. In the agreement both parties promised to cooperate in the implementation of the new Youth Rehabilitation Center for St. Maarten which will be named ‘Miss Lalie Center’.

In a brief introduction Mrs. Karola van Nie, youth prosecutor, stated that various big steps have been taken by the partners in this project. Those partners are: Richelda Emanuel (director of the court of guardianship St. Maarten), Cynthia van Samson-Filemon (director of the Probation Department Sint Maarten), Ron Verhaar (advisor Department of Justice), Sandra Voorneman (projectmanager ‘Miss Lalie Center’) en Van Nie herself. “It’s very important to connect with the Dutch in this project, because their expertise is more than welcome.” Van Nie also stated that this ‘Miss Lalie Center’ is a very ambitious project for St. Maarten and it’s unique for the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom.

Minister Richardson confirmed these words and added that the building of this Rehabilitation Center is the latest milestone in which St. Maarten shows to truly care for the youth on this island. “The fact that partners in the Justice chain like the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Court of Guardianship and the Probation Department put hands together to develop a unique Rehabilitation Center like the ‘Miss Lalie Center’ is an example for the entire Caribbean region. The support and cooperation of the Dutch ‘Stichting Horizon’ is a perfect example for the manner in which Kingdom partners could work together.”

The director of ‘Stichting Horizon’, Mrs. Krijnie Schotel, extended much gratitude to both entities for their inspiring words and expressed how valuable and meaningful this project is to her organization. “It perfectly subscribes the ambitions of the company in the Netherlands, because the organization works with similar youth groups as the ones in St. Maarten.” She highlighted that employees of ‘Stichting Horizon’ hope to not only bring their knowledge to our island, but they tend to take back a lot of knowledge to the Netherlands. ‘Stichting Horizon’s’ working ways are based on the vision that youth’s own strength and own responsibility are the key in the process of rehabilitation.

They work in a very intense manner with the youngsters to let them make a better future for themselves and teach them to take responsibility for their own life and the choices they make in that life. This should be similar to the way the St. Maarten ‘Miss Lalie Center’ will work.

To check on the intense learning and working processes of the ‘Stichting Horizon’, eight local employees of the St. Maarten Rehabilitation Center, that were recently appointed, will travel to the Netherlands next Friday. They will participate in a two weeks internship in one of the juvenile institutions of the ‘Stichting Horizon’. After that period employees of ‘Horizon’ will come to our island and visit the ‘Miss Lalie Center’ to share their knowledge. By signing this agreement, the Minister officially ratified this intense and firm cooperation. 


SXM Airport is Corporate Sponsor of 2nd Annual International Women’s Soccer Tournament

SIMPSON BAY, SXM AirportThe second Annual International Women’s Soccer Tournament, which will be hosted by the Soualiga Soccer Association (SSA) from October 24 – 26, 2014, will carry the name of SXM Airport as its “title sponsor.”

About 100 persons are expected to participate in this event, which will be held at the Raoul Illidge Sports Complex.

The Soualiga Soccer Association solicited sponsorship from SXM Airport, as its corporate sponsor, to ensure the necessary funds are raised to host the event. SXM Airport has accepted to offer a significant financial contribution to facilitate the organization of this major tournament.

According to Kalifa Hickinson, SXM’s Corporate Communications Specialist, “this is in keeping with our corporate social responsibility, as well as our efforts to promote and support sports in the community.”

The SSA can look back at a very successful first year of existence, having hosted the 1st Annual Business Soccer Tournament, the annual Soccer Clinic, and the 1st Annual International Women’s Soccer Tournament.

The Association started off as the FC Soualiga Women’s Soccer Team, and became officially notarized as the Soualiga Soccer Association on August 27, 2014.


MAC Student Receives her Gift for Winning the FCCA Poster Competition

POINT BLANCHE - Diya Sachdev, (10 years old) from the Rev. John A. Gumbs Campus, Methodist Agogic Center (MAC), was the recipient of a cash scholarship award of $3000 dollars for placing first in the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) Poster Competition.

The award luncheon was hosted by FCCA on-board the Allure of the Seas for Dija and her entire class for her achievement. Dija’s school is also recipient of $3000 dollars.


Final week for public to review the Cay Hill-Little Bay &Cul-De-Sac Draft Development Plans

PHILIPSBURG - The draft Cay Hill-Little Bay, & Cul-De-Sac development plans will be on public review for its last week, ending next Tuesday October 28, 2014. All interested persons are reminded to review the plans which are available online via the Government website, on the Ministry of VROMI page, select “About Zoning/Development plans” from the left panel and click on Cul De Sac and/or Cay Hill-Little Bay on the interactive map.

The draft development plans are also available at the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure (VROMI), Tamarindestreeg #16, Philipsburg, upon request for review.

Anyone can submit objections with respect to the draft development plan in writing to the Minister of VROMI, Government Administration Building, P.O. Box 943, Clem Labega Square, Philipsburg, St. Maarten. At the end of the review objections and an advice with respect to the objections from an Independent Committee of Experts will be sent to the Council of Ministers and Parliament for handling and approval of the law.

The public review is the legal formal part of the development plan process. The development plans will guide the future spatial development of the entire Cul-De-Sac and Cay Hill-little Bay areas where it relates to land use and building regulations. This is the opportunity for residents and stakeholders to address their concern.


BREAKING NEWS: MP Leona Marlin-Romeo Declares herself Independent Member of Parliament. Says, her decision to support coalition shows political maturity

PHILIPSBURG – On Sunday evening 19th October, Independent Member of Parliament Hon. Leona Marlin-Romeo released the following open letter explaining her support for the United People’s (UP) Party led broad based coalition government.  In her message MP Marlin-Romeo declares herself as an independent member of the House of Parliament.  At the same time, the MP also states that this coalition is the best one for the country and that her decision was based on looking at the bigger picture and political maturity in the interests of the Sint Maarten people and the country.

Open Letter from Leona Marlin-Romeo

My fellow St. Maarteners,

First I would like to extend deepest sympathies to those who suffered loss during the recent passing of Hurricane Gonzalo, though it may have caused some devastation, we are still blessed to have weathered the storm and come out stronger and united.

Over the last few weeks, there has been no shortage of opinions and criticism expressed publicly regarding my decision to support and join the coalition government which was recently sworn in as the new government of St. Maarten for the next four years.

While speculation abound and some media sources have been trying to exploit and capitalize on the situation by sensationalizing it, I believe it is necessary to publicly explain the reason for my decision and re-emphasize my commitment to the people of St. Maarten and especially to those who have entrusted me with this responsibility with their vote of confidence.

“For me, it has always been about the best interest of this country. I recognize that we are at a crucial juncture in the development of St. Maarten, we are at a point where the people of this country expect their elected representatives to put biases, self and trivial preferences aside and do what is necessary to be the change we all promised to be during the election campaign. And sometimes that means going beyond party lines, and looking at the bigger picture; that is how can we ensure a stable government and a better way of life for the people of this country.”

“I am not perfect and I know my recent decision might not have been easy for many people to understand or accept, however, I am confident that this decision to be part of the coalition government will allow me to contribute to making our country better. I believe our passion may hasten our actions, but our purpose always wins the day.”

Following the election results of August 29, when it became obvious that a coalition government would once again have to be formed, I knew that as an MP-Elect I had a responsibility to make sure my contribution would be in alignment with a stable governing constellation, as stability is essential for the sustainability and progress of this country.

I would like to assure my fellow St. Maarteners that this decision was not taken lightly or without profound thought. Several governing scenarios were explored with several potential political partners, showing democracy in its truest form. I believe that if we all stay true to our promise to serve with integrity and selflessness, this coalition is the best vehicle to get us to where we need to go as a country.

I believe my decision which has left me ousted by the US Party, shows political maturity and will prove my mantra ‘if it is good for the country then I will give my support to that cause despite my political affiliation, color or creed.’

After all our commitment and overall obligation is to do what is in the best interest of the people of Sint Maarten.

The decision by the USp to expel me from the party has left me with no choice but to declare myself an Independent Member of Parliament. This will not deter me from staying focused on the tasks at hand and fulfilling the responsibilities that I was elected to accomplish. 

I am therefore asking for your support, patience and understanding and to let my performance in Parliament determine if I’m a worthy representative. 

I gave my word on the campaign trail to give proper representation and my intentions remain the same. In closing I would like to once again thank the people of St. Maarten for giving me the privilege of representing you. I will continue to listen to your wishes and display the courage to stand up and speak for these aspirations and to make good on my plans to work tirelessly on your behalf. 

May God Bless Us All

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